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  1. mrchill

    Replacment for displacment!!!!!

    Glad you are still hard at it! Havent had the opportunity to see that car in years! Keep up the insanity!
  2. mrchill

    Bhw/Alh hybrid build

    Starters and axles are in fact available in NA...I've bought several over the years.
  3. mrchill

    is there a big jump in HP/TQ between gtb2260vk and gtb2565vk?

    Speeds between 70-85 highway. And yes, I feed the GTD series would be even better. I dont have GTD's in my own cars yet...but I have istalled a few for others. They seem to perform very well.
  4. mrchill

    is there a big jump in HP/TQ between gtb2260vk and gtb2565vk?

    Big turbos suffer from massive MPG loss. The energy it takes to drive the turbine is prodigious. Light footing a big turbo will only result in unnecessarily low mileage...unless you take all the fuel out of the tune....along with the driveability. There are small to medium turbos that are the...
  5. mrchill

    Polar FIS pf04 pros & cons

    Hi. I have a golf here that has the same oil temp issue. With a new unit, and the 3.0 beta update...still the same 32F. That is also with the advanced setting in diagnostic for oil temp.
  6. mrchill

    Build Update CJAA

    Porting those is a drag....Takes hours.
  7. mrchill


    I've used RC tuning for well over a decade. I wouldnt use anyone else personally. The results are always excellent. If he is that close to you, I would send the ecu. I get them 3 days turnaround and I am in Massachusetts. SO you will likely be the same or better. Besides, you will need a couple...
  8. mrchill


    Tdtuning isnt near him...he will likely get a tuner as well from Mike. He wants to try Mikes tunes out...let him do it. Mike is closer than Canada...and does a good job
  9. mrchill

    dbilas cam vs. Colts cam

    Yes. Dbilas still sells cams
  10. mrchill

    Gtb2056v or gtb2260vk

    I have both. I still prefer the 2060 for overall city driving and the best mileage.(between those two)
  11. mrchill

    Gtb2056v or gtb2260vk

    I prefer the gtb2060vklr....they are the best bang for the buck
  12. mrchill

    Company to make custom nozzles for Alh

    I'm glad you were able to find a stateside company willing to make them...I tried for years....but gave up and bought them out of the country.
  13. mrchill

    slow, dumb, cheap compound setup!

    Needs a tune update for the MAF size change.
  14. mrchill

    Air to water intercoolers

    I remember when Luc put that in...I saw in it was the same thing I wanted to do on my car....but hadnt gotten around to it. His was nice...and tune was good too. He does everything himself too...right down to welding.
  15. mrchill

    Help pistons

    You can run 4 bar with 17-17.5:1 safely. It's about the fueling you intend to use
  16. mrchill

    TDI DSG retrofit

    Its been done...and will soon be done again. Actually Matt Phelan in Cali is soon to convert his PD jetta wagon with a beetle DSG setup. You may contact him.
  17. mrchill

    Cr block alh head

    The rods help...but throwing a rod isnt usually because the rods are weak...its another failure...oiling, pcp or something else. At any rate. Decent rods, a ported head and the right turbo and tune and you will be well on your way.
  18. mrchill

    Crbb ea288 cam upgrade

    Yes, they do.
  19. mrchill

    Audi TT to going to a 2L TDI DSG plateform

    Good job! Nice to see a DSG tracking again...reminds me of the late Tdicup. Now all you need is a DQ500!
  20. mrchill

    Help me identify this turbo manifold

    Maybe an AAZ...interestingly, I have one of those in one of my many boxes of bits....came with a vnt 20 attached to it. As I recall it was an early vw diesel.