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    Wtb kpe1 alh manifold

    I need just the hot side
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    Alh 5 speed help plz

    The swap is done it runs drives but when the nut should open it dies. Almost like it is stuck in auto tune but it has been switched to 2 on soft coding and can bus gateway to 6. The car literally dies and like floods out any help be great
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    Alh 5 speed swap

    I just preformed a 5 speed swap in my 01 Jetta and the n 75 is not working right. I re coded the ECU to 2 even reset the can bus gateway to 6 and it still does not work properly. It does run and move but stays in quick spool and when the nut should open it floods the motor out and it dies any...
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    90 Quattro coupe

    I have a 90 Quattro coupe I'd like to see what it will fetch on here shoot an offer. Open to trades It's 7a 5 cylinder petrol pearl white blue interior all stock car. Was hit in from amd had been r titled dam shame it should of been fixed not totalled Just was old and no part availability
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    Wtb: gen 1 standalone haldex controller

    Anyone with a lead or has one please pm me thanks
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    Sorry double post

    Sorry double post
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    Fresh rebuild runs then stalls out

    I just freshly assembled my engine with brm pistons and Molnar rods into my alh 1.9. the head has been polished and a cam installed along with all new hardware valves springs retainers seals etc. All this work was done by very reputable TDI guy and was performed with the utmost accuracy. So I...
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    Dawes device install directions?

    I'm looking to see if any one has the Dawes device boost controller installed and if so how is it hooked up thanks
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    German mfg vs Mexico mfg

    So doing a four motion swap I could not help but notice the difference in quality of workman ship between the two. Mexico uses a mig type welder and they did not use it very much... And Germany used a brazing whick held very well and was in alot of places the welds were not in the Mexico car...
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    R32 aristo wheel

    In good shape I have four Aristo wheels from a r32 mk4. Two of the four have good tires. Asking
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    Mk4 caster correct

    Moog makes a upper strut bushing that has caster and camber adjustment for the mk4. I purchased them on rock auto and previous lift was 29 3/4 to fender and now is 31 3/4 so this was a win win Moog part number k90488
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    Wtb*** mk4 r32 rear trunk section

    I'm doing a tdi 4 motion build come high or heck water. I need the rear seat/trunk section out of a mk4 r32 to fit the haldex and prop shaft into a mk4 jetta. Any one with a lead on one for sale please pm I'm near Pittsburgh and am willing to come drill one out of a wrecked car cash in hand...
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    Need head work done

    Sorry if this is the wrong place but I'm looking for someone to do my head work on my alh valve seals are leaking slightly and want to prevent any damage. I was suggested to Frank 06 but I can't find him. A point in the general direction would be awesome thanks in advance. Looking to get this...
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    Can or no cam

    I daily drive my car about 40 miles round trip have a bunch of upgrades but I am leaking oil around the valve on a few cylinders. I'm wondering if I should stick to the stock Cam or upgrade to a colt Cam. I do pull a trailer up n down the mountain in the winter to snowmobile and dirt bike in the...
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    Oil or fuel in manifold??

    So I ripped my gtb 1756vk off the other day the welds ain't no good got pin holes all around it that let either fuel or oil out of.i just removed the injectors about a week ago n cleaned them using foaming oven cleaner seemed to work pretty good. The injector had no oil on it but looked clean...
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    What turbo to buy?update

    Received my gtb1756vk from got tuned today and an very happy with it. Had to RE weld the exhaust to accept the flange, no biggy. Did the supply oil and return oil lines, got the fmic RE mounted and the lower charge pipe with new pancake pipe. Did the DIY lift and ghetto MOD air shocks used...
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    Where to buy diy lift parts

    Am looking to do the DIY lift with the ghetto air shock MOD and I need to know where to get the pieces.also instead of doing the upper rear shock mount drop was going to put four inches of pipe on top since two inches is for stock height thoughts?
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    What turbo to buy?

    Hello I currently need a new turbo and am looking for inputs. Car is an 02 alh jetta and mods are fmic 2.5-3 exhaust. Pd150 intake sbc stage three endurance bosio ulsd 1019 11mm IP lift pump old man intake from Kerma. kerma tune thanks for all inputs in advance
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    Mk3 ahu to mk4 alh ip plug swap?

    Got a new pump for a mk3 looks the same as mk4 but the plug is different can it be swapped
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    02 jetta great parts car

    have an 02 jetta with 211*** it been thru a flood and am done chasing electrical issue it has a ton of good parts with low miles on them. I want 2300 for the car parts are as follows fmic new power steering rack glx strut with upgraded brakes new k frame new bushing all the way threw Garret...