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    If I didn't have bad luck....

    As the title says, and hopefully it is true that bad luck only comes in 3's, I figured I would fill everyone in on my escapades of the past couple weeks. So the first event started on Friday 7/24. While driving at lunch the CEL lit up. Took it in on Monday and had it scanned and found the...
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    Strange Thing Happend On The Way Home

    So last Thursday I was on my way home from work cruising down I70W in the left lane about 75MPH (normal routine) when about 2 miles before Clear Spring my Passat went into limp mode and the glow plug light started flashing. I made it to the right shoulder, fearing the worst, and the car stalled...
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    100K Club

    I hit a milestone on my way home tonight.:D It only took 2 years 6 days.
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    Service Campaigns?

    So I took my car in for the new-car checkup and they found 2 open campaigns on the car - 50A5 and 64C6. Does anyone have any details on these campaigns? From the service statement 50A5 is some kind of software check. The service writer said the 64C6 has something to do with the windows...
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    My New Ride

    After loosing my 2004 last week I picked up a new 2012 from Chris @ Langhorne today. Here are a couple of pictures.
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    The Baby's Dead!

    Had a little accident yesterday on the way into work. Hit an island in the middle of the road with the left front wheel. Wheel is cocked in, makes a grinding sound when in gear. Insurance declared it a total loss:(. I'll get pictures to post in the next couple of days. Big Cry!
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    Love the Chain!

    For grins checking out the spec's of the new Touareg and saw the following: Woo Hoo! Can't wait.:rolleyes:
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    Map Light Switch(s)

    Has anyone had any problems with their switches breaking? I had one go last winter and the 2nd one go last week. Basically they are now in the on position constantly and when you push them in they don't "click" and stay in the off position. I've taken the lights out so they don't burn all the...
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    I270 in MD

    I270 South about 6:00 this morning by the Weigh Station (in the backup) Grey Jetta SportWagen VA tags UBRDZL.
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    Md I-270 N

    Saw a silver Jetta with a club frame. NB I-270 just before Urbana (RT 80) about 4:45 this evening. I was in my F350 with a club frame.
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    Passat 1/Deer 0

    Well, Varmit Deer decided to try and cross eastbound I-70 this morning at about 5:30 as i was going down South Mountain between Hagerstown and Frederick MD. It made it as far as getting it's head & neck out into the fast lane, where I clipped it doing 75. Car's driving fine, I'll try to get...
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    Light Green Passat

    Had a club plate frame with MD tags for GW. You passed me going north on I-270 about the weight station just after 5pm.
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    Rockville MD

    Blue NB with a club frame on Wooten Parkway at 3:50 pm today. Tag said 4th Bug
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    Battery Replacement

    I went to get my battery replaced this morning and we couldn't get the old one out. We got the bracket off that holds the battery down but we could not lift and tip the battery enough to get it out of where the tray is. Is there a "trick" we were missing? The battery seems to get hung on a...
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    Hagerstown MD - Passat

    2/14 @ 5:45 pm at I-70 & I-81. There was a blue 2004/2005 Passat TDI, Virginia plates. I was the green Passat that came up behind and passed you.
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    Hagerstown MD

    Grey Passat in the Cracker Barrel parking lot (I-70 & MD-65) about 11 am today.
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    Tranny Went

    Well, on my way home tonight my tranny started acting up. First it acted like the torque converter wouldn't lockup. Then awhile later it started slipping in 5th gear. When I finally got off the interstate at my exit it just quit moving at the end of the ramp. There is definitely some fluid...
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    Thanks Tomo366!

    As the title says Thanks Tomo!:) The 1-year anniversary of Tomo allowing me to purchase is lovely baby Passat has just past. It has been a great year and I am still in love with the car! We've doubled the mileage that was on the car (85,424 when I just got home) without a hiccup. Thanks a...
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    MD I-70 West

    Red 2006 Jetta on MD I-70 West at Braddick Heights about 6:30 tonight (5/1). You had a club license plate holder. I followed you to South Mountain where I came up on your right but didn't catch your eye. When I got in front I flashed my 4-way's to say hi.
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    Mid MD TDI

    About 5:20 pm, I-70 West, climbing South Mountain white Golf TDI. The rear window had a large sticker that said "Powered by Vegetable Oil"