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    Calipers mkiv

    2002 golfs. Are you people replacing rear calipers when the parking brake lever doesn’t engage or is there a way to fix this? Also for calipers in general, including fronts, what is a way to know if they need to be replaced other than signs of seal leakage? As for the rears, I just replaced the...

    2002 Trunk latch

    Now that it’s gettin warmer I tried to figure out why my hatch wasn’t opening. Took the cover off to find the plastic piece in step 3 of this article was off altogether. Put it back on and worked fine. Turned the lock to open with the key and it popped off again. Do they sell this little piece...

    2002 golf trunk

    Can't open it with the key or remote. Help.

    Bypass pulley

    Where can I get one of these for an 2002 alh?

    2002 golf accessory belt

    I started to hear a bad bearing type noise on startup that would go away shortly seconds after the car was started. If I stopped at a store, you would hear that scrape noise and it would go away after 2 seconds. Yesterday I started the car, went to pull out and had no power steering, battery...

    2002 Golf Fans stay on

    Burning smell and fans are staying on after car is off. If I pull the 30 amp fuse on top of the battery they go off.

    Craftsman hose clamp tool wuestion

    I’ve had this set for a while. Don’t use it terribly often and remember this had been a problem in the past. The heads that grab the clamps are held in by eclips that tend to slide off plunder pressure sometimes. Does anyone know if craftsman sells the replacement clips to throw in my tool box.....

    Bilstein tc rear shock install

    I’m doing this in my driveway. I did this many moons ago and can’t remember the order of events. What are the steps in replacing the rear shocks? Please refresh my memory.

    Thermostat 02 TDI

    How do you replace these? Do you need to drain the radiator? Or can you just pull it off and replace it? Any step by step or better yet YouTube videos?

    2016 oil spec

    What is the oils spec for a 2016 tsi motor? Any recommendations?


    2002 golf immer grille. The one that holds the emblem and painted Part. My tab snapped up top near the hood Release.

    Mkiv VW Oem roof rack

    I have two sets for sale, one bicycle rack made by Thule (need to remove front bicycle wheel to mount) for VW oem, a bicycle wheel carrier, and a bicycle rack where you can keep the front wheel on. The bike racks may need new straps. I’m in Bath, New Hampshire. Make an offer. Local pick up preferred

    Coolant Valve 16512 code

    Scanned with vag. The code is coolant valve 16512 / n214 The symptoms are it takes a long time for the needle to get to 190 of ever depending how far we go. Is this a thermostat or coolant sensor? How do you change the thermostat?

    Any New Hampshire guys?

    Please drop me a line if your in NH if I’ve not already contacted you.....I have some questions.

    Black and white check valve to n75

    Can this cause an over boost if it’s bad? I can suck and blow (yeah I know) on both ends of this thing....

    Overboost on long rolling hills.

    This is random, not very re-producible. I replaced the vacuum can and all the soft vacuum lines on my 02 alh last spring. My old can was rotted out for the 2nd time. Just did the n75 output test on both of my 02 alh vehicles. My n75 seems to make a chirp sound the first couple of cycles and then...

    Very random overboost.

    The vacuum can is in good condition and adjusted properly. About two months ago I went into limo mode, and it was from overboost. I believe the vanes are slightly sticky. I started to drive more aggressively and it seems to have gone away for a couple months. Took several 1000 mile round trips...

    Removing lower dash cover

    I’ve done this a bunch of times over the years. You remove the three screws and then you kind of work the plastic cover down and rearward to access under the pedal area. My question is, what is the correct way to both get those left and front tabs out and that center clip without eventually...

    2002 Golf cruise control

    Light goes on when switching cruise on. Cruise will not engage when trying to set the speed. My clutch lockout switch has not worked for 15 years. (Can start car without depressing clutch). Don’t think that is the problem. (Cruise worked in the past while the clutch lockout did not) please advise.

    A4 fender rust

    I have (2) 2002 golfs. I’ve cleaned behind those front liners every year. I’ve also had one fender replaced on each car about 7 or so years ago under the vw replacement plan. I now have a fender on each car that is rusting through at the bottom again. Being that these cars are close to 2 decades...