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  1. Matt927

    Help with valuation on future TDI sale...

    I am not up to date on current value of these vehicles. I do not know if the online valuation tools are in the ballpark or not. My commute shortly will be minimal and do not foresee a need to keep my TDI. Before I go to dealer to trade it, I will more then likely list privately. Specs are as...
  2. Matt927

    WTB: MK6 GOLF FOGLIGHT GRILLE 1K9854661A, Left hand

    In search of a Mk6 Golf TDI front foglight grille, passenger side. 1K9854661A Please PM if you have one available.
  3. Matt927

    How many DPFs have you had replaced since emissions fix?

    Wondering if anyone is on 2+ DPFs since their emissions fix on the CJAA? My car just generated another DPF code yesterday, exhaust outlets are black again. I am scheduled to bring the car in this Friday but with the national DPF backlog I will be in a loaner for 30 days. My original DPF...
  4. Matt927

    Clutch Slave Cylinder replacement cost?

    Has anyone had their clutch slave cylinder replaced? Do you happen to remember the cost with labor? Thank you, Matt
  5. Matt927

    Blower Motor or Resistor?

    Hi all, This is in my wife's Mk7 GTI with manual climate control and not the TDI. Blower motor will not operate on highest fan speeds, 4/5/6. Occasionally when left on the higher speed selections the motor will blow at the selected speed and then slow back down to under fan speed 4. Speeds...
  6. Matt927

    FS: MDI to Lightning Cable

    VW MDI to Lightning Cable 000051446Q $35 Shipped to lower 48 Paypal Only PM with Questions
  7. Matt927

    FS: NEW NMW Passat Winter Fronts

  8. Matt927

    CPO 2015 Passat TDI Question...

    Noticeable vibration/oscillation in steering wheel at right around 75 mph cruising on the highway. It almost seems when I go around a slight bend in the road the vibration changes slightly in the steering wheel. Plus the vibration in the wheel is not constant. Can not feel it in any other part...
  9. Matt927

    Remote start and VCDS

    Anyway to code out the motor shut off when door is opened after remote start? Thank you
  10. Matt927

    Blind Spot Mirrors

    Does anyone know if there are any blind spot mirrors available to replace the glass in the side view mirrors for a 2015 Passat? ECS says nothing available, only available for earlier 2012 vehicles. Thanks, Matt
  11. Matt927

    Appointment Reminder Email?

    Did anyone receive an email reminding them of their appointment 48 hours in advance? I have two appointments tomorrow and received no email...
  12. Matt927

    FS: ID Parts Winter Fronts....Mk6 Golf/JSW

    Mk6 Golf JSW 2010+ Top Covers are new and unused. Lower Cover has been used and comes with velcro attachment loops for grill slats. $45 Shipped via USPS
  13. Matt927

    FS: OEM VW 18" Durban set, 5G0-601-025G (NJ) $750

    (4)Used OEM VW 18" Durbans 18"x7.5" ET 51 57.1 CB OEM VW center caps No Curb Rash. Few small nicks here and there. Nice condition. Located in Hunterdon County, NJ. Prefer pickup in 08825 but would be willing to meet locally. $750 Wheels will be available next week once tires are removed...
  14. Matt927

    Solicitation Voicemail....

    Received a voicemail from a dealer about an hour away from me where I had purchased a TDI years ago. I do not have that specific vehicle anymore but still own two CR TDIs. I do not use the dealer anymore because of the poor service. Anyway, who ever left the message asked me to register my...