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  1. UhOh

    Trouble putting in new struts

    Thanks for the input, folks! I'd had it in my mind to remove the ball joint control arm bolts. I'd struggled to understand how this could help, but since I'd seen so many people doing this I thought it was kind of the simplest thing to do. Went ahead and did this: reason for the decision was...
  2. UhOh

    Trouble putting in new struts

    Not a new rodeo for me but I'm just dead in the water on getting the right/passenger (US) side new strut installed. Spring compressors have the bulky heads on them which reduces the starting spread (making them wider to start with ends up jamming them against the inside of the towers...
  3. UhOh

    2003 1.9 ALH BORA White Smoke With Exhaust and Engine

    3 thousand revolutions? :unsure: engine becomes stupid? :unsure: First start from a cold engine? (what is the outside/air temperature?) Best guess on such limited/unclear information is a fuel-to-air mixture issue (usually too much fuel - when cold it tends to produce white-ish smoke; when...
  4. UhOh

    Trouble with AC Evap core tube clamp to expansion valve

    Seems that the clamp isn't seated down flush. But... I'm confused as to what part this is supposed to be. Looks to me to be #10, which appears to show up BEHIND the core's tubes or in front of but behind the flaring of the tubes? I don't recall having ever removed a part like you're showing...
  5. UhOh

    MK4 TDI Golf electrical gremlin

    Two things required in order to actually have a good battery: 1) It can be charged up to top/spec voltage (some battery charges have a "restore" function that can "force" the battery to bump up to a "full charge" if a standard charge isn't getting it there; my battery charger has four green led...
  6. UhOh

    ALH Clutch Suggestions Needed

    One can check for worn mounts by how much the engine moves when letting out the clutch (and with a bit of throttle): brakes on (e-brake as well), put in gear and watch engine movement when starting to release clutch- kind of requires two people (one to "drive" and one to "watch"). Bad dogbone...
  7. UhOh

    04 bew loosing speed

    "Might" be a restricted intake. Had this as my issue with my ALH. Less common with BEWs, from what I know, but still possible. ECU programming does not take into consideration this possibility. Response seems to kind of be like a "limp mode" in that expected throttle response will be seen as...
  8. UhOh

    Rough/Jumping Idle when Cold (Help?)

    I think that if it were air in the fuel that it would be hard to start. And VW, for some reason I have yet to run across, didn't bless automatics with clear sections of fuel line; cannot see air as one can with clear lines (manual transmission cars). If it was really cold there then fuel...
  9. UhOh

    Radiator question

    Original lasted 19 years. If that's not long enough then MAYBE go with something up-scale. I'd say it's more about quality control than materials, so OEM (be it plastic or whatever) should be fine.
  10. UhOh

    Wuzetem or Bosio? was: Injectors for my 01' NB. Recommendations and from whom?

    Nylon or brass bore brushes work well to clean the injector holes. Be sure to put a dab of high temp grease on the injector hold-down rocker pivots. Use new washers. Warm up and re-torque. FWIW: My favorite setup is .205 (Bosio DLC 520) nozzles and a Malone Stage 2 tune (any tune over say...
  11. UhOh

    I bought them. Was: Anyone running Koni Special Actives (reds) on a TDI Beetle?

    Couple years ago I installed these shocks/struts (Actives) on my wife's 2003 Golf and they're totally awesome. Smooth ride but they're also pretty aggressive when pushed hard. I don't drive her car as often as I'd like but when I do I am impressed. I have Koni Oranges on my car and they're...
  12. UhOh

    Thoughts on tuning a high mileage?

    Everything is a compromise. ALWAYS get an engine running perfectly well before undertaking any mods. I'd further suggest that one is best off taking care of suspension and brakes before doing any performance mods: power pushing a poor handling vehicle is a bad idea. I've run several cars with...
  13. UhOh

    CV Boot Replacement

    I've done only ONE axle, in which case I am in no way an expert: replaced joints and boots. But... The boots ARE a pain to install as you have to stretch the holy heck out of them. I seem to recall pounding them on using a socket and one of the retaining washers from the new CV joint kit...
  14. UhOh

    Official list of HPFP Failures

    FYI - This is a recall from BMW over/about the CP4 pumps. It sets the precedent. I suspect that this is going to start rippling through the industry (expect VW to be challenged).
  15. UhOh

    Non-spec pulley and coil size on new Nissen A/C compressor

    Ugh, Nissen uses a keyed shaft, so the original clutch won't work. As Brian states, Nissen is crap- DO NOT BUY!
  16. UhOh

    Non-spec pulley and coil size on new Nissen A/C compressor

    Brian, yeah, I'm now realizing it's a piece of crap (vendor claims no problems reported from anyone else). *** would they differ in manufacturing specs? (never mind, I know the answer: they found a "unique" way to reduce costs) At this point I'm looking at how to minimize my labor: I've been...
  17. UhOh

    Non-spec pulley and coil size on new Nissen A/C compressor

    Bought a new Nissen SD7V16 compressor and discovered, after installing and charging the system, that the coil was bad (0.1 ohms - shorted, which explains why I was immediately blowing the #16 fuse). Bought a replacement coil (verified same as the one on my original/badcompressor- tested 3.6...
  18. UhOh

    Air Conditioning stops working at idle

    I'll toss in a step to test any new (or just new to the car) compressor to make sure that the coil works. Simple, quick resistance check should show a functional coil to be between 3 and 4 ohms. Nothing else is acceptable as it's usually a sign of a short or an open. Might save someone else...
  19. UhOh

    Vnt15 replacement options

    Nevada, and your clutch was? I ask because the clutch in my wife's first TDI wasn't slipping like the one in mine even though hers had the same performance mods. Years later I replaced the clutch (it was starting to slip) to find that it wasn't a DMF, it wasn't an original clutch (early Luk?)...
  20. UhOh

    ALH Jetta Timing Belt Fiasco

    "I also agree that replacing the fuel filter after it was running properly would have been advisable, that being said I feel as if just as much air enters the fuel system when you disconnect the fuel filter as does when you change it if you fill the new filter." Hose clamp pliers. Filters will...