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    2010 Jetta ABS module coding help. used module

    I had the dreaded ABS module fail on a 2010 Jetta that was brought to me for ABS / traction / brake lights and dead speedometer. I got one from the junk yard with the exact same numbers and installed it. The original module wouldn't communicate at all. The new one communicates fine, speedo...
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    FS 9W7, Seattle area. $120 shipped.

    Good used 9W7 unit for sale. Removed from my 2011 Golf when I upgraded systems. Worked perfectly. Included is the foam box that mounts it. Can include good used North American RCD510 stereo for additional cost. Item will ship usps with tracking within 48 hours of payment. Paypal only...
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    FS RCD510 North American version. Seattle area. Used. $115 shipped USA

    Upgraded the system in my 2011 Golf. Was removed from my 2011 Golf. Used daily until my system upgraded. Everything works as it should and is in good used shape. $115 shipped in the USA. No code included but you can buy one online pretty cheap. Can do package deal and include the 9W7 out...
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    Central Electric code 02390 help

    I am getting this code constantly. 02390 - Control / Regulation for Ambience Lighting (E400) 009 - Open or Short to Ground 00888 - Wiper Switch for Intermittent Operation (E22) 014 - Defective I am very good with electronics and retrofitting. This car started as a very basic model. I have...
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    RNS 510 retrofit questions

    Hi. I just went from Chinese RCD510 *which worked perfectly* to a used North American RNS 510 and have a few questions. 1. When I turn the key off the radio shuts off. I can turn the radio back on by pressing the radio power button but with the RCD510 and my stock radio they would both stay...
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    2006 Jetta MFA cluster no service interval

    I retrofitted a MFA cluster a while ago to my base MKV and tonight tried to set my service intervals. When I go to each field in vagcom none are available. I was under the impression that all MFA clusters had the service interval time / miles option in them. Am I missing something here or is...
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    ALH with rebuilt injection pump woes

    Friend of mine works at a shop and they replaced the injection pump on a 03' ALH with a rebuilt unit from a local rebuilder. They primed it up and the car started right up. Steady stream of bubbles in the feed line. When you shut off the car a long stream of air comes back out of the injector...
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    115v rear outlet only 1A max? True?

    I have an 06 and have the chance to pillage the 115v rear outlet setup from my daughters 2010 that's going back to VW. From what I can tell this outlet is only capable if 1 Amp or so max? Is this right? If so I won't waste my time. Anyone know what the max constant rating of that inverter...
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    I'm back. 2006 Jetta TDI, M5, pretty stripped down version.

    Hi. I'm back after a couple year hiatus from TDI's. Prior I had an 03' Golf, M5. Picked up a 2006 Jetta with the 5 speed. White with black / charcoal? vinyl interior. It's got 220k miles. When I bought it I managed to get the car lot down a bunch on the price because it ran like ass...
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    Hex+can like new FS

    My daughter sold her tdi so I have no reason for this cable anymore. Welcome to come pick it up in Marysville, WA or I can ship it via usps priority mail. Paypal only. $280 via paypal. PLEASE EMAIL me at for any questions as I do NOT frequent this board anymore. You are...
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    Interior Monitoring and DWA Siren

    I sold my MKIV long ago and am cleaning out my garage today. I have this Interior Monitoring kit + DWA siren. I bought it from this post with the intentions of installing it and never did. It comes with what you see in pictures. Harness...
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    Rosstech Vagcom Kii-USB used

    I no longer have a MKIV vw so I have no use for this. It served me very well. It works 100% with any MKIV vw and some Audi's. I am asking $180 shipped priority mail to the usa. It works perfectly. The only flaw is a tiny chip in the plug which is pictured. paypal only. Contact via email...
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    Seattle area 2003 Golf TDI 5 speed **REBUILT TITLE***

    I am moving on to a newer car. I am selling my 2003 Golf TDI 5 speed. IT IS A REBUILT TITLE!!!! The car is sliver exterior, black interior. The interior is in decent shape. This is my commuter car so it's got normal grime but I am by no means a pig like some interiors i've seen. Car runs...
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    Malone stage 3 question

    First, I emailed Malone and got no response so I'm going to ask here. I have a stage 3 and will be changing out the stock vnt15 for the S7 and 3 bar map. Will I need a retune? If no SHOULD I get a retune? Thanks
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    VNT17 or VNT17/22

    Forgive me if this has been asked a billion times but I am looking for people who have had both or experience driving both. Currently stock vnt15, Malone stage 3, pp520 nozzles, upgraded clutch, 2.5" straight pipe to stock muffler. I have 160k+ miles on this turbo and am going to be pro-active...
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    Rumble feeling under heavy torque

    Ok let me start with this. This all started when I replaced my clutch and here's the story. Stock the car was just fine. I put a tune in the car and the clutch wouldn't hold 3rd gear on when I gave it lots of torque. It would just slip. Installed a stock LUK clutch and regular flywheel for...
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    Malone Stage 3. Excellent

    I had a tune in my ALH for a year and it was a definite improvement over stock. For the price I have no complaints about it. I finally pulled the trigger on a stage 3 with Malone and wow what a difference. More torque and a MUCH more linear throttle. I mean before it felt like...
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    15 months later I still like this car a lot

    Just wanted to say, it has been over 15 months since I bought this totaled Golf, fixed it and started driving it. When I got the car the A/C wasn't working. Upon inspection noticed the A/C Clutch hub missing "typical" so replaced it with a new one. Fast forward over a year.....hadn't been...
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    2003 TDI 5th gear set for sale. Stock ratio

    Upgraded to taller 5th. Stock 5th for sale if anyone needs it. It's been posted on the vortex and zero bites so far. I thought it'd sell quick there. They're in perfect shape $150 shipped. Paypal
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    W8 Overhead console USED for sale.

    Sold our B5.5 Passat, I removed this console before selling. I have one exactly like this in my 2003 Golf TDi. Perfect fit. Asking $60 shipped to anywhere in the USA. Look at the pictures carefully, it's got a few spots of chipped paint on it. Worked perfectly in the wife's car. I ran a...