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    Black mk5 jetta with tdiclub plate frame on 64 in nc

    I was behind you with a 14 gray passat tdi, first time i’ve seen a plate frame on the road.
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    ‘14 Passat No MFI Lights No Start Good Battery

    ‘14 Passat wierd issues no start 2 days later no drive Drove my ‘14 sel Premium to work today, everything was fine. Locked the car with kessy, worked for 7.5 hours, come out to the car, unlock the door with kessy, put all the windows down with the driver front window switch (it didn’t tilt the...
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    Polar FIS equivalent for Beetle?

    I bought a polar fis for my 14 passat a couple months ago, love it! I like knowing when its in regen, so i just drive a little longer. It will not work on the beetle because of the small mfi like the jetta. Any recommendations? I have an old iphone i could use for an app. (Posted while...
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    Squirrel under my hood

    I have a ‘14 passat tdi sel, i have found a squirrel or acorns under the hood twice. I know i am lucky to have this warning, i have a couple ant-rodent noise makers and smelly stuff on the ground underneath the car, any other suggestions? I dont have a garage unfortunately. I always clean...
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    Anti-gel additive for diesel in NC?

    Long stretch of COLD weather in central NC (below freezing from saturday until wednesday) and several mornings in the teens or less. I have a pair of tdis: '14 passat and '13 beetle. What fuel additive is recommended so the diesel wont gel? I'm loving the passat's remote start (it seems to...
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    2014 Passat Black 'Appliques' cracked

    Just bought a 2014 passat tdi, most of the 'appliques' black trim at the center of the doors and 1 of the little triangles on the passenger rear door are shattered. Any tips on the aftermarket covers/stickers?