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  1. Nero Morg

    Always wet under door!

    So this has been an ongoing issue since I got my car, the silver panel that's under the door... It's always wet! And it's just the drivers door, even if it hasn't rained in a few days... The first time I noticed it, I checked the lowest rubber seal, and found the door drains were plugged so I...
  2. Nero Morg

    What did you do to your Audi TDI today?

    Haven't seen a thread here yet, and since I've downgraded from my MKIV and can't post my WDYD's there, time to start a new one for our fancy V6 counterparts! I installed my drive cam and updated my MMI firmware and maps data. Holy cow transferring 12gb to a SD card takes forever.
  3. Nero Morg

    2005 transmission question

    So I helped my neighbor purchase a new-to-them B5.5, has about 210k on the clock. It's in pretty fair condition, not too beat up. She's looking to sell her mkiv ALH and get into this wagon as soon as possible. Scanned with VCDS, has fault: 17125/P0741/001857 - Torque Converter Clutch: Stuck...
  4. Nero Morg

    Misc ALH parts

    So I'll be updating this list as I go through the stuff I've accumulated over the years, for now I'm just going off the top of my head. Prices are negotiable but you're paying shipping. Pictures upon request. All parts are used either off of a car I've worked on, or from a wrecking yard...
  5. Nero Morg


    Delete, combining posts
  6. Nero Morg

    2013 Passat CKRA engine

    Pulled engine, chassis is gone. Currently still has DPF module and SCR module with def doser, did not keep def tank. Willing to part with scr and dpf separate of engine. Still has DSG attached. Unknown history on engine. Supposedly was a runner, but due to wiring damage never saw it run. Ran...
  7. Nero Morg

    Scoping out a new TDI

    Hey there, so in my recent endeavors to find a newer tdi, I came across a few Q7 3 liters, and I'm trying to familiarize myself with them by reading. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's over thinking and over reading before doing any kind of large purchase. I'm no stranger to diesels or Tdi's...
  8. Nero Morg


    Sold Well, with life comes tough decisions. 2003 Silver Jetta Wagon All sorts of stuff done to it... -Manual swapped with EGR trans -Stage 3 endurance clutch with 21lb flywheel, new pivot pin and release fork while in there -sigma 5 short shifter -right cv axle rebuilt with new ends from...
  9. Nero Morg

    2003 jetta wagon SOLD

    SOLD Well, with life comes tough decisions. 2003 Silver Jetta Wagon All sorts of stuff done to it... -Manual swapped with EGR trans -Stage 3 endurance clutch with 21lb flywheel, new pivot pin and release fork while in there -sigma 5 short shifter -right cv axle rebuilt with new ends from...
  10. Nero Morg

    SOLD 02J With Wavetrac

    So putting some feelers out there. I have a 02J out of a 2005 BEW Jetta I had floating around my garage. I had a Wavetrac I purchased from Aaron at Cascade German installed by another member here, but never got around to installing it into my car. So, a built 02J w/Wavetrac and genuine vw...
  11. Nero Morg

    To keep or not to keep

    Oh boy. Well, I guess it's my turn. I want to have a healthy discussion with you guys. I've been debating ever since I got rear ended, on if I should keep my wagon, or move onto something newer. Maintenance isn't an issue for me, working on my own stuff isn't an issue. So I recently got a 2013...
  12. Nero Morg

    Wtb misc NMS passat parts

    Looking for left outer tail light, rear bumper, rear impact bar, and trunk lid with hinges. If you're feeling adventurous... Could also use a tdi engine harness. Working on a 2013.
  13. Nero Morg

    New to me 2013

    Bough a new to me, was rear ended, sold at auction. Bout from the guy who didn't want to fix it. Also found this fun mess. Should be fun.
  14. Nero Morg

    Wtb MKIV WAGON right tail light - FOUND

    Found a pair, thanks everyone.
  15. Nero Morg

    Replacement tail lights

    So I'd love to have some Ocean style tail lights for my wagon, since I have to replace mine anyways, but seems like they are sold out everywhere now, including eBay, anyone know where I could get some? Will probably call Cascade German tomorrow.
  16. Nero Morg

    Black smoke when downshifting

    So I drive on a few very steep hills, and I tend to take it hard occasionally, gotta keep that intercooler clear, plus I have a catch can. Well, yesterday on my way home from work I was goosin it a little hard, and downshifted to slow down, so max rpms was maybe 4000, and I look behind me and...
  17. Nero Morg

    G40 coolant?

    Does anyone know if you can mix G40 with G13? I can find tons of answers that 'its a suitable replacement,' but none that say you can actually mix them or not.
  18. Nero Morg

    Clutch options

    Hey all, so I'm currently running a South Bend stage 3 Endurance. While it's nice, I'm a mechanic by trade and on my feet all day, some days my ankle bothers me, so I want to try to get a softer clutch that can take on my engine. Currently my engine build is what Frank refers to as his "180hp...
  19. Nero Morg

    Rear sway bar?

    Hey all, does anyone have a rear sway bar? How do you like it? What's it off of? Definitely thinking of getting one, want some owner experience.
  20. Nero Morg

    When to replace head

    So I've been on and off searching for this answer for a while now, and haven't really found an answer. Seen plenty of posts on how to change a head, but none that say 'when is a good time to refresh your cylinder head'? I'm pushing 360-370k roughly (cluster has been changed so don't know...