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    Talk me off the ledge (one way or another)

    So here's the deali-o. I have a 1982 Ford F350 with 460, four speed, dually with a service box on it, set up with a crane, air compressor and welder. But it's a nine foot box which is kinda small. Right now, I have the possibility of buying a 2000 Dodge w/ Cummins, 3500, six speed, bare service...
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    P0245, oddness on VNT actuator adjustment, and other stuff

    2003 Jetta, 214,000 miles. Intermittent limp with P0245. Key cycles always clears it and it runs fine until next time and next time apparently is getting sooner and sooner. I have done loads of reading and so far it hasn't been fixed on other cars with a new N75, but there has been quite a few...
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    Some Oregonians know how to pump their own gas

    Apparently there has been some internet chatter about some Oregonians freaking out about "having to pump their own gas" Well, I have lived in Oregon from my first memories and I'm not freaking out, rather, I'm laughing with everyone at these people. The new law only effects the least populated...
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    Why you should replace clutch lever and pivot ball

    This car had a 5 speed swap something like 50,000 miles ago and apparently they did it on the CHEAP. Im not even sure they put in a new disc and PP. My guy just bought the car so I did the TB and it had a horrible shudder when letting out the clutch. We knew we had to do a clutch soon but we...
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    Looking for VCDS in LA area

    Got a gal down there with an ALH Jetta with low power. The CEL has been on because of a glow plug and now there's something else. She said its about 40 MPH uphill. Monday she is flying to Mexico for a week so her dad will be able to poke around with it a bit but they need some guidance. She...
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    Original poster note

    Sorry, that title is unclear. I couldn't think of the right wording. In some forums, I have seen that in a thread, they have something that shows in each post by the OP, that that person is the OP. I don't recall what it was but it may have even been something that said, "Original Poster". In...
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    Brand New tires and car is totalled

    Not a TDI... We put tires on the roommates car this morning. This afternoon she totals the car. Tires still have nubs on them. What are the chances she will get full value from them? If not full value, what percentage would be realistic?
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    94 MK III gasser no crank question​

    Hopefully I can get bit of insight into this. Just did a manual trans R&R and it has a no crank. I don't know if it was doing it before or not. It started as intermittent and progressed to never. I have the two big wires at the key switch jumped and the two big wires at the CCM jumped but no...
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    Anyone want to look at a Ford for me?

    I'm looking at a service truck in Rice Mn. and would like someone to look it over for rust issues mostly. If you know anything about Ford 6.4 PowerStrokes, that would be great as well. Maybe you could stop in and take pictures and send them to me...
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    Anyone near York PA. that knows Dodge trucks...

    ...And is willing to go look at a truck for me? I'll post a link to the truck . . . . . HERE Nevermind. I'm going to pass on this one.
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    Thermostat every timing belt change?

    My BEW Jetta is at 150,000 miles and is due for another timing belt since I changed the first one at 70,000 with the cam. Recently I did a timing belt for a guy and when he got to the shop, the temperature wasn't even halfway to straight up. I queried him on where he lives and it should have...
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    Chewbacca under the hood

    Well, that's what it sounds like anyway. It just started today and it was kinda faint at first, but now it's more pronounced. It comes and goes and it's only at an idle. I looked under the hood and didnt see any Chewey fur but I noticed that the serpentine belt tensioner was moving a bit, then...
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    Too many miles in my Jetta

    So this winter has been pretty snowy locally so I parked the Jetta and have been driving my 1996 Dodge half ton and I have noticed that after 150,000 miles in the Jetta, I kinda get used to things. The other day I was driving the truck and the sun was shining in that spot above the rearview...
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    Going to Mexico

    That's the word that I heard. I talked to a truck driver that was loading TDIs and he said that they were going to Aberdeen, Washington to be put on a boat to Mexico. He thinks they are to be shredded there, but who knows? Anyone want to go to Mexico to get a cheap TDI?:D
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    Drop downs don't work on my phone

    When using my phone to on this site, no e of the drop down menus work. This means I can't search from the blue bar on top, but more importantly, I can't mark the Diesel gate thread as read. I'm using an Android phone if that matters. Am I missing something or is there a problem?
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    Say "Cheese"

    I'm bringing three cheeses from Oregon. A smokey cheddar, a maple leaf smoked goat cheese and a blue cheese. So bring it! Let's see what ya got, cheese heads.
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    Anyone here know CAN systems?

    I am struggling with a Ford F650 with communication errors to the ABS unit and I need some hep. I don't know alot about CAN systems and most of it is FM to me, but some things that I DO know: There should be right at 60 OHMs resistance between the CAN High and CAN Low, Key off. There should...
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    Happy Birthday TDIClub

    In case you didn't know, July 4, 1996 is the date that Fred "joined" TDIclub, so I think that kind of makes it the "official" birthday of TDIClub. I want to wish Fred and TDIClub a Happy Birthday. Feel free to post your thoughts and memories of what TDIClub has meant to you over the years.
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    Why we change everything in the TB path

    This isn't a TDI - it's a 96 Mazda 3.0 - but the theory holds the same. Replace everything that the timing belt touches. This timing belt was done a few years ago at the dealer where they replaced the belt and tensioner roller and nothing else. I don't have mileage on when it was done, sorry...
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    Using forums for help

    I work on alot of different vehicles and since I came from a heavy equipment background, I don't have a long history of working on autos, so i tend to use automotive forums quite often for assistance, ideas and when I can, return to others with stories of things I have found or learned. But one...