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  1. kromicacid

    Fest is right around the corner!!!!

    ONLY 44 Days to go!!! (less if it is after 7/20/10:rolleyes:) I cant make it there in body, but will be there in mind. I am excited to hear the stories, and see the pictures that are "Coming Soon".
  2. kromicacid

    5 gallon diesel (yellow) Jugs

    Not shipping - must pick up. Will meet you 1/2 way if reasonable distance and you want all of them... Located in zip code - 19382 $5 each - 4 of this kind has small hole for air - i covered with Duct tape to stop from leaking in transit, but has mostly come off... $5 - 1 of this kind
  3. kromicacid

    FS: MK5 items - 2x MK5 1st place winner

    Well folks, I finally had a day to take pics and post them... Here are some OEM parts and some of the parts that helped win me 1st place at TDIFest 2 times for the MK5 category. If you are local (19382) I will help you install if interested. All items are PLUS Shipping and OBO. All...
  4. kromicacid

    my poor baby...

    Why oh why does my car have to be the target for some idiots... Some idiot was not paying attention and decided to drive VERY fast into the back of me and pushed me into the rear of another car.:mad::( Everyone was OK, my neck hurts a bit, but it should be better soon..
  5. kromicacid

    Bad Oil Cooler

    Well, here we have it, 55k my oil cooler went bad. Called the stealer, says that it is still under the powertrain warranty. The MFD dinged and said check coolant level... i thought there was a leak from the frostheater possible... but nope, took the coolant resivour cap off and it looked like...
  6. kromicacid

    MkV (05.5 - '10) Jetta FAQ/DIY

    '05.5-'06.5 Jetta FAQ/DIY DO NOT PM me for updates. I no longer have this car. IF someone else is interested in managing this list, please let me know and request the moderator to make yours a sticky, and delete mine. Again, I will not be updating or managing this post. How to search the...
  7. kromicacid

    Green Bug on RT. 1 in Delaware

    Saw you on RT. 1 in Delaware. It was nice to see a bug with a plate frame, then to see a little bit of soot when you were passing a few cars...
  8. kromicacid

    Airbag Fault + lots of codes from Vag-Com

    Can someone help me? I tried to clear codes, this happend 1x before, and they would not go away. VAG-COM Version: Release 704.1 Data version: 20071016 Sunday,08,June,2008,13:45:51:48580 Chassis Type: 1K0 Scan: 01 02 03 08 09 0F 15 16 17 19 1C 25 42 44 46 47 52 56 62...
  9. kromicacid

    Change your service remider to 10,000 miles

    I created a PDF on how to change the Service Now reminder from 5,000 miles to 10,000. Can we put this in the FAQ/DIY? Standard disclaimer: This document is for informational purposes only. Neither the author nor this site will be held liable...
  10. kromicacid

    2001 Jetta Wagon

    There is a 2005 Jetta wagon 5sp. w/ ~40k miles for sale at Garnet VW. Ask for Jorden tell him Andrew sent you. He called me today and told me aobut it. Here is the link to the post from the dealer. Good guy. got my car from him.
  11. kromicacid

    Biodiesel in Oaks, PA

    Sorry for the cross post, but there is going to be 100 gallons of B10 raffled off. And there is going to be B100 for sale on site. Read here.
  12. kromicacid

    Garden State Parkway 9/13

    Passed you at around 1 this afternoon. Nice A5 with tinted windows and clear tails. Hope you are enjoying the jersey shore while you are here from oklahama.
  13. kromicacid

    Rivit gun tool?

    Anyone have a rivet gun tool they could bring? I have the underseat drawers that i want to install on my mk5, but dont have the rivet tool to do it. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  14. kromicacid

    FS: 04 Jetta Things

    My baby was totaled a few weeks ago... I took most the the things that i put into it, out. Here are the items: Monster Mats - $30 - GD Smoked Markers - $40 - Leo819 Smoked Fender Idicators - $40 Shorty Antenna - $10 - SyNtAxX Bentley 01-03? - $40 - SyNtAxx Bentley 04-05 - $50 -...
  15. kromicacid

    East Coast Convy

    East Coast Convoy I put this in the TDIFest 2007 section but want to have you all look at it too!
  16. kromicacid

    East Coast Convoy

    I know a bunch of people are heading up from the East Coast and I think it would be cool to have as many people as possible joining up along the way... Also leave what time you are leaving and where you are leaving from. Location: West Chester, PA Date: Thrusday 8/30 Time: 5:30pm
  17. kromicacid

    B100 BioDiesel at the FEST

    We have biodiesel at the TDIfest in Valley Forge, PA for $3.06 a gallon. This is B100 Soy BioDiesel supplied by Worley & Obetz from Manheim PA. We have about 600 gallons left on this skid, and can refill at any time. If you are in the Philadelphia region and want to get good clean...
  18. kromicacid

    Take a Tour

    Vallye Forge To Get to Philadephia Once in the city, there are lots of places to go... Here are a few suggested ideas. Pats vs. Geno's Steaks - On the corners of 9th St. and Passyunk Ave. See the Liberty Bell And take a Tour of Indpendence National Park. Lots of nice places to...