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    Fs: MAF

    I am selling a Bosch MAF (part #038 906 461 C) for the 1.9L ALH engine. Never installed. Price: $100.00 I accept Paypal. Prefer local pickup or will meet buyer within 100 miles or buyer pays charges calculated from 22407 via USPS Priority Mail w/delivery confirmation.
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    FS: 17" Longbeach rims with tires...

    SOLD...FS: 17" Longbeach rims with tires...SOLD I no longer have my Jetta and am selling five (5) 17" LB rims w/Pirelli P Zero Nero M/S tires mounted. Rims have surface scratches/scrapes. I bought them that way; intending to get them refinished but never got around to it. No curb rash and can...
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    Dealer Kudos (Long Post)

    I want to pass on some comments regarding my recent experience with Martens VW service department. A couple of days after having my ’04 B5.5 serviced at the local dealership where I purchased it, the car developed a stutter at certain speeds and was down slightly on power. There was also a...
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    Question re Cat Fuel Filter

    In June '04 I bought my wife a B5.5 TDI with the intention of buying her another small SUV (traded in a GMC Jimmy on the B5.5) in a year. Last Saturday we bought an '06 Mazda Tribute and the Passat is now my daily driver...:D I have disabled the DRLs, installed SilverStar in the headlights...
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    Farewell GTG for Troy (TDITech)

    I would like to start a separate thread to compile a list of those who want to come and bid farewell to Troy. UPDATE: May 20th at the Tyson's Corner Chili's at 11:30 till the last person leaves. The Chili's is located at map and is located on the service road that parallels Leesburg Pike...
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    Any Suggestions....

    as to why my front interior cabin lights do not come on when I open the door but lights over rear doors work fine.:confused: If I move the selector switch from the center position to the left, they work fine. Move it back in the center position and nothing.:mad: Ideas??? John
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    NoVA/DC/MD Lunch GTG, 1 June 2005

    It has been a long time since there was a lunchtime GTG in the NoVA/DC/MD area, so here we go. I have made an reservation at the Chevy's in Pentagon City beginning at 11:30. Chevy's is located at the top of the Hayes Street/12th Street Metro exit and there is parking located adjacent to the...
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    Do I Need an Upgraded Interface???

    Tried to upgrade my version of Vag-Com to 409.1s and after installing, it does not find the interface. With the version I had installed 404.0s, the interface is found and everything works fine. My existing interface purchased in Sep '04 is Key-Com, Dual-K VAG/ISO Ver 1.32. Any ideas...
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    VWoA Selected As A 2004 Top Employer...

    for over 50 workers... Here are two articles from the AARP website. VW also made the list in 2003. Article 1 Article 2
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    Monsoon / VW Navi Voltage Output

    This question is directly related to Lito's thread. I am not an audiophile; my last experience with installing a "high-end" radio was a Pioneer unit into my '63 Chevy Impala convertible back in the late '60's. Now, having clarified my audio experience, while speaking with the guy who does my...
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    Bentley Diagrams

    My brother-in-law has a '98 Jetta and all of the windows have stopped working ("frozen" in the closed position in a three doors (frozen defined as motor sounds like it is working but nothing happens); broken regulators in another door). I have the Bentleys for my '03 but it does not go back...
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    TDI Emission Levels

    Does anyone know or know where one could find the "typical" emission levels of the following compounds for a 1.9L ALH engine: oxides of nitrogen: volatile organic compounds: carbon monoxide: TIA
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    OEM Tires

    Just a quick sampling of B5 owners and what tire/rim combo came with the car. TIA
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    JD Power Customer Survey

    Got a JD Power "New Vehicle Quality Survey" in the mail today. Anyone else get one of these after getting their B5.5? After I fill it out, maybe I will scan it and post it here. And...they gave me a crisp, new George Washington in appreciation for my help...Well, it will get me just over a .5...
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    Noise When Turning...

    I noticed it yesterday as I was turning the wheel to the left while turning around in a cul-de-sac... Hard to describe..not grinding or rubbing...a sort of low speed rumble... Anyone else experience anything like this???
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    WTB: 01-03 Jetta TDI Auto for *DELETED*

    Post deleted by NewJettaGuy
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    DC/VA Lunch GTG Poll

    Please check which restaurant you prefer for the GTG on June 16th, 2004. Chili's: 8051 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA TGIFriday's: 2070 Chain Bridge Rd, Mc Lean, VA Looks like Saturday, June 26th is the day at around 11:30AM...and Chili's is the location of choice...I will make sure of which...
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    FS: Goodyear F1 Tire *DELETED*

    Post deleted by NewJettaGuy
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    DC/VA Lunch GTG

    Seeing how it has been quite a long time since there was a lunchtime GTG for those of us in the Northern VA/DC area, is there any interest in setting one up. SNIP Update: Looks like Tysons Corner is the location of choice for the next GTG... SNIP SNIP Upate: Place: Chili's 8051 Leesburg...
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    Oil Filler Cap MIA!!!!!!!!!

    Found out tonite that the tech did not put the oil filler cap back on when I took my car in for the 20K service in late-December... I haven't nad a need to be under the hood since I had the service done 2300 miles ago and only opened it up tonite to fill the washer fluid tank... When I...