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  1. bizzle

    Feeler: 2015 GSW SEL black/black 91K rear end collision (SoCal)

    My 2015 Golf Sportwagen SEL black paint, black interior w/ 91K miles has been rear-ended on the freeway and is currently stored in USAA's salvage yard. I've been offered a settlement but haven't discussed the details with my insurer about buying it back. Wife was stopped on the 60 freeway with...
  2. bizzle

    Shift Lever Difficult To Move Out Of Park

    I am experiencing difficulty shifting out of park unless I first shift to neutral, set my ebrake, and then shift to P. If I shift to P, while holding the foot brake down, and then setting the ebrake, I load the AT pawls. Is this an indicator that I need to recalibrate (regrind) my ebrake, that...
  3. bizzle

    High measured soot in DPF after phase 2 "replacement"

    My situation seems strange. The other day my wife was driving the GSW and noticed the DPF dash light came on along with a warning in the MFD. A regen was starting in our driveway so I asked her to drive it some more. The warnings went away after a short drive in town. It didn't store a code. I...
  4. bizzle

    HOWTO: VAGCOM Live Gauges

    I have read a few threads about setting up hex net live gauges but haven't seen a step by step. Could someone who has a nice setup of gauges post a step by step from everything, including the gauge sizes, how to save the template, and then the most important gauges to monitor while driving...
  5. bizzle

    Intermittent rolling gravel sound from suspension or drivetrain

    2015 Golf w/ DSG experiencing periodic gravel-ish sound. Buddy was driving up a mountain about 6 months ago and called me to tell me he thought something was wrong with his wheel. He got off the freeway and checked the tire pressure, made sure nothing was rubbing, but that was the extent of his...
  6. bizzle

    Do timing belts have replacement recommendations based on age?

    Do our ALH timing belts need to be replaced based on age if we don't put enough miles on them? We haven't put 100k on our bug in the past 5 years since the last timing belt. I'm about 50K away from, actually, and at the rate we're using it I doubt we'd hit that in the next few years. BMW...
  7. bizzle

    2015 GSW w/ DSG mild "thunk" when starting

    My 2015 GSW is exhibiting a mild "thunk" noise when I start to drive it. It doesn't seem to happen all the time and it only seems to happen after it's been parked for a while. I don't remember it doing this when I first bought it since I started noticing it after I did all of the services that...
  8. bizzle

    Is there a recommended replacement interval for slave cylinder?

    Our 1998 bug's clutch needs to be replaced. The clutch went out a few hundred miles away from home so we had to tow to a shop local in the area where the break down occurred. Shop rate is $100 per hour, quoting about $700 for the job. Mechanic says he's willing to install aftermarket parts but...
  9. bizzle

    Aftermarket Sub install, now no indicator/door/seatbelt chime

    I went to a stereo install shop and asked them to install wires for a JL Audio Stealthbox that I bought into my 2012 JSW. They installed the wires and the first thing that happened when I went to pick my car up from the parking lot: my battery was dead. They were closed so I literally had to...
  10. bizzle

    WTB: JL Audio Stealthbox for JSW

    I'm looking for a JL Audio stealthbox for our new Jetta SportWagen. Let me know what you have available, please. I'm located in Southern California.
  11. bizzle

    WTB: 2012 JSW (2) Tan Rear Headrests

    I'm looking for two tan rear headrests shipped to Southern California.
  12. bizzle

    Looking for TDI (wagon or golf) in SoCal

    I'm looking to purchase a TDI Wagon or Golf in Southern California Family is outgrowing the bug but we're likely to keep it as a 2nd car. I live in El Centro so working A/C is preferred, thank you.
  13. bizzle

    1998 ALH Beetle clutch won't engage when shifting

    I took my beetle into a shop this morning to have the A/C checked out and the mechanic told me that my shifter had some sloppiness to it and the shift mechanism might need replacement. I told him I never sensed an issue but that I would put that on the list of things to watch out for. I drove...
  14. bizzle

    Can VCDS indicate vacuum/boost leak on MkIV Beetle?

    Hi forums, Short version of my story is that I smashed the front bumper and broke my stock intercooler. I replaced it with a FMIC. I have routed all my tubing but when I lay into the throttle I get a distinct whistle. The more I push it the higher it goes...almost near a dog whistle in pitch...
  15. bizzle

    WTB: idler pulley (ALH A/C)

    I need a replacement idler pulley for my 1998 New Beetle. I *just* received a box of parts and didn't realize that I needed the pulley. It costs more to ship than to purchase so I'm hoping someone can help me out before Monday morning. I'd like to keep it around $10-15 bucks.
  16. bizzle

    1998 New Beetle FMIC size and A/C related questions

    1998 New Beetle FMIC fitment I was popping my clutch on a mountain road Friday night due to a dead battery and promptly stuffed my passenger corner into a huge rock! Results so far indicate a smashed bumper corner, smashed valence, cracked mesh, broken whatever the plastic liner is that covers...
  17. bizzle

    early NB hood latch different from late NB hood latch?

    I have a 1998 New Beetle and the hood has never closed all the way. I took the latch from my dad's 2001 and tried it and that didn't work, either. One mechanic told me the only thing he can think of is that the latches between the years may be different--the hook on the bottom of the hoods are...
  18. bizzle

    WTB: 1.9 engine cover

    WTB: 1.9 beetle engine cover & hood latch I'm looking for the beauty / engine cover for my 1.9 ALH '98 beetle tdi I also need a hood latch I also need the passenger side, inner cv heat shield