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  1. bikeprof

    B4 wagon 4-SALE(not mine)

    Saw this on OK city Craigslist... Don't know if still available but maybe ? 1996 B4 WAGON, grey post id: 5617294059 Buzzz Motors 2813 N Shields Moore Ok 73160 www.BuzzzMotors. net We Trade For Anything!!! 405-799-8555
  2. bikeprof

    Buy Jetta SPORTSWAGEN or Golf wagin' ?

    Buying a newer wagen for personal use, normally keep my cars a long time... Purchase a 2012-2014 Jetta SPORTWAGEN or bump up to the new GOLF platform ? (:) if you have one..., ONLY white/black w/DSG, WITHOUT panoramic roof, I may be intersested ! ) Please let me know suggestions and major...
  3. bikeprof

    2004 stumbles and shuts off at light

    My friends 2004 BEW/manual engine shutters somewhat and then stops when at the traffic light. EGR has been replaced(OEM), been driving higher RPM's to clean out a little and that has helped BUT still stops/shuts off at light. Ideas ? Thanks!
  4. bikeprof

    Wanted, B4 drivers side headlight

    Looking for left side headlight assembly, lens is NOT important but the shiny rear assembly needs to be in good shape! Thanks, John
  5. bikeprof

    WTB-B4 LEFT/drivers headlight complete

    Looking for a good drivers side headlight for a B4, lens can be any shape or condition, looking for the housing for it to be in good shape! John THANKS!
  6. bikeprof

    Wanted, B4 V left rear corner tailight

    Hit some harder object tonight with the red B4V as I was backing up, not much damage but DO need rear left tailight lens if anyone has one... (also left front, lost @ highway speeds earlier in the year). Please let me know ASAP. FYI: 1996 B4 station wagon John
  7. bikeprof

    Possible '96 B4 Variant 4-sale

    I have a rescued 1996 B4 Variant/Indian Pearl Red that I got from a friends junk yard(almost crushed!), that I may want to sell... I am driving this TDI and getting stuff fixed little by little so it is reliable but right now, it does have its nuances(!? :rolleyes:). Does need help with the...
  8. bikeprof

    TDI survivor on the road...

    I rescued a B4 Variant from the crusher, installed a whole bunch of stuff and now its back on the road. Of course it needs a WHOLE leap of other things but for now, it is "road worthy/*HU? ! Before I left home where I live @ 7,200 elevation, it was really nice @ 65-67 F. Now I hear it is...
  9. bikeprof

    Need #'s for GP stuff

    Most of the GP and accessories regarding them are missing in this B4 that I rescued ! (PO was from Turkey, "just add more wire" style...) I do not have a Bentley, so..., numbers for them if someone could let me have them and best place to purchase: #53 relay #72 #103, #110 # ? fuse & main GP...
  10. bikeprof

    Proper price for an '02 Jetta?

    How much should be a good price for a 2002 Jetta @ 85K and never has had intake cleaning, etc... but the car looks good? It is an AUTOMATIC, tires are 150 miles old and timing belt was done "properly" two weeks ago I may have to go 900/1.800 total miles to get it? Let me know soon, this may...
  11. bikeprof

    WTB B4 glow plug set

    Would like to buy a good set of GP's or new ones if they are "laying around". for a B4/1Z Thanks
  12. bikeprof

    FS> B4(A3?), Radiator/fan suport

    Radiator support in good shape off of a B4. Cleaning garage...:p
  13. bikeprof

    B4 axles w/hubs, other parts

    1. Axles w/4 bolt hubs, both sides $30 or 50 both 2. both front calipers-complete inc. pads $15/25 3. alternator w/image issues...(will check performance today) $35 4. red hood but a little kinked/drivers side, closes/operates well, needs re-paint due to bend and clear coat going... $35 5. red...
  14. bikeprof

    Another front door handle

    Is there anyone in this B4 forum that is willing to repair my front drivers door handle? I am done with it... I'd be happy to pay a fee and shipping! PM me!
  15. bikeprof

    B4 turbo for R & R

    I have a turbo that came out of my B4 with about 335K miles(if original?), needs COMPLETE rebuild... Let me know what you want to give me for it. John
  16. bikeprof

    B4 downpipe wanted

    Need a B4 AFTERMARKET downpipe, any one out there that is parting out their B4? I am interested in anithing better than stock stuff...
  17. bikeprof

    Another front wheel bearing !

    Another front wheel bearing going bad..., argh! Is there a Better/BEST bearing to get or is it the "regular" ones only available?
  18. bikeprof

    Vacuum actuator ?

    The vacuum actuator in my turbo is not working properly... Anybody know where to locate one with the proper PSI for the 1Z engine? Thanks
  19. bikeprof

    Hood won't open!

    I cannot get the hood open, argh! What would be the best way???? THANKS
  20. bikeprof

    difficulty of tranny install

    :confused: On a proportionate scale from 1 to 10, how difficult is it to R & R the tranny on our B4's? What is needed to be careful with and shortcuts that could be taken... Thanks, John