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  1. donDavide

    2005 B5.5v Passat GLS TDi for sale $1500obo

    2005 B5.5V TDi BHW RC3 177K Geared BSM Cam replaced@ 153K Body is clean as well as interior A/C works Issue is Transmission is starting to go bad, great candidate for manual swap/conversion! $1500 OBO PM me with email for pictures.
  2. donDavide

    EGT Issue and cold start

    Well I got a CEL last week in my B5.5V last week, G235 short to plus P0546. I inspected the line and everything from the sensor, no loose connections and also did the same again with Sailor 1854 we everything seemed to be in place, he scanned and tried to clear code, but it is a hard fault...
  3. donDavide

    1999 golf gls tdi for sale

    1999 Golf GLS TDi For sale. PM me. Location is Maryland.
  4. donDavide

    B7- Tires; Splash guards; H7s,oil

    B7 SEL- Tires; H7s 4 General G-Max AS-03 Tires 235/45-18. aprox 3000-3500 Mostly Highway miles (95%), selling because I sold car and another takes different size. $375 obo I bought 2013 and put them on in May 2013, took off early Jan 2014 .
  5. donDavide

    What's in a name?

    How did you come up with your Handle for the TDi Club?
  6. donDavide

    DMV GTG - NoVa - Sat, July 6, '13

    Let's do a get together on 6 July 2013 @ Mylo's Grill in Mclean Va, 6238 Old DOminion Drive 22101. 1200-1400
  7. donDavide

    MK4 Airbag for sale

    4 spoke Steering wheel and Airbag, $400 obo. PM w/questons
  8. donDavide

    F.S. 2006 Jetta TDi

    For Sale 2006 Jetta TDi Black/charcoal grey DSG, Sunroof, heated seats, Sirus Sat.Radio well maintained, good tires, GLi Grill, Euro Mirrors, Euro Tails (Have all stock items for it, grille and mirrors, easy swap) Extra set of steel rims w/hub caps for winter (15 inch 5x112) 75300Miles $12900...
  9. donDavide

    1998 Vento (Jetta) TDi 4 sale

    1998 Jetta TDi 4 sale 1998 Mk3 Jetta TDi $3550 obo Black/tan 262k mi. Good condition, runs nice. new stereo, B4 front seats. Frost heater.GLX/GT smoked taillights Extra set of rims for winter w/hubcaps, plus extra snowflake and extra steel with tire for spare Located in Balt/Wash area. PM me...
  10. donDavide

    Scirocco tdi
  11. donDavide

    AA Co breakfast Before Impex Fest

    Frank (LiliRedTDi) and I will be having Breakfast at Double T Pasadena 2 May 2009 before we go to Impex Fest. All are welcome.
  12. donDavide

    Off-topic posts from Cam Failure Data Collection thread

    The argument some people is those oils are causing problem and the oil to use is the 5w40 505.01 do to ZDDP levels
  13. donDavide

    Bio Fuel cripples bus fleet
  14. donDavide

    Annapolis-Baltimore- Suburban Washington Diesel Price

    Arnold Exxon-$2.59 Severna Park Shell $2.49 Severna Park Royal Farms $2.59 Lowest Price Pasadena rt 10 $2.55
  15. donDavide

    Intstument cluster stop working intermentently

    My Instrument cluster has just gone dead briefly 3 times and started working within seconds again. Any ideas? it is my Jetta.
  16. donDavide

    Audi Q7 4.2 TDi UK Test

    Here is test of the Audi Q7 with a 4.2liter tdi
  17. donDavide

    Need an engine (used) any suggestions where??

    1998 Jetta (early model) any suggestions would be help full. I found one place in Jacksonville that has 3 engines and deciding whether to go used or rebuild. Parts Place inc in Michigan has kits that start at $1k. Thanks
  18. donDavide

    Audi 3.0 TDi Allroad It would be nice to see this here, throw in the V8 4.0 TDi and that would be real nice. It does not look as aggressive as old body style. But i would settle for the 3.0, a 3.0 toureg TDi, a TDi Passat (2.5 5cyl).
  19. donDavide

    Passat TDi wagon- UK Bring it here!!!!!
  20. donDavide

    Need An Ecu!!!!!!!!