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  1. Phoenix42

    Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 loaner?

    Long time no chat all. Seeking to borrow TS508 or similar to clone a set of TMPS sensors on a new non-VW car. Not sure if this is a necessary with VW's, but hoping someone can direct me. Thx
  2. Phoenix42

    1-1-2015 Ho5G GTG

    No Ho5G for us - I've come down with a cold - and nobody would be happy if I shared :( No, not the Irish Flu :p
  3. Phoenix42

    1-1-2015 Ho5G GTG

    @SnowCub - I think we'll be targeting on the morning side of things, before it gets too crowded, and then head home after lunch.
  4. Phoenix42

    Ho5G Food Thread - 1/1/15

    @LugNut - If I bring a crock-pot, can you bring it back? I figure you'll be there later then I'll be :) @Hamsterdiesel - Caira has requested snow, so she can go sledding, can you oblige?
  5. Phoenix42

    Last Minute Friday - Kimballs & Bamboo

    Ditto. It was good to see folks.
  6. Phoenix42

    Last Minute Friday - Kimballs & Bamboo

    Hmmm.... maybe we could have an early dinner and then pop over for dessert, I know the kids would not complain :D and I could bring the 3
  7. Phoenix42

    Boston GTG: Soldier's Field Road? 11/23?

    Are you planning for November already?
  8. Phoenix42

    New Year's Day @ the Ho5G!

    I've got two now! :eek:
  9. Phoenix42

    New Year's Day @ the Ho5G!

    Don't worry Iggy, they don't burn gassers at the Ho5G. BeetleGo we missed seeing you.
  10. Phoenix42

    New Year's Day @ the Ho5G!

    Ditto! Chris & Scott sorry we missed you. P&J thanks for the open house, it was great to see the TDI Family again.
  11. Phoenix42

    New Year's Day @ the Ho5G!

    Noted FYI kale is out of season... :(
  12. Phoenix42

    New Year's Day @ the Ho5G!

    Kale chips? Was that me Julie? It must have been years ago... I'll see if I can find some fresh kale.
  13. Phoenix42

    New Year's Day @ the Ho5G!

    Snowcub, what time are ye planning on being there? I might have one or both of the kiddos with me, and a sled for them to play on the back yard slope. Hmm....what to bring...
  14. Phoenix42

    New Year's Day @ the Ho5G!

    Oh! I wonder how the sledding will be this year...
  15. Phoenix42

    I need a GTG!

    We'll all just show up at Fulton's house un-invited. Bring beer, food & tools.
  16. Phoenix42

    MA FF or FTh GTG

    D'oh! I need to peak in more often. PS Anyone want a slightly used '97 Corolla :D
  17. Phoenix42

    Wrecked 2000 Golf GLS, Eastern Mass - feeler

    Yikes! Just heard about this today from PeterV. Glad to hear your son is okay, sorry to hear that he got so little time in it after all your work.
  18. Phoenix42

    MA/NH Crowd - looking for a $3k car for teenager

    Mike, I'll dig in the attic, I know I got stuff from John, just not sure where it ended up after 9 years and ~140k.
  19. Phoenix42

    First Friday 5.4.12

    Hey! I resemble that remark! :p