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  1. beachkokopelli

    2003 VW NB Interior dvr's side panel?

    we broke the door handle on our 2003 VW NB drivers side beetle, it looks like I have to switch out the middle panel, any ideas where I replace such an item? My time is short so I don't have time calling salvage yards.
  2. beachkokopelli

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    Has anyone else had problems with the Q Loader? Not the slightest thing, but major issues, ie, unable to download the initial file from the PC to the Q loader. Or reading the file from the car? Or uploading the file from Kerma themselves. I don't want to slur anyone - I just want to get a rise...
  3. beachkokopelli

    Beachkokopelli's Jetta's For Sale :(

    Item # 320166050685 on Ebay. 2006 VW Jetta TDI. 20'000 miles. Exemplary inside and out. Upsolute I. NewSouth DashPod. Stewert Werner EGT, Oil Temp, Boost Gauges. Cat Back to Straight Pipe. O.Z 18" matt black Ultraleggers. Usual add ons for package one. Power windows, power mirrors, power...
  4. beachkokopelli

    MKV "new" gauge pod design Sorry if this is an old topic, but I've never seen this design before. Thought someone might appreciate it. Not sure if I like it or not, but there you go
  5. beachkokopelli

    NB TDI Coolant leak

    Hi guys, my wifes 2003 NB TDI is drinking coolant - we have to fill it up every 300 miles!!! We have deleted the EGR and added the DG race pipe, we've also had the timing belt changed. Both bits of work were done within a week of each other. The car doesn't seem to be leaking - I've checked it a...
  6. beachkokopelli

    AUDI R8 goes diesel I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this picture!!! 2009 guys. So thats October next year?? Maybe I'll save my modification money, sorry Jeff, and just get one of these? 500 HP???
  7. beachkokopelli

    2006 Pd B80

    I bought my 2006 VW Jetta TDI last September. I read all the do's and don'ts and did it anyway. When it reached 5,000 I changed fuel from ULSD to B20. At the 7,500 mark I then changed to B50. When I reached the 10,000 mark I said F!!! it and went B80. That was 6,500 miles ago. I have had no...
  8. beachkokopelli

    Biodiesel GTG

    I would appreciate some help guys in organising a small Biodiesel GTG in Columbia, Maryland at the green building institute. I'm going to start instructing classes on biodiesel there. Stop laughing at the back :D Yes, some people really are that lazy, they will pay money to learn about biodiesel...
  9. beachkokopelli

    Dieselgeek problems...

    I have just the one problem with Dieselgeek. They sell really great things...:D I needed.... wanted, a good short shifter - Dieselgeek. It came within days of ordering and with simple step by step instructions and I had it installed with the hour - including beers. Thought I'd order a VR6/G60...
  10. beachkokopelli

    Cat 2 Filter MK5 B100

    I searched the forums and couldn't find the answer. I'd like to be able to run 100% Biodiesel on my MK5 2006 VW TDI Jetta. Now now, hold back people with the "oh no you don't - you'll ruin the engine" answers. From what I understand, VWOA didn't warranty running more than 20% Biodiesel in...
  11. beachkokopelli

    NB 2003 Problem

    Hi guys, wife came home last night complaining her car has started to smell as if it were burning. NO, it wasn't the used odor eaters that are temporarily stuffed into the remains of the dipstick funnel ( another story ). As you look at the engine from outside the car, on top of the engine...
  12. beachkokopelli

    HELP!!! Problem with NB

    Ok, so my wife came home last night and says that her car was smelling as if something was burning. NO, it wasn't my old odor eaters that are currently plugged into the remains of the dipstick funnel either. On the right hand side on top of the engine block, ( looking at the car from the front...
  13. beachkokopelli

    Biodiesel in Columbia, MD

    I'm in somewhat of a position to ask at my work ( asking and getting are miles apart you understand ) the slim possibility of having a Biodiesel pump installed near my work. Who would be interested?? I currently drive 30 minutes to Taylorsville for it and pay $3.15 a gallon. My wife and I both...
  14. beachkokopelli

    Dipstick "shaft" broke!!!

    The piece of orange plastic that houses the dipstick snapped in two while I was changing the oil filter today!!! I uttered BO**OX rather loudly then had a cunning plan. It seemed as though it had been leaking for some time onto the engine bay but not making it any further onto the floor. I...
  15. beachkokopelli

    Dieselgeek race pipe & CAI Ok, so who has one of these Beetle Race pipes and how do they perform?? Dieselgeek does mention that a check engine light WILL come on with this add on. How do you get rid of that?? Wifes new car seems ok apart from some niggly bits here and there...
  16. beachkokopelli

    TB and 5th gear installation in MD

    Ok then, I need to find someone to install a TB on a 2003 NB, I'll get the "peace of mind" parts from Dieselgeek. Whose good in MD?? I've read all TWO of the cars servicing reports and none of them mention a new timing belt, and the engine rattles a little. Smooth drive but hic ups a little in...
  17. beachkokopelli

    Turbo vs. Injectors?? PD100 Jetta

    Okay then, I have a 2006 PD100 Jetta currently running on an Upsolute Chip - which as much as people like to trash Upsolute, it works very well for my motor though I struggle getting 600 to a tank. I also pulled 125 MPH at 22 PSI the other day. My questions' are: How difficult is it to install...
  18. beachkokopelli

    F6 Squared Video - only in England

    Bloody hilarious video of UK lads driving like Brits do in mostly supped up old Vdubs on veggie oil Great video lads, your a credit to the nation
  19. beachkokopelli

    Finally found and bought NB

    Well, the wife wanted a new car, a girly car. So I gave her three options, that bubble looking car from that German company, or a Volkswagen Beetle, or the New Beetle from VW!! After much searching as she wanted it in lime, Lime guys!?!? And needed a sunroof. And leather heated seats. And a CD...
  20. beachkokopelli

    Engine blown 2004 golf

    Found an engine blown 2004 TDI Golf and owner wants to sell it. The history being, he took the car for a 5000 miles oil change and soon after that the oil plug "fell out" and blew subsequently blew the engine. The car was under warranty ofcourse. With a lawyer, they contacted the VW America who...