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  1. vwjettadsl

    WTB: 2012-2014 Passat TDI downpipe

    Anyone have a Buzzken or Rawtek downpipe kit for a 2012-2014 Passat CR TDI? Used is perfectly fine with me. Just thought I'd check and see if someone had a kit laying around in their garage they wanted to get rid of. Just recently purchased a used 2012 Passat to add to my collection. :D Thx
  2. vwjettadsl

    WTB: "GQ" ECU for Passat

    Looking for a GQ ECU for a customer, its for a 96 Passat TDI. Part #028-906-021-GQ Thanks, Ben
  3. vwjettadsl

    WTB: 5-spd transmission for 2006 Jetta TDI

    Edit: No longer need a 5-spd trans, I found a 6-spd swap from a 2012 Jetta TDI that I'm going to use instead. Thanks
  4. vwjettadsl

    FS: Garrett VNT17 turbo w/install kit for BEW

    Need to clear out some parts on the shelf. I have a brand new Garrett VNT17 turbo w/gasket kit for BEW TDI, EGR cooler adapter pipe, and 3-bar MAP sensor. Purchased for a customers job and they backed out at the last minute. $900 shipped, but I'll knock off $100 if you purchase a Malone Tune...
  5. vwjettadsl

    Feeler: Interest for TDI mechanic in Chattanooga?

    *Updated 2/21/17 I own and operate Ben's TDI Service, I have been on the Trusted TDI Mechanics list for several years. I travel to the Chattanooga area often to visit family and usually stay for several days before heading back to Missouri. I offer mobile TDI work and Malone chip tuning. I...
  6. vwjettadsl

    FS: 1 set of Brand New Bosio PP764 nozzles $215 shipped

    I have a set of 4 Bosio PP764 nozzles, brand new, still in the box. Customer of mine purchased them 2 years ago from and never used them. I took them on trade awhile back, but don't have a need for them at this time. $215 shipped. Thanks, B
  7. vwjettadsl

    Chicago TDI'ers, interested in Malone Tuning on Sept 12th?

    I'm an authorized Malone Tuning Dealer. I will be in Chicago on business September 12th. If anyone wants to get their TDI chip tuned on that date, let me know. Cars that I can chip tune are TDI's from 1996-2006. If you own a 2009 or newer TDI, you need to contact Malone Tuning directly. To...
  8. vwjettadsl

    WTB: ALH Injection Pump

    *Update* Found a pump. Thanks
  9. vwjettadsl

    Malone/Aligator tuning available Nov 29-Dec 7 for AL, FL, GA, MS, & TN

    *Update* If there are 5 or more people wanting a tune on this trip I'll give a 10% discount on all tunes purchased. I'm planning another road trip, this time I'm headed down to Gainesville, Florida for a little R&R. So if anyone wants a Malone/Aligator chip tune for their TDI let me know in...
  10. vwjettadsl

    FS: Used injector bodies, $115 shipped.

    Sold All injector sets are sold. Moderators please delete thread. Thanks!
  11. vwjettadsl

    Feeler: Alligator/Malone tuning in Atlanta?

    I'm planning on being in the Metro Atlanta area first week of August, just thought I'd check and see if there was any interest in chip tuning? All chip tuning on this trip will receive a $50 discount. For more info about the chip tunes offered by Malone Tuning visit or feel...
  12. vwjettadsl

    FS: Used set of ALH injectors

    I have a used set of ALH injectors for sale, they will fit TDI models 1996-2003. Injectors can be delivered to Franko6 (Frank Irving) at no extra charge, so if you purchase some larger injector nozzles from Frank he can install them and mail them directly to you. The #3 injector has the...
  13. vwjettadsl

    Anyone need mobile TDI repair near Little Rock, AR?

    Just letting everyone know that I'll be working in Little Rock, AR around June 28th. I do not normally go this far for service work, so if anyone in the area needs some work done just let me know since it will probably be awhile before I get back down that way again. For more info about my...
  14. vwjettadsl

    WTB: ALH engine

    Looking for an ALH engine for a 2001 Jetta TDI. Lower the miles the better, let me know what you have. Thanks
  15. vwjettadsl

    Alligator/Malone Tuning available in Austin, TX June 1-4

    I'm going to be in Austin June 1-4 on some personal business, but I thought I'd offer Alligator chip tuning while I was in town. I'll be driving down from Missouri on the 1st and then back home again on the 4th. So anyone along my route I could chip tune as well. For pricing and list of...
  16. vwjettadsl

    WVO eats away at timing belts

    So I was curious if anyone else has experienced this problem? I recently had two different customers that run WVO and here is what I found. First car is a 99.5 Jetta TDI, 245k miles, it has ran WVO for at least 40k miles. Timing belt had about 100k miles on it. Look closely at the inside edge...
  17. vwjettadsl

    Mobile TDI repair for Iowa, mid-June, sign up now

    Well I'm planning another road trip to Iowa, so anyone in northern MO or Iowa needing some TDI service work done let me know. I am a trusted TDI Club mechanic and have been offering mobile TDI service for some time now. Here is the thread that prompted the road trip...
  18. vwjettadsl

    Stranded in Crossvile, TN. Anyone have a good starter nearby?

    Pulled into a rest stop on I-40 a few miles east of Crossville, TN. Hopped back into the car and it would not start. Checked everything I could think of and looks like its the starter that is the culprit. Turn the key on and I have dash lights but the engine does not even try to start. Felt the...
  19. vwjettadsl

    NEW Garrett VNT15 turbos with install kit $799

    **ALL UNITS ARE SOLD** I have several brand new factory Garrett VNT15 turbos for sale. Will fit 1999.5-2003 Golf/Jetta ALH TDI's & 1998-2003 Beetle ALH TDI's. OEM part #038253019C Comes with 12-Month/12,000 Mile warranty Installation kit includes: 4x Exhaust manifold gaskets -- 028 129 589 B...
  20. vwjettadsl

    WTB: Core 10mm Injection Pump

    I need a 10mm injection pump from an ALH for a core. Let me know what you have for cheap.:D