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  1. Marinel

    New Jetta, new problems

    Update #2: Problem solved! A new battery seemed to help but the issue was still present. The other day the car was parked facing uphill for close to 48 hours. It turned over but didnt start. It took close to 20 seconds of cranking before the engine came to life. The two small sections of hose...
  2. Marinel

    Brm Toyota swap, g28 problems

    You need a special tool to install the crank sensor on a BRM.
  3. Marinel

    Atlanta Injector POP Testing

    I have an OTC brand pop tester laying around that is missing the adapters. Make me an offer if you're interested.
  4. Marinel

    New Jetta, new problems

    Update: I never got around to replacing the starter but the battery died after the wife left the running lights on for about an hour or so. I recharged the battery but it would not hold a charge so I got a replacement. Now the starting issues are 95% better but the starter may still get replaced...
  5. Marinel

    New Jetta, new problems

    Thank you for the input. I was thinking the same thing since I just installed a cam in it also. Its a new car to me and thought it had some fuel or electrical issue. But I'm glad that its only a bad starter and nothing else. My 5 speed brm tdi has been mostly trouble free since ive owned it...
  6. Marinel

    New Jetta, new problems

    I didn't see the bit about the core. Well I guess that's not too bad for a oem starter. Are dsg starters prone to failure? My original 5 speed jetta starter is still going strong at 287k miles. Sent from my SM-J727T1 using Tapatalk
  7. Marinel

    New Jetta, new problems

    Thanks for your input. I did notice that it does turn over slightly slower than my 5 speed jetta does. Is there a starter reconditioning kit available for these by any chance? Sent from my SM-J727T1 using Tapatalk
  8. Marinel

    New Jetta, new problems

    I recently acquired another 06 jetta TDI with DSG a couple weeks ago with a bad cam. The DMF is a little noisy but will be taken care of in the near future. I originally bought it as a project and was planning on selling it but the wife ended up really liking the car so it looks like its a...
  9. Marinel

    Dutch Auto Parts, gearbox sets, engines, turbos, injection pumps

    I got a GQQ transmission from them for my mkv tdi and it works great. Ive had it in the car for about a year now and no issues. Response time isnt the quickest but its worth the wait.
  10. Marinel

    [COLOR="Blue"]thumping noise HELp!![/COLOR]

    Check your cv axle bolts on the transmission. It could also be your brakes dragging or you might have a slightly stuck caliper.
  11. Marinel

    Strong vibration when accelerating hard at freeway speeds

    Definitely cv axles. Cheap aftermarket axles will vibrate no matter what. I made that mistake once and that aftermarket axle was in the scap metal pile in less than two weeks. I would start with the inner CV joints. CV axles will wear out quicker if your car is lowered.
  12. Marinel

    Free to good home: Mk5 260mm rear rotor set NIB

    How much for shipping to 30620?
  13. Marinel

    Serpentine belt/tensioner clatter

    Still sounds like the alternator pulley. The best way is to release the belt tension and check to see if it's seized. On a brm jetta all you need is a 17mm open end wrench to release the tension.
  14. Marinel

    Changing Suspension

    I have springs and struts on my car from a 2015 passat 3.6. It sits about 1.5 inches higher than stock and it feels factory. It may be just a bit stiffer than a stock jetta suspension but it rides very well. It easily has a 4 finger gap on the front and I'm running 17 inch wheels with 225/45/17...
  15. Marinel

    Popping at low speeds, CV joint

    Stay away from the cheap Chinese axles! I've been down that road before with my tdi. At first it seemed fine but after about 10k miles they developed a weird driveline vibration. To most people it probably wouldn't have been too noticeable but it drove me insane and it almost made me consider...
  16. Marinel

    removing dsg transmition

    Also no pilot bearing on the dsg if I recall correctly. it should just come out like a manual.
  17. Marinel

    removing dsg transmition

    You may have to remove the passenger side axle flange to get a little more clearance. Also do yourself a favor and remove the subframe as well. You're going to have a hell of a time removing the trans with it in place since the dsg trans is bigger than the manual.
  18. Marinel

    Can timing belt tensioner cause shaking/vibration at low & high rpm?

    If the crank pulley was dropped during the timing belt change then that could cause vibration.
  19. Marinel

    Transmission Installation

    Have you checked your dowel pins? make sure nothing is out of place. What exactly do you mean by your clutch being pre assembled? Getting all the trans hardware to line up can be tedious at times but sometimes the splines don't line up so you have to wiggle it in. Always use a clutch alignment...
  20. Marinel

    don't be sad, get power!- Temple, TX

    Lol that car has no calipers.