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  1. Houpty GT

    1Z/AHU Billet CCV drain plates, shift knobs, and custom machining

    Just use a rubber Fernco fitting from the hardware store. I believe it is 2" x 1-1/2". Trim the end of the tube and slide it on. The rubber also flexes to prevent future breaks. Your suggestion would be better suited as a cast part, not machining.
  2. Houpty GT

    WTB MK4 TDI manual

    PM sent. I am not trying to steal his WTB thread. Free bump, right? I feel like it's taking me forever. I just have not been getting the time to clean it up, change coolant o-rings and sway bar bushings. etc.
  3. Houpty GT

    What Kind Of Oetiker Clamps Are These?

    Engine Coolant Hose Set, 1Z AHU Silicone (Black) – Cascade German Parts
  4. Houpty GT

    Timming belt wander 1.9AHU/1Z

    Could be a defect in the belt. Put a mark on the timing belt at the low or high spot and see if the mark stays in the pattern of being high or low. The only adjustment I know is that the mount for the injection pump can be tilted, slightly changing the tilt on the pump gear.
  5. Houpty GT

    Corrado TDI Project: Lightweight Daily Driver

    I have been having injection pump headaches for a while. The replacement fuel pump with the 114k miles on it was a VW remanufactured unit with the X in the part number. Inside, it looked brand new. The pump lasted about 1,500 miles before I broke the spider gear into 4 pieces. The case...
  6. Houpty GT

    97 Jetta, need some help.

    Move an injector line so it points in the air. Hook up a spare injector if you have one otherwise you need to pull one. Bleed the line and crank the car. You should see it produce nice spray. If you want to know the vane pump/case pressure, you will need to make a special banjo fitting on the...
  7. Houpty GT

    00550 Loud Engine-Advanced Timing

    I wanted to add a few things to this thread for reference, since I found it helpful. I was having problems with a loud engine after installing a used pump. The timing set well initially but the engine sounded loud in the 2,000 RPM range. After driving 3 hours on the interstate, I noticed the...
  8. Houpty GT

    2022 TDIfest Discussion Thread

    The Jetta factory in Mexico, or the Golf factory in Brazil.
  9. Houpty GT

    97 Jetta, need some help.

    It happens to all of us. There was one time I had to take a skateboard to the autoparts store because all 3 cars were disabled and even my bicycle broke when I tried to use it.
  10. Houpty GT

    97 Jetta, need some help.

    Well, the passenger tire is where the crank nose is located. I have never seen this since it is rare on the AHU/1Z engines but have heard it does happen. Something to try is, you can get someone to help you, then one person checks the bolt on the crank pulley, and another uses a screwdriver...
  11. Houpty GT

    97 Jetta, need some help.

    Are you also checking VW specific codes or only generic OBD2 codes? It's not a good idea to have the check engine light on all the time if you have an old car that you want to reliably use. Use a screwdriver with the handle on your ear or a length of tube to pinpoint the source of mechanical...
  12. Houpty GT

    96 TDI Need Help

    Any codes in the ECU? Are there air bubble in the fuel lines, especially after sitting? How old are the pump seals? Check all the cruise control inputs on VCDS like Abacus said. 2 switches for the brake, one for the clutch, and one for each of the control stalk switches and buttons. Use...
  13. Houpty GT

    97 Jetta, need some help.

    Sounds like some issue with the pump or even multiple issues together. How many miles on the engine and pump? Do a quick check for split wires and corroded connectors. around the pump and other engine wiring. Check engine light? Any codes in the computer? Replace that N109 relay. You...
  14. Houpty GT

    Help, AHU injection timing issue

    That is going to retard the injection timing. Moving the gear clockwise will move the pump advanced in the timing belt cycle. This will have the same effect as moving the injection pump housing to the rear of the car. It's easy to get mixed up because they are opposite of one another.
  15. Houpty GT

    Help, AHU injection timing issue

    Waa wah wee wah! I came across this video was I was researching my p00550 code. Kansas City TDI had the same problem you did. The ecu is showing advanced and it had skipped a tooth in the retard direction. When it's too far out, I guess it just gets confused. Reset the timing and move...
  16. Houpty GT

    Help, AHU injection timing issue

    He has an AHU. If it is stock, then he moves the pump to adjust timing. It is much easier than the ALH and can be done dynamically with bolts snug and the engine idling.
  17. Houpty GT

    Help, AHU injection timing issue

    Check the cam and flywheel timing first! I would turn the pump way back first before you move the belt. Try it and see if Group 00 block 2 comes down. My pump got stuck at 27 degrees BTDC the other day and it was loud and smokey and gave me only 36 MPG pulling an empty tow dolly.
  18. Houpty GT

    Help, AHU injection timing issue

    The injection pump will not cause any failures. Make sure you don't move the flywheel and cam out of alignment though or it is bye-bye valve time. White smoke could be timing or old injector nozzles. Fix your timing cam timing, then your injection timing, and last, worry about nozzles. 40...
  19. Houpty GT

    Help, AHU injection timing issue

    Yellow line usually means timing is too advanced. Does it not say that at the bottom of the screen? The case is possible that you need to move the pump gear one tooth on the timing belt. When timing is way out, "TDI timing" is known to give incorrect information. It's a Timing for Dummies...
  20. Houpty GT

    Price check on 2002 2dr Golf?

    People in Canada won't buy these cars because they think they are rusted heaps, but that's only their problem. You will find the market much friendlier than that and rising, thanks to the price of fuel. If you have taken care of the interior and the car is nice enough for someone to live with...