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  1. SilverGhost

    Fine control of oil to reduce CO2

    So found this article about a company that is selling to OEMs. Their product aims to stabilize the oil condition and supply so OEMs can engineer their cars to run closer to the edge with smaller bearings, less weight, lower friction. Here is link to story. Jason
  2. SilverGhost

    Beetle roof rack failure!

    So, as the title implies, I have a good idea now why Volkswagen never made a roof rack for the Beetle. So here it is mocked up with a bike rack and cross bars. Note the red strap in case the feet pop loose (already happened several times). First, if you have a sun roof, DON'T OPEN IT...
  3. SilverGhost

    DPF regeneration - why OEMs (VW) does it every 200-300 miles

    This topic has come up before - "why does my DPF regen every xxx miles instead of only when its full?" I found this article light on details but hits a few high points and has a simple statement covering why DPFs regen so often. Manufacturers are trying to balance between less fuel consumption...
  4. SilverGhost

    My poor baby, victim of a yellow light

    First off I'm not sure exactly this should go so I posted in general topics. And I was on the way to another stellar, possible 900 mile tank. In my early morning, 1st coffee semi auto pilot, I came upon a light turning yellow and made the fateful choice we all make at some point. Do I stop or...
  5. SilverGhost

    Ironic license plate!

    So I saw this on the way home; I wonder if the owner of this plate thought it through? Or maybe this is a transfer from another vehicle? The irony is it is not a diesel and, arguably not very powerful. Could be reference to fuel prices in general. IHVDPWR = I have (the/diesel) power Jason...
  6. SilverGhost

    High mileage CR - post it up!

    So this SportWagen came into our dealership this morning and I had to share. Also it got me thinking, given VW's new advertising campaign, what kind of mileage to people have their CR cars? I'm talking odometer, not MPG. So here is the odometer; And the pertinent info - 2010 SportWagon...
  7. SilverGhost

    Mk4 Golf hatch mod - I got an idea!

    So I was bored at work today:D.... I have been skimming through mod ideas for my Golf and stumbled upon FixUntilBroke's success in getting the Bora trunk lid to work. Today I started comparing pictures of Jetta sedan, Golf, and Jetta wagon hatch/trunk latches in Elsa to come up with a way...
  8. SilverGhost

    Birthday trip to pick up new toy

    So I went on a wee road trip.... I have been dreaming of a caravan for a while and the wife finally came around to my point of view. So I made the leap of faith and bought the largest model I feel safe towing with my 2005 Golf. Any way the morning of, my wife's friend backs out of dog...
  9. SilverGhost

    Some news on Algal Bio-Diesel production

    I read Green Car Congress on occasion and find some interesting tid bits from time to time. I admit I only know a little about algal bio-diesel and its processes, but it sounds like a set back from this article. Oh, here's the link. Jason PS; Due to some squabbling among posters I don't...
  10. SilverGhost

    text under user name

    I'm talking about the text that usually reads like "newbie" or "veteran member". In the more recent months I have noticed some members have their read something entirely different. Is this something we have been aloud to change that I haven't figured out or is it not supposed to be changed...
  11. SilverGhost

    Some more (old?) fuel on the "VW Bio Rules" fire

    I was cruising around ElsaWeb a little bit ago and cam across this, thoughts?; Link me (sorry, I guess you have to log in to see the original:()
  12. SilverGhost

    Where to tap for oil pressure?

    I figured power enhancements is a good place for this question since most people thinking of doing this are probably doing other power upgrades. I know people get their oil pressure and temperature from the oil filter housing. What I wanted to put out there was the getting oil pressure from...
  13. SilverGhost

    Round trip Florida to Phoenix

    First, it's just better to fly. There's no way driving to Phoenix and back from Gainesville, FL is worth any air fare saved.:( I need a chirapracter! I had a week long school for continuing education in Phoenix. The $550 was a bit steep so I drove. I should mention that I would have had to...
  14. SilverGhost

    Poster name missing

    All right, first I don't know if it's just my browser or not. Firefox has been known not to display things as they are designed for IE. I just noticed when I was browsing around today that the screen names are all missing from the left hand plane of the message windows. Peoples' display...
  15. SilverGhost

    Mk5 engine won't turn over

    Okey, I thought I had seen someone post in here about a Mk5 Jetta that wouldn't start. It was towed to dealer and they had been out of the car about 6 days. Also I think the car is in Lakeland, FL. I searched for the thread and have come up dry so far, so I started this one. Here's what I...
  16. SilverGhost

    ASTM Releases New Biodiesel Specification

    I think this is part of what VW wanted before giving the ok to B20 in their vehicles. It also covers what is likely happening to the DPF when bio-diesel is used. Basiclly the left over compounds used in the making of bio-diesel...
  17. SilverGhost

    "Fuel Standards Called For..."

    Here is a couple of excerpts highlighting my concerns. PLEASE read the rest of the article and the title BEFORE jumping down my throat. For my part I will continue to only buy from a branded station or a comercial distributor at B20 or less...
  18. SilverGhost

    Diesel oil filter, legit or smoke screen?

    This is my first thread, so bare with me please. We have all been looking for a way to save money. One way is to extend the drain interval of the engine. Another problem plaging TDIs is the soot build up in the engine oil (and resulting intake clogging). I have heard some good science on the...
  19. SilverGhost

    New lighting wierd places

    I was kicking around a couple ideas I haven't seen mentioned yet; Lighting in the cupholders - '04 and newer Golf/Jetta have them in console instead of dash (would apply to other models me thinks). At night I have to take my eyes off the road to find the cupholder. Thinking maybe a piece of...