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  1. misteroboto

    R.IP. Big Gold

    Thursday was the last road trip for my B5. Somebody didn't yield the right of way and I went from 40 to 0 in half a second.:( I chipped a tooth and got some seat belt rash, but other than that, I think I'm O.K. Out of all the cars I've ever owned, the 05 Passat was my favorite. Although...
  2. misteroboto

    Did they put in the correct oil?

    Had the "carefree maintenance" done this weekend. Just noticed the invoice does not say 507.00 oil. It has part # g-052-167-s0. I could not find any info online. Did they put in the right stuff, or am I going to have to return? Thanks.
  3. misteroboto

    Water leak at rear hatch.

    Hi everyone, I opened the rear door on a 2005 wagon and about a 1/2 cup of water drained out of the plastic trim piece at the top. The gasket looks like it is seated correctly. I do have a satellite antenna, but it runs down the side that is not leaking. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot? TIA
  4. misteroboto

    Solar panel trickle charge ?

    I have one of those trickle charge solar panels that came with the car new. I've been using it my work truck. The boss has it hooked up like a spaceship with computer, printer, gps, and satellite radio. The battery goes dead all the time in the Sprinter. I don't know how effective it is, but I...
  5. misteroboto

    Need 1 liter of super blue in NOVA?

    I flushed my brakes today and I have 1 liter brand new unopened of ATE Super Blue Racing Brake fluid. J1703 dot 4. Free. PM me. I'm in Annandale/Springfield.
  6. misteroboto

    Balance shaft in NOVA?

    Anybody had their oil pump chain replaced in the DC northern VA area? Would you recommend them? I'm about ready to gear the car but I am not going to take it to the dealer. TIA
  7. misteroboto

    Did VW recall the PD glow plug recall?

    I went to to check the glow plug recall as someone on the forum was saying the recall had been withdrawn. Anyone know what the scoop is? TIA, Dave
  8. misteroboto

    Maybe if they take care of issues instead

    Maybe if they take care of issues instead of hiding their head in the sand. Like the 5000S, the coil packs, the balance shafts, etc, etc
  9. misteroboto

    How about a care & cleaning section?

    Hi everybody. I noticed at the TDIfest that there were some older cars that looked showroom new. There are people on these forums that know how to get their vehicles clean clean clean. I was looking for some tips on getting my cars clean. I found tid bits in several different forums, but no one...
  10. misteroboto

    How long do I have to drive before the evap system monitor is ready?

    How long do I have to drive before the evap system monitor is ready? I replaced the catalytic converter on my wife's 2.0 '99 AEG beet. I erased the code and drove all over the ding dang place and it is still not ready. Sorry, I know all over isn't exactly a scientific term in miles. I would...
  11. misteroboto

    Goodbye Max and Herbie, hello Honda and Toyota?

    :confused: Just what I need. More cup holders and pedals farther apart. They must be confusing me with someone with a wide stance;)
  12. misteroboto

    There are no TDI Jettas around here.

    I went to 2 dealers today in NOVA. They each had 2 Jetta sedans, one manual and one Auto. They had a sticker that said "dealer installed accessories" have been added raising the cost to xx. I asked about this and the salesman said everybody wants the TDI and there are so few of them people are...
  13. misteroboto

    "alternator workshop" warning. Thanks MoGolf!

    I wanted to thank MoGolf for the excellent how to diy on the alternator pulley: I changed the pulley last night. I got the alternator workshop error message twice on Friday. Both times I was at highway speed and the battery light also came on...