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  1. Joeviocoe

    Need help today in San Francisco

    Free upgrade to your stock CCV puck. I want to trade someone my Aluminum Filtered CCV puck... and in return, I need your stock puck so I can get smog inspected by tomorrow morning. This is what I have:
  2. Joeviocoe

    WANTED: ECU for 1999.5 Jetta TDI (038906018EB)

    Wanting to buy or even borrow/rent for cheap.. a 038906018EB ECU for the 1999.5 Jetta TDI. I just need to have one for a week, while I send mine to be retuned at Rocketchip.
  3. Joeviocoe

    OIL BURNER! Hydrolock? Turbo blown?

    Hydrolock? Turbo blown? I changed my oil yesterday, extracted old oil with Pela5000... put the full 5 Liters of the Liqui Moly Synthoil Energy 0w40 in. Changed the filter (with the 2 o-rings) too. Ran great for 10-15 miles or so... Today, while idling just after a car wash... .... car started...
  4. Joeviocoe

    EGR flex pipe (metal) to EGR cooler CRACKED OPEN

    Does any body have a good used pipe they can send me, or a link to an affordable new part? I need gaskets too. I have fabricated plates blocking it off right now, but I am getting very weak, to no boost. I don't really want to permanently block off the EGR right now. Thanks
  5. Joeviocoe

    ABS Module not responding in VAG-COM

    [SOLVED] ABS Module not responding in VAG-COM After leaving the car in storage for a couple of months, the battery naturally died. After many failed attempts to jump-start, I used a replacement battery for a day while my battery sat on a charger. It started fine after that. I took a road...
  6. Joeviocoe

    Major problems... died, no start, etc...

    Its bad. Christmas eve it died while I was out of home state. I am at the stealership now. Check my sig for my car loadout. The Backstory: Ran B100 regularly, started back with ULSD for a month, put it in storage for 3 months for military training in California, took it out but since I...
  7. Joeviocoe

    Rear Window Removal???

    :confused: Anyone know how to remove the driver's side REAR window from the regulator on a manual window for a A4 Jetta? It is nothing like the Front assemby. I need to fix the lock mechanism but I can't get the window unlatched from the regulator to get the frame panel off to get at the lock.
  8. Joeviocoe

    MAF Delete with RC tune

    Ever since i got a RC3 tune from jeff, i had Maf delete... so I have been running my 99.5 jetta tdi manual for a year now with the maf unplugged and running great. Not the best mileage but i drive kinda hard. If i plug in either of my two maf sensors, it will respond the same way... first bit...
  9. Joeviocoe

    Boost issues after RC3, nozzles, gauge, and dawes!!!

    Boost issues!!! Could it be the VNT? Got back from a GTG near Atlanta and got an Euro RC3 tune, PP520 nozzles, new coolant temp sensor, boost gauge, dawes device boost valve, and an inline fuel filter... I am getting boost 22 psi on WOT 4th or 5th gear. That is with the dawes device boost...