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    Totalled my 98 Jetta

    I totalled my 98 TDI and it's difficult to find another unit that was that clean and rust free. Even the insurance co had a challenge finding equivalent values. I'm winding up my TDI experience after almost 20 years and can't express the value that this club has been to me over those years...
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    Rear Axle Beam Bushing Re&Re

    I put this off on my 99 A3 even as the odo hit 430,000km. The handling was poor and it was wandering and it rusted out before I got under it. My 'new to me' 98 wanders off the crown, pulls a little left and handles like it's in mud. I have done the front end - and it needed it. LCA bushings...
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    WTD - 98 Mk3 Cruise Control harness stalk to fuse box

    I am adding cruise control to my 98 Jetta and have the stalk, now just need the harness (plug to plug) that goes from the stalk to the fuse block. TIA Paul
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    VW Shop Tools and Other stuff - CL - Terrace, BC Not mine and not affiliated, but located close to me in Terrace, BC (northern British Columbia Canada). Perhaps someone is interested from this board - or not.
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    Club Keeps Growing!!

    Most users online - yesterday 2,993!! The club keeps on growing.
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    Sure miss the ole mutt. Over a year and not a post. Another great guy that'll be missed on this board. Here's to ya Whitey :)
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    Have you been screwed by a TDICLUB Vendor?

    Maybe it's not the general membership that is making this club slide...maybe it's bad vendor or someone else hawking their wares. Matt's latest post is the reason I wanted to start this poll.
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    Poll: TDIClub has become like VORTEX

    I was wondering if I'm alone in my thoughts about TDIClub... Has TDIClub slowly denegrated to the level of that which we used to mock?
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    Light Bars

    Wonders if Bartholemew sells lightbars
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    Driving Lights

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    Recommended Mechanic -- Vancouver area

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    Diagnosing MAF issues

    but it beats having your personal info spread around by
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    Turbo - Preventative Maintenance

    the best preventative medicine is not to buy street and toys and turbos from any place in utah.
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    FS: 1985 Jetta NA Diesel

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    Audi TDi Wins LeMans

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    programmable wiper relay mod (KAE Brand)

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    Static IP Timing

    For the Club - I've been working trying to get my static timing, but the only way I can get it is to advance the pump to the end of the slots and then skip a tooth on the IP pump. The reason is because the pin in the injection pump is sloppy and no matter what I do, I can't seem to get all the...