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  1. jasonTDI

    quick sale! Las Vegas, NV 99.5 Jetta

    OK, here's the dealio. Former shop guy has an ALH TDI. 99.5 jetta manual windows, no sunroof. he's on his way back to WI from LA for a family thing and a new job. The car is at the Luxor with him and he needs to sell it ASAP. Issues: Power loss intermittent. He can't drive it loaded with...
  2. jasonTDI

    Anyone still have their TDI's?

    Seems they are quickly going by the wayside. Sad....:(
  3. jasonTDI

    Info needed Dallas TX area.

    Anyone have family or know the area? I have a client moving to the area in the next 90 days. Mechanic, we are good. NEED a decent area to live, preferably a rental home that'll take big dogs (senior Akitas) Nothing too spendy but not in the ghetto. She's a total neat-nick as well. OCD. Also...
  4. jasonTDI

    Jason's TDR.

    FYI, Some work won't be accepted at the current time. All you can do is call and ask. I am dealing with a blown right elbow so I am limiting work. Not supposed to be doing a lot of wrenching until it heals. Just didn't want to get some in a tizzy about turning down work. That is all, Carry on.
  5. jasonTDI

    TDI CLUB web-a-thon

    Thread in the 14' fest section. Club could use the donations.
  6. jasonTDI

    Jason's TDR

    Just a note to everyone that knew my big shop dog Hiro. He went to the bridge on Sat 8/23/14. :( He liked meeting everyone that stopped by. His brother Toki will still be here and greeting people that stop. That's all.
  7. jasonTDI

    Auto trans install Central CO. Urgent former shop guy didn't head my advice to not go up the pass so the trans blew out in Vail. I have a trans here and he needs (01M) to get it installed. He in a rental heading to LA now to take someone there. Then coming back to drop the rental in the vail area airport. I AM NOT...
  8. jasonTDI

    Car doesn't start in cold?

    Quit cranking it. Pull the battery and bring it inside. Let it warm for several hours or overnight. Put it on a charger. There is no reason ANYONE with a car should be without a $40 2-5-25 amp charger. Don't by a fancy "electronic" one that will surface charge :rolleyes: Get a Schumacher from...
  9. jasonTDI

    WTB- 10mm inj pump. ASAP. WI

    As it says, need a used 10mm pump in WORKING order. Send me a dead one......;) Click the link and email me. PM's are slow.
  10. jasonTDI

    Why....MK4 seller mini rant.

    Why...seriously do some people here think they can work on these cars. MK4 wagon, 03'. Bought by a club member here in WI from a club member that sells a LOT of cars after buying them and "fixing" them. Located in a state south of me. Not IL. Initials are a cow...
  11. jasonTDI

    JasonTDI shop delay (couple days)

    Sorry if I don't get back to everyone who messaged over the weekend or the next couple days. My big Akita Hiro (many of you know and have met) Bloated on Friday night right in front of me. Very scary watching your dog double in size in front of you in 90 seconds. Proximity to an emergency...
  12. jasonTDI

    5 spd Swap needed.

    Need an ENTIRE swap kit. Prefer 01' (for an ALH) and up due to better linkages. Would like some sort of proof of miles. Insurance total loss payout reciept or similar. Been burned too many times. Thanks, JasonTDI.
  13. jasonTDI

    jasonTDI parts for sale

    Have a bunch. First, please do not do the pm sent or dibs, or that stuff, just send a PM. The thread gets wonky when that happens. Parts will be deleted as sold. FIRST: PUMP, TURBO, 5 speed kit GONE If it's not here and its a major component it's GONE. 118K long block. Car was in an...
  14. jasonTDI

    Shop move.

    Todays PSA. OK guys the move has been ongoing for a month due tot he shop not being complete. I've been doing a few simple things here and there to pay the bills but as the message says. "The shop is closed" That means closed. Not "Awww come on! You have to do it for ME!" No means no. Hanging...
  15. jasonTDI

    Stay away..Brickyard Import Car Parts.

    Two-timing lying thieves.... Got a supposed good motor...I don't think so. Started looking for a short block. They had one for $400. Good deal. TT them, said it had a head on it and it would go for $600 for both. Complete long block stored inside. GREAT! Send friend on a sat 2 weeks ago...
  16. jasonTDI

    ALH short or long block needed.

    Good running order. Let me know what you got. Need it ASAP.
  17. jasonTDI

    Customer locked out! how too get in MKIV

    Got a customer locked out of his MK4 jetta. Can't find the key or it's 4 hours away. He needs to get in it to tow it (broken down) He said he heard a way with a screwdriver. I have a lock out kit sooooo......Any suggestions? He has a screwdriver. I suggested a rock....
  18. jasonTDI

    Need BEW long block.

    Looking for a good BEW long block. Let me know what you have.
  19. jasonTDI

    99.5 Golf WARNING!!!! Chicago

    CL add.... Flagged, might not show... I bought the car from Montana. Has extensive rebuild records from there(mechanical). I had the RC tune and Pete do injectors on it. Car was totaled by the owners kid. $6K in damage. DS wheel...
  20. jasonTDI

    Local shop needs some help.

    My neighbor's shop seen at the bottom of my thread could use a winter pick-me-up. Clint of Mad City Rovers is really in tight times due to being new to the game as a shop owner and a lot of Rover customers that can't afford to fix them....yes, sad but true people get over their heads. Even at...