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  1. red16vdub

    Looking for TDI mechanic around the Prescott Arizona area.

    My son’s injection pump is leaking. He needs help.
  2. red16vdub

    Glad it weren’t my wagon

    Last weekend I left my house to and 10 minutes into my drive, this kid hydroplane in the heavy rain we had and crashed into my Q7. I was doing roughly 75mph when the car next to me lost control hitting my left rear sending myself into a concrete barrier head on, yikes. Insurance company called...
  3. red16vdub


    Sense reconstruction of TDI club forum, What’s the proper/easiest way to post pictures on the site ?
  4. red16vdub

    Wagon hatch window glass gasket/seal

    Anyone know where I can get one ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. red16vdub

    TDi’s still on the move

    While driving through providence Rhode Island this morning. I saw 3 Cummings diesels trucks on Rt6 loaded with mk5/mk6 tdi’s . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. red16vdub

    Thermostat issues 01 tdi

    Yesterday I smell coolant while idling, after being in traffic for 1 1/2 hours I pull in driveway check radiator hoses top is hot bottom is completely cold. Is it possible that the thermostat is failing maybe not opening ? Car drives great, I drive it like I stole it, no overheating or anything...
  7. red16vdub

    Tdi Egt’s

    I’m starting to wonder weather my egt probe is reading accurately or not. I’ve never gotten temperatures beyond 800 degrees Fahrenheit according to my McNally combo boost/egt unit. I’m running big fmic , race nozzles, 1756 turbo. Shouldn’t my egt’s be higher especially on a 90 degree day, with...
  8. red16vdub

    Tdi won't restart I'm puzzled

    I drove my 03 to the store left it running, came out and it had shut off. Temperature outside was roughly 29F. All filters are got less than 5k miles, check fuel filter and surroundings components, can't find any issues so far. I tried restarting, nothing. I cranked for 10-15 seconds and got it...
  9. red16vdub

    Alh block heater

    I came across another tdi in boneyard today with a nice coolant frost heater. I really don't have any use for it as so left it, but now I'm thinking I should have grab it smh. Bajan
  10. red16vdub

    Diesel Insurance Inquiry

    Most blue book value is well below what the car is worth. What coverage are most people carrying on their older Tdi's ? Considering all the money spent for mods and upgrades and year of vehicle. What's a reasonable decision, full coverage or just liability ? Bajan
  11. red16vdub

    Mk4 pd150 T.I.P Positives or Negatives ?

    Are there any performance gains or advantages between the two Pd150 turbo inlet pipe ? The aluminum or plastic. One would think the metal pipe will probably increase intake air temperatures, while the plastic would provide more consistency . I believe the metal was in production first right ...
  12. red16vdub

    Mk4 pd150 tip differences

    Are there any performance differences between the metal and plastic pipes. Which turbo inlet pipe was in production first, and any idea why VW switch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. red16vdub

    Mk4 Alh

    Jetta sedan 5spd fully loaded with tan leather Timing belt failure at the Hollis auto salvage Billerica Ma Bajan
  14. red16vdub

    Leaking Water Pump

    Had timing belt change roughly a year ago, Maybe put 13k miles and now water pump leaking occasionally. All parts installed and came from an approved vendor on site . I'm not sure what to make of this , any possible ideas on how to handle this. Bajan
  15. red16vdub

    WTB Pd-150 turbo inlet pipe

    Just like the title says I'm looking for a pd-150 TIP. Let me know what y'all got thanks. Rob! Bajan
  16. red16vdub

    Weird Boost/Egt Reading

    My McNally gauge is reading low on both boost/egt's, I have the latest firmware 2.05 The egt probe is installed in the block off plate and the boost sensor is located in the center of the pd150 intake manifold. The car is tune with rc4+,3bar map, vnt17, r520 nozzles, kerma 2" fmic and 3"...
  17. red16vdub

    03 ecu

    Are all 2003 ALh ECU's the same ??? Bajan
  18. red16vdub

    McNally boost/egt ???

    I'm getting weird boost reading when car is cold, I can't figure why I'm only seeing 5psi if that or so on the gauge until the car reaches normal operating temperature. Car drives perfect and I also double boost pressures with vcds and request/actual matches near 18.5-19psi . Have anyone come...
  19. red16vdub

    Vds-Pro software

    Hi fellas I'm trying get my hands on a good copy of vds-pro software, if anybody got I'll be more than willing to pay for it. Pm me or email at Thanks in advance! Bajan
  20. red16vdub

    Nozzles and Drivability

    Car is 03 ALH daily driver heavily modified running rc3 vnt17, 11mm Ip, pp520's, kerma 2" fmic, pd150 intake, 3bar map and SBC endurance 3. I'm looking to upgrade nozzles and tune with either pp764 or race 520's. My question is as far as drivability goes, which nozzles would be the best choice...