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  1. afarfalla

    BHW engine and auto trans

    Pulled from wrecked 05.5 sedan 188,000 miles, car ran great before the accident. Includes all parts and electronics, nothing taken off the engine includes, fuel cooler, cluster, lane changer and whatever else you need, it's in my garage, I owned it for 8 years, $2000 plus shipping
  2. afarfalla

    5HP19FL GMR

    if you continue with this car you will have put $10,000 into it in no time, I know I've done it twice but no more, hybrid for me, 55mpg
  3. afarfalla

    did you fix your 05 wagon?

    did you fix your 05 wagon?
  4. afarfalla

    advice on freshening a good code free GMR

    yea, pull the trans
  5. afarfalla

    2005 transmission question

    they don't rebuild well, waste of money
  6. afarfalla

    save one

    there are a gazillion illegals here in Houston and they all own junk yards, one good wagon will turn up
  7. afarfalla

    save one

  8. afarfalla

    save one

    yes for sure will be hard but I check all the southern states daily
  9. afarfalla

    save one

    Yea, good luck, hernia time
  10. afarfalla

    save one

    I agree this is another dumba## move on my part, I'm a hopeless junkie. This I'm afraid will be my last for I need the hoist to get up off the floor.
  11. afarfalla

    save one

    had a wagon lined up but owner neglected to tell md that one of the windows was open for a while, something will turn up, and another one will be saved.
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  17. afarfalla

    SOLD — B5.5 Passat TDI Wagon - 39k Original Miles - $14k obo

    Hagerty only insures cars 25 yrs and older, $16.5 and $5K gets you a 2014 passat sel. 2014 VW Passat SEL Premium 29,500 miles $21,500
  18. afarfalla

    SOLD — B5.5 Passat TDI Wagon - 39k Original Miles - $14k obo

    Do $14K, contact oilhammer and see what he would charge for the BSM, alt pulley if bad, a trans TC change, trans valve change fluid change and Trans filter change. or I'll do it myself if you consider $10K. Your car looks pretty but there are a number of thngs that plague this
  19. afarfalla

    SOLD — B5.5 Passat TDI Wagon - 39k Original Miles - $14k obo

    Dealers use a Black Book, similar to KBB, KBB samples the entire USA for a price range for the car that you list. All the cars I sold was thru KBB only difference was instead of excellent, which I selected for yours, I use very good, and always standard options. The B5.5 I just sold for...
  20. afarfalla

    SOLD — B5.5 Passat TDI Wagon - 39k Original Miles - $14k obo

    I've bought and sold 50 VW diesels and never once did I use a menu, that goes for the 20 KiA's I sold also. You didn't add all the wash's and waxing and interior detail to your price.