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  1. turbocharged798

    Turbo replacement - is it worth it?

    No sounds like you have a massive vacuum leak somewhere. It would take some troubleshooting to find the leak.
  2. turbocharged798

    ABS going berserk

    Sounds like cracked solder joints in the ABS module. I spent months chasing down random speed sensor codes and random engagement. Turned out after cracking open the ABS module the solder joints for the connector were cracked. Reflows the solder to the connector and resealed the module and no...
  3. turbocharged798

    cylinder bore tolerances?

    Well you have to measure and see if you can clean it up with the hone if you can remove more material. I am not a fan of ball hones because they don't true the bores. I use a lisle fixed stone hone that will true the bores back up. You can fix a bad bore if you have enough material left. Heck, I...
  4. turbocharged798

    Weakest internal???

    We are talking WHP here not BHP. Also we do not have PD150 engines on this side of the pond.
  5. turbocharged798

    CV axle assembly front right

    Don't use cheap axles, unless you like doing the job over again. The cheap solid axles are also very hard on the transmission. OEM only or re-joint the OEM axles.
  6. turbocharged798

    Weakest internal???

    Nope. 350WHP is going to take some serious work and probably won't be very street-able.
  7. turbocharged798

    2001 1.9 tdi fuel system

    If its too far off it either won't start or will runaway. It does not take much to completely throw it out of range.
  8. turbocharged798

    2001 1.9 tdi fuel system

    You need to get your injectors pop tested. Even if it will run the pressures will be all off and it will smoke like a train. Also you need to make sure to get the injector bores in the head very clean or they will not seal in the head. Its also a bad idea to touch the QA unless you know where...
  9. turbocharged798

    TYC headlights installed, very weak and uneven -- 02 Jetta

    TYC is pretty much pure garbage. Even their side marker lights suck, the bulb melts right out of them.
  10. turbocharged798

    help! front brake caliper mounting bolt threads stripped?

    Common problem, I keep a 9mm helicoil kit on hand for this exact thing.
  11. turbocharged798

    Re-setting timing

    Disagree 100%, especially on the engine mount bolts. If they break, then the motor mount will break the block and your engine will fall out of the car. Its happened many times. Reusing engine mount bolts is stupid.
  12. turbocharged798

    Another driver's side water intrusion question.

    Those covers warp and start letting water in over time. The early cars that use the 2 piece cover don't seem to have that problem as the cover is much stronger.
  13. turbocharged798

    ALH Clutch Suggestions Needed

    IMHO DMFs all suck. Over engineered pieces of cr@p. Throw them in trash and put in proper one piece flywheels. I replaced so many bad DMFs over the years I will never put one in my car.
  14. turbocharged798

    ALH Build Help

    For $4K a VNT17, clutch, nozzles and a tune will pretty much burn that up.
  15. turbocharged798

    Question regarding compression height of stock pistons...

    The problem we seem to have an influx of people who have no idea what the hell they are talking about and are armchair mechanics. Somehow they love to keep posting blatant wrong/dangerous information which is really bad as it misleads people.Its basically destroying which once was a very good...
  16. turbocharged798

    Question regarding compression height of stock pistons...

    OP get yourself Nural +0.5mm ASV pistons. These have a shorter height for block decking. You will have to bore the cylinder to get them to fit though.
  17. turbocharged798

    What is your go-to tire choice?

    Another vote for RT43, for the price they are hard to beat. Snow traction is pretty good for an all season as well.
  18. turbocharged798

    Experience with ALH valve cover gaskets - aftermarket on eBay?

    Bump to old thread but I found these aftermarket gaskets aren't worth squat. I took the time to clean the old gasket off my valve cover, and RTV'd the new gasket to the valve cover and bolted it on. Lasted a few month before it started puking oil all over again. When I pulled it back off...
  19. turbocharged798

    Where could I order this AC part?

    Should be the same part.
  20. turbocharged798

    People are fickle about everything and cars

    I was pretty surprised and dismayed to see how many TDIs were showing up in junkyards during the cheap fuel period. I knew fuel was going to go back up and all of a sudden TDI prices are going to go though the roof. Seems that I predicted correctly. I think in the coming future pre-DPF TDIs are...