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    VW DOKA turbodiesel

    VW DOKA AWD turbodiesel Saw this on Austin craigslist. Not my vehicle. AWD
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    Austin, TX rare Audi tdi

    I have no connection with this vehicle. Advertised as a 6 cyl 2.5L. Just came across it poking around craigslist today:
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    Can one of you new Mk7 owners confirm B20 is OK?

    Before the cars were sold here there were several articles (here's one) implying that B20 is approved for use in the new EA288 engine. Can one of you new owner's post a pic of the owner's manual page that references the biodiesel limit? Thanks in advance and congrats on your new tdi.
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    Jag diesel possiblility for N America? 75 mpIMPg=62.5 mpUSg combined :eek: haven't been able to find HP & torque numbers for the more frugal single turbo diesel but the bi-turbo is rumored to be around 250 HP
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    New biodiesel locations in Cali

    San Diego and Sacramento:
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    Infineum 2012 Winter Diesel Fuel Survey

    I haven't seen this mentioned here, and came across it yesterday after participating in another thread discussion on fuel additives. Infineum runs random fuel sample tests on retail pump fuel around the world every two years. I'm obviously mainly concerned with the US supply :) Link My...
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    Stanadyne at Autozone

    Was in Autozone today & saw this on the shelf in 16oz bottle for $8.
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    craigslist find: B4V $5950 in CT

    nice looking car. with leather seats: I have no affiliation with this car or owner.
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    The shoe sometimes goes on the other foot
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    I performed a partial 'mark-n-pray' timing belt job- let the flaming begin

    daughter's ALH. Paramedick had replaced the IP a short time ago, so I knew the timing was fine. I don't have VCDS. :eek: When I was ready to put the belt on, I marked the IP bolt head locations on the pulley before loosening the three bolts. After tensioning was set I moved the IP until the...
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    BMW achieves 100 mpIMPg

    divide by 1.2 for mpUSg. link
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    BMW M550d xDrive- the ultimate diesel?

    I rode in a 550i xDrive while in Germany last month and was blown away on how it cruised the autobahn. The pull from 120mph was fantastic! :D. I can't imagine how much better the M550d would be. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring it to N America. link
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    Ford F350 with a Powerstroke

    I helped a friend shop for one of these this past week and gotta say it is an impressive vehicle. The engine's output is 400 hp and 800 lb-ft. One of the more surprising things was how very quiet the engine was- even when standing next to it with the hood open. They aren't required to provide...
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    charbroiled burgers dirtier than semis

    pretty interesting
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    Propel Fuels station opens in Sacramento

    Propel Fuels loacation opens in Sacramento I have no connection with them but am on their mailing list
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    Results of my request for data from Opti-Lube

    I know many folks here are using Opti-Lube products for lubricity improvement due to its performance in the Spicer Test. Some of us have had doubts about the results of the Spicer Test. While I applaud Arlen Spicer for spearheading that effort, personally I would have preferred results from fuel...
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    Has anyone used cal-tex products? (Sorry for the crosspost. No response to first thread and I mistakenly put it in the wrong subforum. Mod please delete the other thread. Thanks) Just curious if they are legit. Thanks.
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    Has anyone used cal-tex products? Just curious if they are legit. Thanks.
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    507 oil for $40/5L!

    5L of 507 oil for $40! Never heard of this brand:
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    Oddball 1999 VW diesel on ebay 1999 Volkswagen Other SDI 1999 VOLKSWAGEN POLO SDI TDI WAGON GLX, 32,742 Original LOW Miles, 60 MPG I have no connection with...