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    Does brake fluid go bad?

    I just wondered if brake fluid must be disposed of after opening the can and doing a flush/fluid change? I know once it's exposed to air it can absorb moisture etc. I just bled the brakes with my new motive brake bleeder, and was wondering what I should do with the rest of the can of ATE blue...
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    Bridestone Touranza LS-H's

    Bridestone Touranza LS-H\'s After reading all the great reviews and seeing how much cheaper these were than the michelins that came on the car, I bought a set of 195/65/HR15 yesterday. All I can say is they are great. Very quiet, great grip, and I got caught in a horrible rainstorm this morning...
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    Biodiesel in canada?

    There isn't anything listed I dont believe, I had a cummins guy ask me if I knew where to find bio in canada. Do any of you get it up there??
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    Cummins says no biodiesel in 03+ trucks!?

    I'm waiting to hear back from them, but reportedly a few forum members have contacted Cummins regarding biodiesel usage in 2003+ dodge rams. The 2003+ rams have high pressure common rail injection, and cummins claims biodiesel causes 'flocking', and therefore doesn't allow it. I'm not sure what...
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    OK guys, it's for sale. 2002 Jetta GLS TDI Loaded

    OK guys, it\'s for sale. 2002 Jetta GLS TDI Loaded Well the decision has been made. While I hate to do it, the TDI must go to make room for the new truck. Meticulously maintained and has tons of additions/accessories. Dark blue exterior, tan leather inside, 5-speed Luxury package, cold weather...
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    Hess fuel kept separate?

    There have been rumors for a while but I've not seen it confirmed one way or the other. I emailed hess and got an answer to all of my questions but this one. Is hess fuel kept separate from other fuels, or does it travel down the same pipeline with all the other fungible diesel #2 product the...
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    Importing european car? 330D?

    The BMW 330D looks sweet. Looks to be about 200hp and 300lbs torque, 6cyl, 45mph hwy. I know grey market importers can somehow get these vehicles, but they must be made to meet emissions. How complex is this process and how expensive? Could a tank of bio make it meet emissions?
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    2004.5 Cummins to have EGR

    Well, they haven't made an official announcement, but from what I've gathered from email responses from Cummins, DC, and the dodge forums, all things point to EGR on all build dates after Jan 1 2004. Just a fyi, to those thinking of buying a Cummins Ram. Now is the time!! =] Right now they...
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    *considering* sale of '02 Jetta GLS - loaded

    *considering* sale of \'02 Jetta GLS - loaded Not sure yet, just considering selling it. I'm wanting something larger and 4wd for my active lifestyle. Hate to give up the mileage but need the room. Anyone near Florida interested? 2002 Jetta GLS TDI Galactic Blue(dark/midnight) 56K miles 5-speed...
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    Sound proof your car with Dynamat? Anyone tried?

    I was thinking about trying to sound proof my car a bit with dynamat. I have a friend up north that did this to his gasser Jetta, and the car is unbelievably quiet. I'd love to remove the seats and carpet, and dynamat the entire metal flooring, and inside the doors. Does anyone know how to...
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    New Lawn Tractor! What oil to use?

    Guys sorry if this is off the tdi topic, but figured the collective knowledge about oils was here if anywhere, and wasn't really sure where to post... Today I bought a Husqvarna riding lawn tractor with a 15HP Kawasaki v-twin . The oil recommendation chart is very broad. It says - API...
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    ticking noise?

    I recently had the dealer replace under warranty- my valve cover/gasket and my vaccum pump 0-ring. Since these repairs, now when I come to a stop with the windows down or sit in a drive-thru, I hear an intermittant ticking type noise, that sounds like its coming from under the car. Anyone have...
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    Funny forum you guys may like , rips on ricers... Check out the spy photos section, lol.
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    Anyone tried the $29 fuel filters from German Auto

    I wonder how German Auto Parts' web site sells fuel filters for $29 when impex has mann etc for 33, and oem for $38? Has anyone tried the $29 filter, what brand is it, and is there anything wrong with it? Just wondering if there's a reason it's cheaper....
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    Anyone know of a good Lexus Forum?

    My mom's b/f has a ls430 and a few questions. I did a few searches and didn't really come up with any good lexus forums. Anyone know of one?
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    Help removing EGR please =]

    I'm going to take my manifold off to clean it, and have my EGR mostly off. The only thing still connected is the anti shudder valve. It's still hooked up to a device with a few vacuum hoses, and i'm wondering how to break the egr/anti shudder assembly totally free. What do I disconnect...
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    WTB - EPS Device *DELETED*

    Post deleted by Lightman
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    Lowest safe tread depth?

    My original Michelins are nearing the treadwear indicators. How low can/should one safely go before replacing the tires?
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    Clicking noise at idle?

    I just got my car back from the dealer, they put a new valve cover on and vacuum pump o-ring. Now i was at a drive thru today and heard a strange clicking that was intermittant and sounded like it was coming from the engine or below the car.... any ideas?