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    FS Manual 2004 VW Beetle GLS PD TDI 175k FULL MAINTENANCE 40MPG $3495 !Never been in accident! !Great Dependable Daily driver! Vehicle is in...
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    SOWO who will be in Maggie Valley post

    Who is going to be there on Saturday?
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    Southeast have 3 TdIs for sale 2 street 1 parts car

    $4995 2004 Jetta GLS PD manual with over 10k in parts and upgrades to much too list have a stack of 4-5"s of paperwork. 169K $3995 2004 New Bettle PD Manual 174k did timing belt recently and all maiteneance $500 2003 Jetta Wagon no engine front end accident parts car...
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    2004 VW Jetta PD TDI w over 10k in mods and parts sale $5,499

    SOLD 2004 VW Jetta PD TDI w over 10k in mods and parts sale $5,499 Car has salvage(due to Hail) Purchased originally from original owner. Vehicle has over $10,000 of aftermarket and new parts on the car. Was planning on moving out of country and totally went over vehicle. Has new 17/22...
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    Need guru for 120k on 2013 Passat

    Guys live in North West top of South Carolina and have a 2013 Passat TDI SE and 2004 bettle need guru to go to mine retired and can't get a call back from Daniel is he still working on tdi's? Need serious help don't want dealer to mess up my car's. Thanks very much!?
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    FS Guage interest in 2004 Jetta GLS TDI 165K with 12K in mods

    FS 2004 JETTA SEDAN GLS TDI 5SPD 165K 12K in mods IN SOUTHEAST W/PICS Hello, No Wholesales welcome! Only respond if you appreciate modified cars what it takes to do the work and the cost! Do not waste my time or yours by sending pm's with low ball offers that are offensive! This car has had 2...
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    FS anyone interested 2004 Jetta BEW 12k in options

    Hello, I have a 2004 VW Jetta GLS TDI 5spd BEW 165K with 12K in options for sale mostly performance mods is there anyone interested before I take hours to work on a long posting. Not wanting to dump it. Bought a 2013 Passat needed room for the kids and my car needs a new home. Have done full...
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    Sunroof won't go all the way back have headliner out motor ok what next?

    I have a 2004 BEW Jetta and the sunroof will tilt up and down but will not retract back into the roof. I checked the motor and it works properly through all cycles. how do I get to the cables? anyone have a write up with pics. Bentley is useless with this. Please help Merry Christmas Have...
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    GTG in Western SC or NC soon?

    :)Hello guys just wanted to check to see if anyone has plans to have a GTG around here? Miss you guys
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    Clutch starting to slip want to buy NEW South Bend STAGE 2 Endurance Daily Driver in New Orleans LA area for 03 ALH Wagon. K70316F-HD-OFE
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    Which turbo Garrett or Borg Warner

    Guys, For my wife's car a 2003 Jetta Wagon manual I was wanting to know if I should go with the Garrett VNT 17 or the Borg Warner SV07? Any one out there with experience or advice?
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    Need 2000-2004 glove box

    Need 2000 -2004 glove box prefer black but willing to consider other colors. Must be in very good working order.
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    Please Help with Strut Suspension Bushing?????????

    Please Help with Strut Suspension Bearing????????? I have built out a 2004 and 2003 Jetta's that are 4cyl and beefed up their suspension. I have VR6 Wagon Springs in the front and German towing Springs in the back. I have had to switch to Bilstein HDs. What I want to know is there a larger...
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    Sunroof patrially stopped working

    The other night I left the sunroof open in the vent position where it just pops the back end up. Now it will drop back down and close, but when I try to get it to open by sliding it backwards the motor turns a little, drops the sunroof, but it will not roll back. Any know haw to troubleshoot...
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    Strange idle issue on modded BEW

    Strange but my 04 BEW sedan that has a know good cam, have upgraded injectors, intercooler, 17/22, 3" exhaust and Malone custom tune runs great except engine idles rough enough to shake inside when car is stopped on a upward grade. When car is flat it does not do it. Any suggestions?:confused:
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    Please help? Need help learning about creating bio diesel setup

    Hello, I have a 2003 and 2004 and want to create a small setup that I can use for personal consumption then have the ability to expand into a business in the future on a small scale. Can someone please help point me in the right direction
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    Need used good jetta 2000-2005 black glove box

    Need used good jetta 2002-2005 black glove box Hello, I have a 2003 Jetta black glove box that locks and works fully because I have a wagon and that is the only place that I can lock something in the car without removing it. Mine had the handle with lock pull out, so I need a new one because...
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    Change out clutch coil and clutch or whole compressor WANT YOUR OPINION

    Have a 2004 VW Jetta Sedan with BEW engine (Made in Mexico) . Would you do #1 or #2? #1 Vehicle compressor clutch coil went out and from what I understand it cost $100 for the parts, coil and clutch and is moderate repair. If clutch is not changed out could damage coil again. No assurance...
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    AC issue CLUTCH NOT ENGAGING please help

    Guys, On a 2004 BEW Was driving car yesterday and the cooling of the air just dropped from on minute to the other and will not come back. Both the fans run without car cranked and the compressor wheel is spinning but the clutch WILL NOT ENGAGE , light on the AC button illuminated, air is...
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    WTB Salvage interested in grey interior Jetta MK4

    Want to by salvage for interior door panels, lower dash parts, and seats. Want Grey interior door panels, grey lower dash parts, glove box and seats but seats are not deal breaker.