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  1. afarfalla

    BHW engine and auto trans

    Pulled from wrecked 05.5 sedan 188,000 miles, car ran great before the accident. Includes all parts and electronics, nothing taken off the engine includes, fuel cooler, cluster, lane changer and whatever else you need, it's in my garage, I owned it for 8 years, $2000 plus shipping
  2. afarfalla

    save one

    had a wagon lined up but owner neglected to tell md that one of the windows was open for a while, something will turn up, and another one will be saved.
  3. afarfalla

    looking for 04 05 passat wagon body

    no dents no rust
  4. afarfalla

    BHW to A6

    I have a BHW and a choice of A6, A5, or A4 to put it in. Which Audi would be the best choice?
  5. afarfalla

    I finished mine

    FHN is in an all bolted up, I wasn't in any rush so in the Houston heat and humidity I did a little each day. I pulled the engine and trans, using the little plastic alignment tool supplied with the kit I attempted to align the manual trans which proved difficult, but I got it. The kit came...
  6. afarfalla

    two pieces forgot where they go

  7. afarfalla

    took out auto flywheel and...

    The auto flywheel had a spacer under the bolts, do I install that spacer on the manual flywheel? And body know torque on pressure plate bolts thanks
  8. afarfalla

    I got the pedals in easy way to do the pedals, loosen the brake boost and pull the steering wheel. The biggest PIA was removing the line from the key to the auto shifter. Needle bearing going in tomorrow, its in the freezer
  9. afarfalla

    what do I do first engine is out, Frans sent all the parts, where do I start first.
  10. afarfalla

    Fran's zip code

    Fran's zip code (Got it) dutch auto parts de stad 9c 5688 nx oirschot the Netherlands Trying to send him money for my 5 speed thru transwire which one of the above is his zip
  11. afarfalla

    FS 05 passat sedan and wagon

    wagon, 140K miles, has new front control arms, springs and shock absorbers. New motor and trans mounts. New tandem pump and coolant flange. New tires. Body and interior 8 out of 10. Engine is perfect needs transmission. sedan, 185 K miles rebuilt like the wagon. Engine runs perfect. Needs...
  12. afarfalla

    fix or crush

    Should buff right out? Grandkids
  13. afarfalla

    2003 W8 manual for DSG delete

    I have a chance to buy an 03 W8 manual, PM'ed Pickle Rick, he as well as I are not sure the gearing would be correct, anyone have the answer thanks
  14. afarfalla

    oil filter spindle

    which groove does the small o-ring go on? I changed the oil on a sedan, it was on the bottom groove, a wagon had it on the upper grove, I forgot where it goes?
  15. afarfalla


    can anyone give me torque values for the coolant flange and vacuum pump thanks
  16. afarfalla

    motor mounts

    can I get away with DP Parts hydro motor mounts or am I wasting my money? Are there any alternatives other than OEM from VW that work and work well? Do I just bite the bullet and go...
  17. afarfalla

    2015 passat at idle has parkinson's

    Went and looked at a certified 2015 passat sel, 20k miles. Salesman started it up, shaking worst than my b5.5 with delete. Is this normal after the fix?
  18. afarfalla

    Trans kick down

    05 with 173k miles, at slow speed seems like it can't make up its mind what gear it wants to be in? First time this has ever happened. I'm thinking low fluid level? TCM? or is it ready to take a dump? where should I start?
  19. afarfalla

    BSM bolts

    can the mounting bolts from the old chain system be reused on a geared BSM
  20. afarfalla

    geared BSM crank gear

    anybody got one they would like to get rid of