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    New Pistons - ASV + .5mm set FS

    New set of oversize pistons for 1.9 TDI engine. These are .5 mm oversize, with rings and pins. Nural part numbers 87-114907-60 and 87-1144907-70 Stock ASV is 110 hp. sold in Europe. Pistons are factory upgrade for 1Z, AHU, and ALH engines. Price $375. Thanks, John Jackson
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    For Sale: Bentley B4 Official Repair Manuals

    Sold. Both Volume one and two. 1995-97 B4 Passat Bentley manuals for sale. Price: $51.50 plus shipping via PayPal.
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    Parted with my 96 B4V after 12 years

    Yesterday, I parted with my long time Passat wagon. It was a fun car for many years, but the general decline in replacement part quality and availability drove my decision. The new owner, Matt Whitbread will be able to give the B4V all the attention it will take to keep the car on the road for...
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    Bargain GTC1549VZ? Not mine

    The GTC1549VZ is a great turbocharger. I have 2 of them in use now. But this is the very best price I have ever seen on one. Again...
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    BMW 328d vs 535d, 2014 year

    Pondering the purchase of a 3 year old pre-owned BMW What are your thoughts about these 2 cars as a long term purchase for a senior couple. I envision this as a replacement for Anita's 2015 Camry when it goes off lease next year. It has to be an automatic. And I know a BMW cost a whole lot...
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    Wanted to buy: Lower timing Cover AHU

    EDIT: Purchase replacement 4/15/17 I need to replace my lower timing cover on an AHU engine just like this one: Please let me know if you have an extra. Thanks
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    WTB: GTC1549VZ or GTD1752VRK

    EDIT: Purchased a GTC1549 on ($275 delivered). For my TDI Jeep Comanche conversion. Looking for either a GTC1549VZ turbo from a 170/177 hp VW/Audi OR GTD1752VRK from a 190 hp BMW 2.0 diesel. Good, used unit preferred ... I am cheap, what can I say. Thanks,
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    1986 diesel Jeep Comanche TDI conversion

    My search for an original diesel Jeep Comanche started 6 or 7 years ago. After a couple of conversations with the California DMV and BAR about attempting to do a diesel conversion on my 1991 Jeep Comanche I quickly figured out that the best thing for me was to find a real 1986 or 87 original MJ...
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    AHU motor mounts for Cherokee/TDI?

    Doing a Cherokee TDI swap with an AHU. Does anyone know where I can get a set of motor monunts? Because of block differences, the ALH/BEW kit from Canadian Electric will not bolt up. Looking for an alternative source. Any leads? Thanks,
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    U.S. said to Uncover Criminal VW evidence - Wall Street Journal

    This article in the Wall Street Journal says the U.S. Dept of Justice has found criminal evidence in the DieselGate scandal. VW lawyers are said to be cooperating to reach a resolution.
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    TDI to Jeep

    Looking for a TDI to Jeep Cherokee adapter kit. Anyone have one to sell?
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    Where to buy? Split rivet - Sahara Tan

    I need to find a part number and source for the plastic split rivets used to hold the rear plastic panel on the B4V tail gate. Understand the same split rivet is used to hold the sedan trunk liner in place. Here is an Ebay link to the black colored version of the part...
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    Wanted: Part of rear B4 bumper cover -

    The rear bumper cover has a small 4 x 4 inch cover for a factory shipping hook/tie down on the right hand side of the main bumper cover. The paint shop did not save the one from my old bumper and my factory new bumper did not come with that small part (or the shop lost it too). White would be...
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    B4V after new paint

    Finally got the car back from the paint shop on Friday, 3/18/16. Here are a few pictures of the results: Rear view. Still missing name badges and part of the bumper cover: Front view. Grill was repainted flat black. This offers a closer view of the door fit. Door fit More pictures...
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    Stock White paint code for 96B4V?

    Looked for the stock paint code on my wagon today and came up with nothing when I drove to the paint shop and looked under the rear carpet and in the spare tire well. So I need some help please. What is the stock white color for the 96 Passat? On line I find references to a 96 VW color called...
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    "We Didn't Lie" VW said in Detroit

    Volkswagen's CEO says "We didn't lie" at the Detroit auto show. Sounds to me like VW has been talking to a Criminal Defense Attorney. Partial quote from NPR interview: " Here's the exchange Sunday night: NPR: You said this was a technical problem, but the American people feel this...
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    BK ecu for sale 1996 Passat

    Have a spare ecu for a 96 Passat. This is the original, stock, black case BK ecu. $50 plus shipping
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    New products for B4 or why don't we have this?

    We all complain about cheap C.R.A.P. parts and say we "wish" decent parts were available. Recently, one member has responded by offering a billet aluminum coolant flange to replace the cheap, plastic coolant flange many of us have replaced more than one time. To me, this is a great chance to...
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    2016 TDIFest So Cal Bid Work Group

    Anyone here interested in putting together a bid to host the 2016 TDIFest in Southern California? It will take a group of 5-7 committed volunteers to put a successful bid package together. Getting that planning group of workers together is the most important step. So, if you are interesting...
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    Guess my MPG for the trip?

    I am planning my cross country trip to this year's TDIFest. My first stop will be the Detroit area to have my GTC1549 turbo installed by Matt Whitberead. To arrive at the appointed time I am going to have to drive about 2400 miles in just over 2.5 days. So that means an average speed of about...