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    B7 RS4 3.0 Tdi

    After a long few months of hard work I finally had a chance to post the engine is almost ready for its first test fire after 4 years I'm hoping to be starting it within the next week I'm waiting on an oil filter housing for a V10 TDI to complete the oil system here's some pictures of the...
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    Touareg 3.0tdi 2260 upgrade max hp

    I bought a 2260vzk from Europe to replace my 2056 I was wondering what is the max safe power ? And or boost ? Will I notice the upgrade difference or did I waste my money
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    Connecting rod design?

    What are people thoughts on con rod styles i have been working on modeling rod for my 3.0 tdi build and have been informed that h beams are inferior apposed to a i beam design i have modeled both styles and weight seems to be similar although depending on cross section
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    3.0 tdi solenoid injector conversion?

    Looking for some insight on a solenoid injector conversion seems like upgraded piezo nozzles are inpossible/expensive Newer 4cyl cr use solenoids but my edc16 is for piezo anyway to convert it for solenoid ? Or am i stuck with goin standalone management?
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    3.0 v6 tdi engine audi b7

    Selling a long term project sad to see in go but not sure if i will ever finish and would like to see it go to the right home i understand this will be diffcult to sell because of the cost but i wanna see if theres any interest It includes a bw s356v brand new and b7 a4 ecu and harness...
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    B6 S4 bhw compound turbo build

    Finally got a chance to post I thread about my build this is one of the few compound turbo build in a longitudinal setup running on the street I took a slightly different approach for Turbo placement which ended up being a very good success I'm running a tdo4 13t high pressure Turbo had a...
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    Possibly the first v10 tdi dpf/egr delete w/o pulling engine?

    I just wanted to say I managed to do a DPF and EGR Delete without pulling the motor on my v10 treg I have done a lot of research prior with many results coming up as drop engine. For anyone contemplating this it is doable with a lot of patience. Start by removing all the EGR up top this...
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    Timing vs serpentine belt to run cp3

    What are others thoughts on running the cp3 off the crank on a 3.0tdi 20mm htd or a simlar width poly v serpentine belt ? My concern with the serpentine is when its wet it mite slip and cause fueling issues
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    B5 a4 8v pd drag car build

    Just figured i would make a thread of our drag car build we have been working on it for several months currently its running firad 160s stage 4 clutch compound turbos very large fmic and the car is completely gutted this will be the beginning of a long thread as we progress
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    alh vs bhw block

    aside from drilling the lower idler and the 81mm bore are the blocks structurally the same ?
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    Head porting .....

    They say if you dont know what u doing while porting you will damage the swirl and make it run like crap which i understand but why when the ports have so much carbon build up the still run great ?
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    6.4 powerstroke vnt on a 2.0 8v pd

    I mite be able to get my hands on a the turbo off a 6.4 powerstroke i cant seem to find much info on specs but its a borg warner bv70 i confirmed it has a 74mm comp exducer im gonna assume the inducer is 50-54 mm how would this be on daily ? Little bit smaller than a s356v...
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    Bhw performance manifold

    I made up a 7mm phenolic intake spacer and after realized that the manifold hits the exhaust manifold so this is what i came up with.. i like the way it turned out practically looks oem and i can finally do away with block off plates while i was in the process i figured i would bore...
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    Bmw vs audi gtb2260vk

    Does anyone know if the chra from a bmw turbo will work for audi i found a cheap offshore new chra for 150 shipped i willing to gamble at that price
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    2.0 tdi pd bw s356v

    Is a s356 daily driveable on 4 cyl pd with firad 120 just blew my 2260
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    Immo 3 cluster blues

    So i swaped a immo 3 cluster into a immo 2 car but the ecu is also matching the immo 3 cluster from the same car but has immo delete and i popped the capsule in my original immo 2 key from a different immo 3 car and when i follow all the vcds instructions i enter my login then...
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    Gtb electric actuator trobles..

    I converted my edc16 2.0 pd to electric actuator im usong a 6nw 008 412 mercedes actuator we changed tge frequency to 140hz and all the actuator does is wobbles a bit but its not predictable zero boost control also i did wire the missing ground a ground to the acuator ...
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    Cp3 differences?

    Can anyone confirm the differences between the pump on the v6 tdi the one i bought is made completely from cast iron its from a c6 a6 the one i noticed bobby used has an aluminum front section with different inlet and oulets which is better ? Or same ?
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    2056 vs 2260 exhaust housing same ???

    Are they interchangeable
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    Bw shaft speed sensor output

    Can anyone chime in on the shaft speed sensor i believe they a variable reluctance Type i wanted to hook this up to my vfiz cluster readout the guy says its doable but he said to post on the forums and see what comes up .