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  1. RacerTodd

    Waste Gate Actuator adjustment specs

    Here is a video I made showing the actuator movement on a brand new VNT-15:
  2. RacerTodd

    Traction control light on after dash removal

    Did you clear the code and see if it popped up again? I know that sounds simple, but sometimes people forget to do the simple stuff first.
  3. RacerTodd

    Oil cooler hoses

    I have an oil cooler on my workbench. Measured the ports and 5/8" ID hose is what you want.
  4. RacerTodd

    Traction control light on after dash removal

    Yes, the steering angle sensor is part of the clockspring. Check to make sure you attached the electrical connectors to the clockspring. I seem to recall there are two conectors - one for airbags, one for steering angle sensor.
  5. RacerTodd

    Anybody try to run their TDI out of Diesel to see exactly how many miles they can get

    Diesel fuel is quite slippery so it makes a good lubricant. An engineer would say it has high lubricity. So diesel high pressure pumps use the diesel fuel itself to lubricate the pump. Not so with a gasoline high pressure pumps. Gasoline has no lubricity so it must be kept away from moving...
  6. RacerTodd

    Need help with flashing glow plug and cel.

    Per a post by MoGolf, the codes that cause a flashing glow plug light are below. 00741 Brake pedal monitoring - implausible signal 01044 Control unit incorrectly coded 16705/P0321 Engine speed sensor - implausible signal 16706/P0322 Engine speed sensor - no signal 16955/P0571 Brake light...
  7. RacerTodd

    Make Secure, Smooth Sliding, Lock Carrier Service Supports for $10

    I made a guide to replacing the radiator mounts in-car, the guide includes pics of my El-Cheapo Service Position Tools (same as samdog talks about). This is one job that you need to pull the core support into the service position in order to...
  8. RacerTodd

    Trunk VW logo Ways to remove it

    One technique for removing badges that are stuck on with sticky tape is to use dental floss to "cut" the tape. Wrap a length of floss around your fingers and saw it back and forth between the badge and body. You'll need a solvent to remove the remaining tape residue from the body and badge and...
  9. RacerTodd

    Quarter Million Mile Club

    Yup. Miles. The TDI replaced my old '87 gasser Golf that I sold with 654K. All you have to do to rack up those kinda miles is be a small package courier, driving 45-55K per year. I'm coming up on 1.5 million miles driven total, with almost 1.3 million of those in my VWs. Since I bought...
  10. RacerTodd

    Quarter Million Mile Club

    Hee, hee - I don't even remember when my car was at 250K. I'm at 556K and goin' for 600K by the end of the year.
  11. RacerTodd

    Changing lower front door hinge (2006 TDI)!

    There is (no surprise) an official VW tool for getting to the lower bolt. VAG 3320, looks like this: If you the ability to cut/weld metal you may be able to fabricate something similar.
  12. RacerTodd

    Cold Start v/s Warm Running - Squeaky Noise?

    Mine '01 TDI made a similar chirp or squeak sound. Started 30K after my first TB change. Did it when cold, went away mostly as the engine warmed up. Easy to diagnose. Remove upper timing belt cover. Start engine. Take a wax candle and gently touch it to the edge of the moving timing...
  13. RacerTodd

    fender snap nuts (?) source

    I believe they are part number N 103 055 02. ESC carries them: A dealer should carry them.
  14. RacerTodd

    Timing belt tip

    On my first TB job, I used the crank lock in the Metalnerd kit. It bent too easily and was useless. I had the same issue with the crank moving when tensioning the belt. Solution was to rotate flywheel to TDC, then take a small screwdriver and jam it in the flywheel hole between the case and...
  15. RacerTodd

    Traction Control(ASR) Need a Ginnie pig

    When I did the full ESP upgrade, I used Posi-Taps by Posi-Lock. Very simple and easy to use.
  16. RacerTodd

    Vacume Pump

    Is this on the '13 or the '03? You didn't specify. I only have experience with the ALH engine (as on your '03). The vacuum pump will be hot when the engine is hot - it's attached to the engine after all. The pumps are generally pretty reliable. I'd suspect the loose nipple is the problem...
  17. RacerTodd

    High alternator output

    Classic symptoms of a failed regulator. It's available separately, not sure where pople source them from, though. Replacement guide:
  18. RacerTodd

    Phatbox Gurus

    Have you been to I used their "PhatHack DMS Tools" to format larger drives, update firmware, etc. I used a 120gb drive until it crapped out, now have a 80gb drive. Both drivers worked first time.
  19. RacerTodd

    turbo lag have logs

    If the line has a crack or split in it, then you replace the whole line. Takes 5 minutes to pull the hose out and inspect it. You can also loose vacuum if the nipple on the vacuum pump is too sloppy. If the nipple moves back and forth more than 3/16" or so, it's so loose that you start...
  20. RacerTodd

    What is LIMP mode?

    Not sure about the newer TDIs, but on the older cars (99-05) a "granny" driver was more likely to eventually suffer limp mode. Going light on the throttle and short shifting all the time leads to soot build up inside the turbo. That makes the VNT vanes sticky. That leads to overboost and...