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    San Diego area Guru recommendation needed.

    I need recommendations for a trusted TDI Guru in the San Diego area. Project is a top end reseal of an ALH/VE IP pump for a family members' car. I checked the list & did not see anyone in that area. Thanks in advance.
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    B4V for sale.

    Not mine. No affiliation. thought someone might be interested. 96 B4V, green/tan. Said to be 140k miles. I am amazed at the number of low milage A3s & B4s that have appeared recently...
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    97 Blurple Sedan Going to the Boneyard

    Tom,. I can get over there early this week if you cannot wait for Jim.
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    03 Wagon....little cosmetics - Project cleanup

    Try unhesive. But only after trying in a paint area out if sight to verify it will not harm the paint finish. I have also had luck with butter wax loosening paint splatter and glue residue with not harm to auto paint surfaces.
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    06 Jetta/BRM part out.

    PMs/inquiries responded to via PM
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    Random Hard Start

    My '12 JSW manual has done something similar recently. I am suspecting the aux. fuel pump. Glow pug cycling does not appear to help. I will try Matt's accelerator tapping suggestion and check pump activation w/ door opening.
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    Parting out 1996 Passat wagon B4V 1Z TDI

    No worries. When ever is good for you. Please attend to your more pressing matters first.
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    06 Jetta/BRM part out.

    Central MD/Annapolis area. White/tan, BRM 5 speed manual package 1 car part out. Front seats very worn. Transmission cracked. Otherwise, parts in good to very good condition. Please PM needs. I will respond with prices. Local pick-up preferred. Engine has 250K on it. Cam done @ 160K...
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    Do I Need To Tune??

    From the outside looking in: If you have been happy with the car to date. Have it fixed under warranty. Once warranty runs out, then decide the next step. A tune might be appropriate. Various pros & cons that you have read about. But, then again, if you have made it 178K miles/11 years on...
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    How to evaluate different tunes? Kerma, Malone?

    I think the answer depends upon your mechanical & problem solving abilities with these cars. I have witnessed a tuner attempt to get a car properly set up only to find underlying hardware/engine issues. If you are able to competently wrench & problem solve, you should be fine going the remote...
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    How to evaluate different tunes? Kerma, Malone?

    From the outside looking in, and from my experience, there are several good tuners. My suggestion is to select your tuner and TDI trusted guru, based upon your location and their ability to work easily work together. It appears you are in VA. You have 2 excellent choices:. 1. RocketChip...
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    Road trip, Missouri to upstate New York and back.

    Sounds like a nice road trip. Enjoy. If you need support along the way, just give a shout. I am in MD.
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    2002 Golf with a Belly Full of Gasoline...

    Yes. You did it right. I let my son deal with his drama (albeit with a few suggestions when he asked). Experience is the best educator.
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    2002 Golf with a Belly Full of Gasoline...

    Something similar happened to the NB my son had in FL. Long story made short, he let his older brother (also a TDI owner) borrow it for a spring break trip. One of his older brothers friends, who was 1st in his class at USNA & headed off to Nuc power school was trying to be nice & contribute...
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    97 Jetta TDI on FB Marketplace, 33k miles...

    Understood & agreed on Steve's comments. But, without knowing the situation & dynamics, almost anything is possible.
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    WTB Dieselgeek Oil Bypass Filter Kit - $Name your Price$

    Glad you like it. I will follow Mark Twain's wisdom of "NEVER ARGUE WITH STUPID PEOPLE. THEY WILL DRAG YOU DOWN TO THEIR LEVEL AND BEAT YOU WITH EXPERIENCE.”. I'm out you win.
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    WTB Dieselgeek Oil Bypass Filter Kit - $Name your Price$

    "Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly.". Spencer w Kimball.
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    97 Jetta TDI on FB Marketplace, 33k miles...

    Asking price of a car (and most things) for sale does not indicate the selling selling price. In private personal property sales, such as a car, where there is not 3rd party in the transaction, and the purchaser is on the honor system to report the sales/purchase price for purchase sales/title...
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    Do titanium bumper screws exist for any VW?

    The easiest source might be McMaster Carr supply in a 304 or 316 grade stainless
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    06 problems breed problems?

    Try cleaning ALL the grounds and the fusible links & fuse connections on the engine space fuse/relay box front side. Search out the subject on this MKV forum. Do not ignore the main negative ground cables from the battery 12VDC- down to the transmission. While you are at it, clean the 12VDC+...