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  1. Almost1

    Steering gets more aggressive after turning the wheel slightly

    Hey all, For a while now, my steering has this quirk where the "sensitivity" changes depending on the steering angle. For example, I'm cruising on the highway at ~60 and need to take a slight bend. The initial movement feels great, but once I hit a certain point (say 5 degrees of turning the...
  2. Almost1

    WTB: B4 Passenger Fender

    Well, the brand new aftermarket fender I bought doesn't fit. Crazy panel gaps! Looking to buy one as close to northern MD as possible. Any color, but black preferred.
  3. Almost1

    FS: Techtonics B4 Downpipe

    I have a stainless downpipe from TT that I pulled from my wreck. Was purchased at the end of '19 and the flex joint is in good shape. Asking $220 plus any shipping. Located in Baltimore Suburbs Original Part Link
  4. Almost1

    WTB: B4 Corner Lights

    As the title states, I'm looking for corner lights. If all else fails, I'll get those reflectors off ebay.
  5. Almost1

    Parting: B4 Passat - Baltimore, MD

    For those of you that read my earlier post, this car should look familiar to you. The interior is trash, and the body is, well.... also trash. Engine and wiring are going into my Quantum, and trans I'm debating keeping, but feel free to make an offer. Had a brand new FrostHeater kit that I put...
  6. Almost1

    Another one bites the dust

    I flipped my girl over this morning on the way to work. The roads were covered in snow, and I was letting my girlfriend take the Touareg. The road banked left under an overpass, and the car let go and kept going straight. I caught the drainage channel and that guided me right to the bank where...
  7. Almost1

    I'm Re-covering My Headliner

    I bought my car with the headliner removed. The backing is there, but the fabric is cut out. I'm guessing because it was sagging, but every now and then the foam falls in my eyes and I swear they make it from broken glass. I've always wanted a GTI plaid headliner and now is the perfect...
  8. Almost1

    WTB: B4 Passat Front Pasenger Window near Baltimore

    Since my quest for the window lifter seems to be impossible, I'm open to buy the whole window with the lifter attached. Closer to Baltimore the better
  9. Almost1

    Something odd happened on the way home

    I was cruising on the highway doing 55 when I came up to someone going way below the speed limit. I was feeling good and decided to push the car some and downshifted to 3rd to get ready to pass. Now my clutch is on the edge of slipping, so I always make sure it's fully engaged before giving...
  10. Almost1

    Anyone install central lock switch to the inside of a B4

    It's annoying to have to stick the key in the door to unlock the rest of the doors or the fuel door. I know my MK3 had one on the dash, but I'm curious as to why the B4 doesn't. Anyone ever install one? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  11. Almost1

    WTB: Passenger Front Window Lifter B4 Passat

    It's the piece that actually clamps the window with a rubber gasket and bolts to the regulator. I didn't know they don't come with new regulators AND they are NLA everywhere.
  12. Almost1

    Installed my E-codes today

    My E-codes were waiting for me to get off work today. TYC brand, but they fit pretty well. Much better than what I started with. I wired the city lights to my DRL's. I also jumped the low beams to stay on with the high beams. I already had the jumper in place to keep the fogs on, but my car...
  13. Almost1

    1z acts up below 1800rpm

    Hello everybody! New to the TDI game, but not new to VW at all. I snagged a beautiful 1 owner B4 sedan from a co-worker a few months ago and it has one hiccup. When I'm cruising in any gear below 1800 rpm it acts like it has a misfire if I give it slight throttle, but it clears up sooner the...