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  1. Phoenix42

    Autel MaxiTPMS TS508 loaner?

    Long time no chat all. Seeking to borrow TS508 or similar to clone a set of TMPS sensors on a new non-VW car. Not sure if this is a necessary with VW's, but hoping someone can direct me. Thx
  2. Phoenix42

    A4 snows on steels

    I've set of 16" snows mounted on steel rims with hubcaps gathering dust, they are in need of a new home - and I of the space! They got two seasons of minimal usage, thanks to H05G for providing space to take them on and off, and so have plenty of life left in them. The tire, Nokian's IIRC, are...
  3. Phoenix42

    Bursaw's current B100 pricing

    Topped off my tank last weekend with B100 @ $3.04/gallon cars/credit. This is the same price they are charging for D2, and 9cents cheaper for cash buys of D2 at surrounding stations.
  4. Phoenix42

    MA Inspection

    MA Inspection Fail & PASS Took my Golf in for it's yearly state inspection and received a bit R for my troubles. Apparently my "vehicle is being referred to a Motorist Assistance Center (MAC) for specialized testing". The impression I got for the garage was that this was a luck of the draw...
  5. Phoenix42

    Tech jobs in Nashua NH

    The company I work for is looking to fill 50 to 100 positions over the next 6 months. With the current economy I figure some of us might now someone who is looking. PM me for additional details.
  6. Phoenix42

    Part number request

    It would appear that my belly pan is missing a few bolts and star nuts (correct term?). Does anyone know the part numbers for these to ease dealer purchasing ? Thanks
  7. Phoenix42

    July FF

    Heads up for those who have not peak at July. But the First Friday is the 4th, so persumable people will be enjoying the long weekend. So should we plan on it been Second Friday at the usual place? Edited add in the 's' in 'heads', and hopefully reduce the s******ing.
  8. Phoenix42

    Automated Biodiesel Processor

    I get email from Real Goods every now and then, this BD processor was in todays along with a nice crusier bike. The idea of a automatic BD processor has it's appeal to me, espically with an oil furnance and diesel car. edited to add the link I previously forgot.
  9. Phoenix42

    Burshaw Oil, current prices

    Prices this evening were: D2: $4.27 B100: $5.09
  10. Phoenix42

    Need more air - can't breath

    Over the past few years my 2000 Golf five speed has had a number of opertunistic power upgrades: Rocket Chip stage 3 Sprint 520 nozzels DG Racepipe and EGR delete 11mm pump Unfortunetly the 11mm pump is causing a huge amount of smoke under heavy acceleration, granted this isn't...
  11. Phoenix42

    Job openings - Andover MA

    In case anyone here happens to be job hunting in the NE area, the company I work for, WSI, has some new openings. If anyone is interested PM me with an e-mail address and I'll forward along the details. Operational Systems’ Engineer Software Eng (Aviation) Aviation Software QA Engineer Jr...
  12. Phoenix42

    GPS recommendations

    I may be in the market for a GPS system. What is good / bad / ugly out there and what features should I be considering / ignoring.
  13. Phoenix42

    CC GTG Food Thread

    Jetter_Sprinta Food: snausages & tips Snacks: chips & salsa Peripherals: paper plates, some plastic utensils, plastic cups Condiments: TBD Phoenix42: Keg o' beer & more beer Haiku: Morning Box o' Joe Varkias: Tato tacos and salsa
  14. Phoenix42

    May Mayhem

    With Impex Fest clashing with First Friday, what are we todo? Have a half hearted first Friday or push it out till the following Friday?
  15. Phoenix42

    Seat adjustment - gone!

    Yesterday I slid my drivers seat forward an extra notch or two to securly hold an item behind me. Today I've got no ratch like mechnisim that clicks the seat as you slide it forward & back leaving me reaching for the pedals. What has occured under my seat, and how do I fix it? Thanks
  16. Phoenix42

    Replacement antenna

    Well after one to many removals my antenna has fallen apart. Can anyone suggest a short replacement so I don't need to remove it when I load up the roof rack? Thanks
  17. Phoenix42

    March Madness!

    Never too soon to start planning for the First Friday!
  18. Phoenix42

    Thanks Thanks to the forum members who bailed me out late last week and help resolve the issue over the weekend.
  19. Phoenix42

    It's all your fault.

    Dear TDIClub, It's all your fault that I was late to work on Thursday due to my non-starting TDI. It's all your fault because I own a TDI because of TDIClub. It's all your fault that a club member drove me home. It's all your fault that two club members all but froze diagnosing the problem...
  20. Phoenix42

    Need oil urgently!

    Where can I find suitable oil today near Andover MA? Oil light flashed this morning as I pulled into the parking lot at work :eek:. I know the WallyMart at exit 38 off 495 doesn't have anything. The car place I normally go to is ~30 minutes away and not something I can reach during lunch. Thanks