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    Unfixed TDIs to be de-registered and banned from roads

    Germany to de-register cheater TDIs that have not fulfilled recall. Other countries to follow?
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    Aux Power Lead

    Would like to add a repair lead to the interior fuse box of my MkVI on the ATC fuse bus to add an aux power lead back to the trunk area. What size connector do I need? 1.5mm and 2mm seem too small, I'm thinking either 4mm or 6mm but I want to get the right thing the first time.
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    Trailer hitch Power

    Got my 2015 TDI SEL and have the hitch on order. On my 2012 I simply picked up power as needed by plugging into the rear 12V outlet. This time, however, I'm looking to do a cleaner install. So which is easier/better to tap into the rear 12V outlet, or run a new line? If I run a new line...
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    Now in a Mk7

    Well, my Mk 6 finally bit the dust. A few months ago, I hit a deer with it, and in the process of repairing that damage the shop found a lot of unrepaired or improperly repaired damage from when the tree limb dropped on it. Insurance company totaled the car. So started shopping. Last...
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    Interesting write-up of diesel Pro/Con

    Recent article on the Pros and Cons of Diesel Cars by US News and World Report <Link>
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    Richmond Area Fuel pumps

    I've noticed a distinct trend in Richmond VA to not treat diesels like the left out child. First it was Kroger's adding a diesel pump in every lane of their new stations. Now I notice that on 33E just south of I-64 a Wawa's is going up and it appears as if EVERY pump, in EVERY lane is going to...
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    VW JSW (diesel) gets postion as an alternative.

    Alternative family hauler: Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen Buying a station wagon may seem like the only way to get something frumpier than a minivan; but then, the Jetta Sportwagen isn't your mother's Woodie. In its diesel guise, this wagon blends mind-bending fuel-efficiency with a kind of...
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    MK6 Quest for 900+ mile tank

    Ok, time to start documenting this so folks can follow along. Filled up the other day, and did some donuts and slaloms to slosh fuel in tank and work air to filler. Topped off and repeated until I could get no more air out. Addition of about 1.2 gallons to already full tank resulting in...
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    An interestion sighting

    Was driving down I-95 in Richmond Va, and looked up and saw a Porsche badge on the SUV in front of me with Dealer tags. I figured, yea right. Pulled along side to pass to look at the badges up front and on the side panel it says 'diesel'. Seems I saw a pretty rare TDI... a Porsche Cayenne...
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    NW Richmond, VA gets diesel friendly station

    A new Kogers went up on Rt. 33 just west of the Parham road intersection. Decided to try it since the price $3.72 was much lower than anything else in the area. Swiped my Koger's card and while I don't think I had any discounts on it, price still dropped to $3.62. Maybe a temporary thing to...
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    45 Cetane Richmond - 64W corridor

    Well the move has been completed but County Shell is no longer 45 cetane. Does anyone know of any stations along the 64 corridor between Richmond and C'ville that carry 45 cetane diesel?
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    The Big Test: 2013/2014 Hybrid and Diesel Sedans

    Found by jtdi15, transferred to news for more exposure. The Big Test: 2013/2014 Hybrid and Diesel Sedans Chevrolet Cruze 2.0TD vs.Honda Civic Hybrid vs. Toyota Prius vs. Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid vs.Volkswagen Jetta TDI Read more...
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    Diesels in the USA: Time for a renaissance

    "Push-you-into-the-seat acceleration. Hybridlike fuel-economy numbers. A driving range of 600 or even 700 miles from a modestly sized fuel tank. A longer-lasting engine and better resale value. These are things you want, right? What if you could have all these benefits now, in your very next...
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    New Mexico TDI in Virginia

    Platinum Grey Mk4 TDI Jetta with New Mexico plates in shopping center on Route 3 just East of I-95.
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    Mk6 Repair manuals? Fuel tank removal

    Have they released Repair Manuals for the Mk6 yet? I've looked and looked but all I can find are Mk5 or earlier. That said. Two questions Can anyone give me the procedure to remove the fuel tank from the Mk6 Jetta? Second, does anyone know if the Mk6 Passant tank will fit on the...
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    My first scan... and ***?

    Ok got my micro-CAN in today and decided to run my initial scan. Everything ran good, until I started looking through the results. Address 19: CAN Gateway (J533) Labels: 6N0-909-901-6R.clb Part No SW: 6N0 909 901 HW: 5C0 937 087 A Component: GW-K-CAN TP20 H66 0256 Revision: B2066001 Coding...
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    Ultimate Kerosene powered VW Bug

    Ok, technically, this isn't really a diesel, but when you add 1,350hp :eek: to a VW bug.....well, it's gotta be pretty cool. :cool: :D:D :D:D
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    New (Old) VW event?

    Ran across this today, not sure if it's a well known event, but apparently very VW orientated though not necessarily TDI.
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    Ethanol suspect in Corrosion from ULSD

    Found this while looking for stability issues with ULSD, and apparently there can be a real corrosion issues if the right factors are present. "Since the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel in 2007, a growing number of diesel storage tanks and dispensing systems have experienced unusual...