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    06 jetta cranks no start

    This seems to be your problem. I'm not expert so I'll say check out the last sentence of this post by Franko6. Post #49
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    FS: 2006 VW Jetta TDI 5sp - NoVA - SOLD

    Wow. Hate to see you sell that car. I enjoyed following your build progress.
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    650Ma current drain?

    For future reference. When viewing the page on my iPhone I have to rotate to landscape mode to see signatures.
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    650Ma current drain?

    What was the issue?
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    Cincinnati area mechanic needed, 2006 jetta

    Jon Hamilton in Marysville.
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    06 Jetta TDI died on freeway, won't start back up.

    So what ended up being the fix for this TDI?
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    Where to get headlight assemblies

    Hella brand. $280/pr shipped. I’ve installed 3 or 4 sets of these & I’m happy with being able to see at night again.
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    Timing belt question

    Sounds like a great outcome at a good price.
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    2006 TDI shifts and pulls hard!

    Search the site for Zip Tie Mod. It sounds like you’re having an issue with the turbo actuator & not the DSG.
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    VERY Poorly running 2006 TDI, any ideas?

    That's nasty. I think your talking about the tandem pump not a vacuum pump.
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    Power seat memory????

    I can confirm that driving down the road yesterday I pressed the set button & then the #1 button. At that time I heard a chime & the memory was set.
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    lock doors with drivers door lock

    Simple. Leave the window open & press the inside lock button after you close the door. :)
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    06 Jetta, no power to the driver's side door

    I've changed so many of these on my cars that I keep a harness on the shelf. :)
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    06 Jetta Headlight Options?

    I went with Hella oem lights in all my BRMs. I think I paid just over $200 for a pair. Totally happy with the results.
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    Running without AC system charged

    As long as there is still oil in the system then you'll be fine. My daughter drove for a year without freon & we so no issues with the compressor.
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    115 volt outlet cover in back of console

    It came out in late 2006 or early 2007 so I've seen it in very late 2006 Jetta TDIs & the 06.5 Diesel Editions. Not sure how easy it'll be to find that cover.
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    115 volt outlet cover in back of console

    Cars without the outlet didn't have a cover. There is just a small storage pocket.
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    Compressor clutch coil

    No, this compressor has no clutch. The only wires are the going to the solenoid. You should take a closer look & get pictures if possible. That will help you get what you need. BTW there are 2 types of solenoids. One is held in with the bolt and the other is held in with a circlip.
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    Compressor clutch coil

    There is no clutch on your compressor. Your looking for a new rcv refrigeration control valve. There are a couple different versions. Here’s an example.