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  1. LurkerMike

    Replacement 01M Not Available from Dealer

    01M 300 039 CX replacement transmission for my 2000 TDI Jetta is no longer available from VW. 01M 300 032 GX which fit some 2000 TDI's is still available for ~$3,600. Does anyone know what the differences are and what it would take to fit the 01M 300 032 GX into a car that came with the 01M...
  2. LurkerMike

    American Law Enforcement Tips

    I read this story and I thought about my fellow TDI owners in Canada: The guy from Canada was asked by a US Customs Agent to shut off his car so it could be searched. The guy demanded the US Customs Agent say "please" at least 3 times...
  3. LurkerMike

    Crapity Purolator 01M Trans Filter and Gasket

    Short Version: The Purolator 01M transmission filter kit I bought at Pep Boys the other day sucked. The filter was marked "Made in China" and the gasket started leaking after two days of driving some 100 miles. The sides of the gasket appear to be "rolling up" to the inside of the pan. What...
  4. LurkerMike

    MAF FAIL? Performance MAF?

    Well I finally have "Red" back together enough to idle in my garage after blowing up the VNT-15 a year and a half or so ago... I drilled a hole in the muffler and drained a couple of quarts of oil from it. I idled the engine to operating temp for the first heat cycle and the next day I idled...
  5. LurkerMike

    Failed Turbo Bearing Shards In Oil Pan And Oil Filter

    I blew up my original VNT-15 turbo a year and a half or so ago. I'm finally working to put the car back on the road with a 17/22 and a few other mods. One mod is a larger oil cooler. Another mod is a crank scraper to help deal with the CCV oil blowby when I upgrade the CCV system. Since the...
  6. LurkerMike

    Failed Turbo Bearing Shards In Oil Pan And Oil Filter

    EDIT: Ooops, I meant to post this in the Power Enhancement Section... Can a mod please delete this post? Thanks!
  7. LurkerMike

    Can I Post About My Own US Presidential Run?

    I am running for President of the United States on the Moar TDI's platform as a non-partisan. Since I am not affiliated with any party, I was hoping I could be granted an exception to the no political ads rule. Here is the ad for myself that I would like to be approved for my sig here...
  8. LurkerMike

    Turbo Warranties

    Turbo Warranties This subject was raised in another thread. That thread was already going in many other directions so I hope no one minds if I start this thread to solely address that issue alone and nothing else. It is important to me and this TDI community in general, to know where we...
  9. LurkerMike

    Has anyone tried a 10mm IP in an automatic?

    Has anyone tried a 10mm IP in an automatic instead of the original 11mm pump?
  10. LurkerMike

    PD130/PD150 Differences and Variations

    There appears to be more than one version of the PD130/PD150 intakes. Look at this pic from another thread*: EDIT: The top intake appears to be a PD130 intake, pn 038128713BC See how the upper mounting flange edge is different? But worse than that, there seems to be more than one...
  11. LurkerMike

    Attn: PD150 Intake Owners

    I have measured the position of the OEM ALH intake's EGR/ASV flange. I need someone with a PD150 intake to make the same measurement and let me know what it is. I need it to refine the fitment of Racepipes and ASV adapters. Here is how I measured Red (a 2000 ALH): I butted the tape...
  12. LurkerMike

    Upper IC Pipe Design, Water Injection, Temp Probe?

    Most here realize I am about to mass-produce aluminum IC pipes. Not everyone reads the long threads where they are discussed. Rather than introduce these specific questions there, I thought I would ask them here in a fresh thread. The upper pipe's bung port configuration is giving me fits. It...
  13. LurkerMike

    PD Intercooler Pipe Questions

    With many thanks to bencarr23, I have my greasy hands on a PD100 IC, pipe and hose system. Is the aluminum adapter that connects the upper pipe to the IC an OEM part? Did all PD100's have this same adapter?
  14. LurkerMike

    Silicone Intake Hose?

    I think Zena Racing is an importer of Chinese made parts although I wouldn't be surprised if Samco China wasn't their silicone hose maker. Anywhoo... I was sent this link to Zena's new "VW Golf IV 1.8T" intake hose: I...
  15. LurkerMike

    PD Upper IC Pipe Questions

    I don't own a PD so I have some questions about the PD upper IC pipe arrangement. 1) Is the upper pipe the same part number as the ALH VE Jetta/Golf? 2) Do all of the PD upper hoses connect to the upper pipe with hose type spring clamps or is the "crack pipe connector" used to connect the...
  16. LurkerMike

    MAP info needed

    I need all there is to know about MAP's and 3 bar MAP's. Basically I want a provision on all of my upper pipes to give the option for the purchaser to add these three items easily: 1) A Dawes device or boost controller 2) A boost gauge 3) A MAP sensor or 3 bar MAP sensor. I am resolved...
  17. LurkerMike

    VNT-17 part needed...

    I need a couple of the crack pipe VNT-17 outlets. I don't need the whole compressor, just the outlet section itself. I'm hoping there are some scrap blown ones laying around that wouldn't be any worse off if the outlet was hacked off and sent to me. I intend to use them as part of a...
  18. LurkerMike

    Desperate for help with Hybrid 17/52 (17/22?)

    I think I read somewhere the 17/52 was a VNT-17 exhaust side and a VNT-22 compressor side. If this is so, then why is it called a VNT-17/52? I really would like to make a custom silicone 90* hose to fit it that transitions to fit a 2" O.D. lower pipe (complete with internal grooves molded...
  19. LurkerMike

    01M Won't Power Brake

    My 01M Won't Power Brake. As soon as I hit the brake pedal, engine power is cut to idle. I can't even load up the torque converter or spool the turbo prior to launch. And forget about turning a pedestrian "peel out" into a smokey burnout. :( But even worse, I can't even pull a hill under...