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  1. torahtom

    Melted Glow Plug Control Module

    Connector and plastic box melted on the small Allen bolt and lug in the top right corner of the module where the red hot lead comes in. Took out the control box and used a dremmel bit to remove melted plastic. Lug was about 1 inch away from its hole. Siliconed it back in place. Got so hot it...
  2. torahtom

    FS Front Crossmember Radiator Support Subframe Carrier 1996-1997 B-4 Passat $450

    Repainted and ready to go. $450. Free Shipping. For faster service, call 303-327-9697. All Rubber bushings in excellent shape.
  3. torahtom

    FS Instrument Cluster 96 TDI Passat $350-SOLD

    Rebuilt Instrument Cluster out of 96 Passat TDI. Part #3A0 919 910 H. Can be set to whatever milage you want. Had 202,479 when rebuilt. Milage is reset to 256, but it can be changed. Everything works including clock and lights. Fort faster service, call 303-327-9697.
  4. torahtom


    Front Subframe off a 97 Passat TDI. Good condition. 3A0199189
  5. torahtom

    1996,1997 B4 Parts

    1996, 1997 B4 Parts FS Kauai I have stripped 2 B4 Passats, one 1996 wagon and one 1997 sedan and have 8 18-30 gallon tubs of parts including turbo, intake, exhaust manifolds, engine 50k (1z), turbo oil feed lines, banjo bolts, fuel pump and lines, fuses, relays, fan control module, fuse box...
  6. torahtom

    1996 Passat TDI Sedan 212K

    Engine does not burn or leak oil. 95% rust free. Clean exterior and interior and engine. Has a working Sunroof. New AC compressor, dryer, evaporator, Cold A/C. Interior in great condition. Borbet after market aluminum rims. 43mpg and 20 more HP than stock with the Gator Tuning Chip. GQ ECU...
  7. torahtom

    Gk ecu?

    Will this GK ECU work in a 96 replacement for a BK ECU? I know the GQ will work, but not sure if this GK from finland is compatable. Part # is almost the same. Just ends in K instead of a Q:
  8. torahtom

    Vandalism-freon was released in Honozoolo, HI

    Homeless vandals in Honolulu totaled my 96 TDI. Got everything working after 4 years except the AC and side marker lights. All my fuses and relays were stolen in the fuse box. Does anyone know if the hi/low switch on a B-4 will be destroyed if someone lets the freon out. Or will a relay not...
  9. torahtom

    Sidemarker lights not Working

    I replaced the sidemarker lights by the headlights on the side of my 96 passat. There is no power coming into the wires. The fuse is on #7 and #8 for the sidemarker light and tail light for the right and left side respectively and they are fine. I took a test light to the contacts in the plug...
  10. torahtom

    Dash and Interior Light Failure

    Anyone know what is up with all dash lights failing including heater control lights. I turned the lights on about 10 days ago and bye bye instrument cluster lights and all lights except warning lights and dome lights. I am working on my son's 1997 Passat TDI and trying to get it ready to sell...
  11. torahtom

    A/C Compressor not turning on

    I had the system vacuumed and recharged but the compressor was not working. Then I realized I was missing the A/C relay. So I called VW and they gave me a 106 relay. When I got it, I had to plug it in sideways so it would go in. I then found out it was the wrong relay for my 96 Passat TDI. So I...
  12. torahtom

    WTB Relays for 96 Passat

    I am in need of the relays for a '96 Passat TDI, especially relay #21 (part # 111-953-227-D), as well as relay #103 GP relay (part # unknown). Please PM me with pricing. Thanks.
  13. torahtom

    FS: parts from 97 Passat

    I have the following parts for sale for a 1996 or 1997 Passat TDI. All parts are in great and functional condition: Dash (black) and long double piece under the dash. Dash is very clean and in good condition. Outer Trim Parts Transmission For a 1.9TDI Radiator and attached Fan Shroud Both Fans...
  14. torahtom

    WTB ECU for 96 Passat

    My 96 Passat was vandalized and all of my relays taken. I replaced the relays from a 97 Passat, to find out the hard way that some were incorrect for my ECU. The panel is possibly fried, but I'm not sure until I get it out to check the wiring behind it. I'm looking for a replacement ECU with...
  15. torahtom

    B4 Electrical Problem

    My '96 Passat TDI was recently vandalized during a huge rain storm and the interior of the car got flooded. :eek: All of my relays were taken during the vandalism, along with the power steering reservoir, among other things, so needless to say I could not start the car. I was able to purchase...
  16. torahtom

    WTB AC Compressor Bracket

    Does anybody have a compressor bracket? The part # stamp on it is 028903143AB. My bracket is cracked and compressor mount is broken. I need a new compressor anyway. The clutch is slipping. This is the whole mount for the alternator and compressor. I have been looking for hours on the net for...
  17. torahtom

    Injection Pump Problems in Hawaii

    I Left Kauai March 1st, 2009. Came back to the island on the 26th of Oct. Left my 97 TDI Passat covered at a camp and one of the workers was to start it every month. Car was running fine before I left. Deadbeat worker never started it once.:mad: Tried to start it, but lots of air in the lines as...
  18. torahtom

    Stranded in Kauai with Stuck Piston in Injection Pump

    Injection Pump and Vag Com Issues I Left Kauai March 1st, 2009. Came back to the island on the 26th of Oct. Left my 97 TDI Passat covered at a camp and one of the workers was to start it every month. Car was running fine before I left. Deadbeat worker never started it once.:mad: Tried to start...
  19. torahtom

    Hydrogen Generator and MAF/MAP sensor

    I was wondering if anyone could help me know what to do with this information I pulled off the internet: "There is no generator on the market that will maintain increased mpg without a MAP/MAF Programmer. If you put an HHO generator on your car or truck without a MAP/MAF programmer, you...
  20. torahtom

    Best Relay or wire to put hot wire in for External fuel pump

    Best Relay or Wire to Put Hot Wire in for External Fuel Pump I left Kauai for about 4 months and some green goo algae formed in my tank:(. The lines and tank are completely cleaned out along with the fuel sender (fun 2 day job):mad:. Now I have to blast the algae goo out of the pump:D. Going to...