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    DSP "Foam Fix" Blend Door plug kit

    The plug kit we designed and have been installing in our customer cars for years is now available for sale. Basically, if you don't have heat, or are tired of being pelted by foam coming out of your vents, this is the kit for you These are made in house, and typically ship the same business...
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    Project TDI Cabreetle

    Project TDI Cabreetle! This is my former VR6 Cabrio: VR6 is going into a Miata for maximum fun. BHW block with ALH head and IP engine swap into a MK3 Transporter Pistons MK4 wiring harness swap MK4 Beetle Dash, Air box, and airbag system Manual convertible top conversion 96/97 Passat 5 speed...
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    RIP Bryan Dunbar aka Redneck Truck

    Hey it's with a heavy heart that I am writing this. Bryan Dunbar, a.k.a. Redneck Truck was killed recently in a motorcycle accident. While Bryan and me were not always on the best of terms, I still considered him a friend, and someone who was always willing to succeed doing something new with...
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    VCDS SORD Module Replacement Error

    Might be something Uwe can help with... So I have a 2012 Jetta in my shop the old SORD module was removed (previous mechanic changed seats with junkyard seat) Ordered by VIN a new SORD module, original part number 5C6-959-339-A superseded to 5H6-959-339-B 002 Airbag Module is 5C0-959-655-E...
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    TDI bike

    Didn't see this here, did a search so I'm posting it now... lol... AWESOME! Looks like non turbo, could be IDI, but still diesel. Even uses the transmission!
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    04 treg, powertrain data bus defective

    Strange things are afoot at the circle k this month! Okay, so we get a ton of faults in the system if I floor it, or have any load on the system... it basically limp modes everything and you get to reset and drive happy to keep it from shutting down again. Just trying to put it out there to...
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    700,000 Mile Exclusive Club

    Yup, finally crossed it... just this weekend, gotta love Christmas Vacation...
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    Weird 6 speed clutch issue.

    The Intro: Okay, so I don't usually post anymore, but here's the deal: I've got a member of the forum that I converted his 5 speed to a 6 speed back in May after he had a diff fail. All parts were Customer Supplied, including a 6 speed specific clutch kit The Problem: The clutch will disengage...
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    Coding/Login for BHW Manual Swap?

    Just seeing if anyone has any information on how to recode the BHW for manual transmission... Uwe? Logins? Codings? If not I'll just flash it... and swap coding while I'm there...
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    T4 Pistons in the BHW Block!

    We've finally gotten around to put the T4 Pistons into the Kill Da Auto Passat Project car. Instead of ordering these from europe, I was able to source them a bit cheaper through Protrusion from the block was 1.05mm, exactly the same as the stock pistons. Just look at that...
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    alphaseinor's new Shop in Frisco, TX is open

    Hey Everyone, I've been doing TDIClub work for a number of years, We are excited to be in our new location in Denton, TX (we were in Frisco...) This facility is about twice the size of our previous one, and hopefully will help us get the cars in and out more quickly (we were a 3 bay shop, now...
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    Legal euro conversion ideas

    I know that vw makes engines for almost every make and model of vehicle in Europe, it makes me think the blocks have the correct bolt patterns for those vehicles, but the internals could be the same as our beloved TDI. This might be a stretch, but it's easier to import a block, than a complete...
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    intermittent boost problem

    Okay this is a customers car, I'm a little stumped since I haven't seen this problem before 02 beetle ALH here's what I know: the vehicle will accelerate fine when cold it will accelerate fine from a stop, so long as you don't let up on the throttle if you lightly roll on the throttle boost...
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    maxed out at 621358 miles, 1 gigameter limit?

    Okay, here it is... quite possibly the highest mileage 2003 I've ever seen... and the odo is stuck here, trip still works... tracking mileage with the 2000 mile marks on the trip odo. sorry for the large photo... hopefully it will show up correctly... if not...
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    TDIInnovations has moved to Plano, TX

    Just wanted everyone to know that we've moved! Stop by and say Hi. Should be Frisco, not Plano The new name: Digi Sport Performance (DSP for short) The new address: 110A Rose Lane Frisco, TX 75034 New Hours: 5-10 Monday - Friday Saturday by appointment only The phone number is still the same...
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    TDI contest, vote for me!

    Hey everyone! I've entered in a competition on instructables for my kill da auto wabbit basically, I'm doing shameless begging for votes and ratings on instuctables. I've been working for the last couple of years...
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    BRM turbo actuator

    I'm looking for a BRM turbo actuator... anyone have a source for them new?
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    Setting readiness codes

    how do you set readiness codes in the BRM? I've been having an issue with yet another underboost/EGR problem. This one is a little different than most of the other ones. It won't set readiness codes, keeps saying EGR failed/incomplete. If it were a gasser, I suppose you could just to your...
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    Stolen Beetle

    I've got a car missing. It's a 99 Beetle TDI. Blue. it's got a dent in the rear bumper, and a WVO gauge setup on the left side of the dash. VIN:3VWCF21C8XM439886 Anyone see it. Call the police and tell them. They're supposed to be looking for it as well.
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    A5 TDI reccurring issues... anyone else?

    I'm starting to see recurring issues with the EGR valve on 05.5-06.5 cars... just wanted to see if anyone else is seeing this problem. symptom: Runs like it's missing at all speeds (history of 505.01) 1) unplugging MAF will make it idle, but no power 2) unpulugging EGR will make it run better...