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    Im back, another new to me 2015- 2 stage recall on the 15?

    picked up another 2015 NMS, ok...its been a few years- refresh my memory on the 2 stage recall. This car has had only the original recall done and is popping up in the service department for needing the 2nd one done, what is all involved in the 2nd and will it decrease my MPG? I am currently...
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    alignment help

    thank you thundershorts, this is the info i needed- some shops wont touch the subframe....i know nothing about alignments but i know enough to know eating the inside to the steel in 40k while the rest of the tire has half its tread left isnt normal, major neg camber (handles great). will take it...
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    I have a 2015 with the stage 1 emission fix, and the DSG mapping sucks compared to my late 2013, its delayed and smashes pre selection gear changes so hard I can here them- sounds like a teen trying to learn a 5 speed without a clutch. I suggest a DSG tune
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    alignment help

    well yeah, its blown the inside out of all 4 over the last year.
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    alignment help

    hello, im on my 2nd TDI nms and both wore the inside of the front's out fast, my current 2015 wore them to the cords yet vw says the alignment is in spec. does anyone have the recommend specs for the front end that I can give to a independent shop? The car drives perfect, just the inside edge of...
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    LED interior lights, hanging the controller open?

    I installed all LED interior lights, now they stay dimly lit 24/7- is it somehow not allowing the controller to close? Same problem on my 2012 ram truck, but the interior lights are not lit- but the battery's die in 4 days. any help is pretty welcomed :D
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    shell T6 5w40 no issues what so ever 2015 TDI, I started using this oil after dodge issued a TSB to drain the 507 spec 0w30 out of the eco diesel engines and replace it with T6 due to lower end failures. The eco diesel has the same emission system as our TDI's so I figured this would be a good...
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    2015 Passat Overheated and Coolant blown out from expansion bottle

    the water pump on my 15 sounds terrible, but still runs cool and no leaks. Im half tempted to just do my own work when it goes rather than chance paying vw shop prices. I'll check out ID Parts, see if they have the improved pump :D
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    Just lost my only key fob, question on vcds

    Great news, I emailed the previous owner to ask if they had any spare fobs and somehow they had just found the 2nd one a week ago and planned to send it to me- he over nighted me the fob for free! YAY Question- Now that I have a working fob can I use VCDS to pair the 2 more I ordered myself in...
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    Just lost my only key fob, question on vcds

    I needed to do this to get it off the trailer, one should note that my SEL didn't pop up like his in the video. pulled like crazy from the front and by the ebrake- got it 1/4 the way up but it popped and left stress marks both to the left and right of my cup holder :( I was able to sneak a...
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    Just lost my only key fob, question on vcds

    broke a come along, that thing was rough to get aboard....after it was all buttoned up a dude who owns a towing company walked up after hauling his boat out of the water, he said there should be a Manuel park lock override below the cowling to the right of the dsg selector? Anyone know about...
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    Just lost my only key fob, question on vcds

    Yup, your right- Spent most of last night online, I think mytubodiesel can get me up and running with a premium membership with 2 new keys and my VCDS- your right the SKC is a issue. The car is 5 hours away from the dealer so i am Going to try and drag it onto a U haul trailer today- jacking up...
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    Memory seats and mirrors+Fob

    will do, geese what a weekend!
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    Just lost my only key fob, question on vcds

    just lost my only SEL kessy fob in the river (don't ask) my car is in the parking lot locked up and sorta safe. Question, Can I use vcds to pair the Non Kessy key fob from my totaled 2013 SE to my new 2015 SEL? Hoping to avoid paying for a new fob. Thanks, Joe
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    Memory seats and mirrors+Fob

    I had the battery out for 2 hours during the dsg service, it remembered. Thanks JimMi, that's the exact method I had in my 2013 Manuel and it doesn't work- thinking I disabled the memory seats in VCDS by mistake when I turned off the seatbelt warning and the auto locks.
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    What have we learned about EA288 diesel maintenance & longevity?

    740GLE do you notice this since you own both CKRA and EA288 cars? Myself and 2 others I know who own 15's with the EA288 all notice that it sounds strange, like a bad bearing in a AC pump or something but everything checks out just fine. Very noticeable in a drive threw. Other than that, all 3...
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    Second DSG service

    just a month, your pretty nice! Anyway, its almost always 4.5L and not 5L on every dsg iv done. plus, its a million times easier than a toyota hybrid brake job
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    Memory seats and mirrors+Fob

    Hello everyone, I have yet to figure out how to clear the previous owners seat memory out of my key fob- been re adjusting everything every drive for 15k now. My new 2015 SEL didn't come with a Manuel but I do have my totaled 2013's manual figured a SEL seat is the same but maybe not? I have...
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    Free CRKA oil filter for shipping

    I have one in oregon as well
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    2014 passat clock sprink

    just a FYI they covered the clock spring in a warranty extension last month on 2012-2014 models. They gave me my $500 bucks back! :)