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  1. kennethsime

    Cruise Control Not Engaging

    Hey folks, I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction here. When I'm on the highway, my cruise control doesn't work about half the time. I flip the switch, the light comes on my dash, yet the Set button doesn't engage CC. Has anyone else had this problem? I wonder if it might be...
  2. kennethsime

    Turbo Whine from Radio?

    Funny one today. On my way into work, I noticed a high-pitched whine along wit my throttle - sounded like the turbo spooling up, but pitched much higher than normal. I caught it when my stereo was on, but before my bluetooth kicked in, and peculiarly it seemed to be coming from the speakers. I...
  3. kennethsime

    How noisy is your car after all these years?

    My first Mk4 was a 2003 ALH which I purchased in 2010 with 140k miles or so. I drove it to 255k or so before it was totaled. One thing I really appreciated was how quiet it was - the interior was well-insulated from road noise. It's over 10 years later, and although my 2004 BEW hasn't quite hit...
  4. kennethsime

    What's the best way to get aux in?

    These days, it seems like most cars come with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. While it'd be nice to just buy a new double-din CarPlay head unit, I don't think I'm quite there yet. In my 2003, I just used a tape adapter and that was pretty good. I've been using a bluetooth tape adapter for...
  5. kennethsime

    Door Only Unlocks 50% of the Time

    About half the time I lock/unlock my car, the rear passenger door doesn't unlock. The other half of the time, it unlocks but only part way. Lately, this seems to have manifested in a condition where the rest of the car thinks it's unlocked, but perhaps that door doesn't think it is, and the...
  6. kennethsime

    Malone Stage 1 or 1.5?

    So far, my 2004 BEW Wagon is basically stock. I did the ventectomy, upgraded the steelies to long beaches, and will soon bypass the EGR cooler so that I (hopefully) stop loosing coolant into the exhaust. It's only at about 135k miles, and the engine is in good shape. Long-term, I think I'd...
  7. kennethsime

    Intermittent Coolant Light in 2004 BEW, Shop Says No Leak

    Hey all, I've got a 2004 BEW that is sometimes a bit slow to warm up, and has a coolant light come on about 50% of the time I'm driving. It seems to me that these two things are related, and often occur when starting on a cold morning. I bought the car about a year ago, but hadn't really taken...
  8. kennethsime

    Does Anyone Have VDS-Pro In the Bay Area?

    Wondering if anyone in the Bay Area has VDS-Pro? I'd like to enable the remote window roll down feature on my 2004 Wagon, and I'm pretty sure this can only be done with VDS-Pro.
  9. kennethsime

    Adding Wireless Carplay

    Has anyone successfully added wireless CarPlay to the Mk4? What deck did you use, and how do you like it? Would you buy it again? There are several decks available from Crutchfield for anywhere from $500 and up, and quite a few options on eBay from $200 and up. Looking for some real world...
  10. kennethsime

    VW/Audi OEM Washer Fluid

    ID Parts doesn't seem to stock the OEM VW/Audi Washer Fluid anymore. I remember it smelling the best! Where can I find this stuff?
  11. kennethsime

    Best place to get key fobs fixed/made in the east bay?

    Have a key fob that was tossed in the shower by the previous owner, plus two valet keys. I'd like to get 1-2 key fobs made, depending on if they can fix the current one. Any east bay recommendations?
  12. kennethsime

    New (to Me) 2004 Jetta Wagon, couple questions!

    Hey all, Picked up a 2004 Jetta Wagon for what feels like a steal and the one outstanding engine is a slow leak form the EGR Cooler. Looks like it's been an issue since 2015, but over the past 5 years they've used less than a quart of G-12 - minor leakage. I was going through the service...
  13. kennethsime

    Slow EGR cooler coolant leak in 2004 Jetta Wagon

    Hey all, I've been out of the TDI world for a long time but have been looking for a new car recently and a nice 2004 Jetta Wagon popped up for sale in my neighborhood The only real issue seems to be a "Slow EGR cooler coolant leak." I'm waiting to hear back from them. How serious of an issue...
  14. kennethsime

    Battery & Alternator Troubleshooting

    Hi all, hoping for some advice. In 80k miles and 3 years, this is my first time dealing with electrical issues. Bear with me, I've tried some searching and will search some more, but I don't know much about electrical so I figured I'd just offer a thorough explanation. Today while on a 90-mile...
  15. kennethsime

    Northern California to Phoenix, time to tour the Southwest?

    Hi everyone, Planning a trip to Phoenix, AZ from Northern California (Bay Area) for the beginning of April. We have just over a week off work, just me and the SO. Normally we'd just drive straight through (about 10 hours) barely-bypassing LA proper (I-5/I-210/I-10), but since we have so much...
  16. kennethsime

    Proper mixture for G12 Coolant, ALH?

    Hi everyone, Replaced the thermostat the other day and got everything back together alright, no leaks or anything, but I ended up with only 1.5l of G12 and mixed that with a gallon or so of distilled water to fill up the coolant system as a temporary fix. Picked up a gallon of G12 today, want...
  17. kennethsime

    Car sits uneven after jacking up, what did I do?

    Ok, so I did a bunch of stuff today. Oil and filter, fuel filter & injector cleaning, air filters, new thermostat & housing. Car was up on jackstands for maybe 3 hours. It's the Jetta in my signature and left-hand info, a 2003 Jetta sedan. When I took it off the stands I realized the car was...
  18. kennethsime

    Parts for an e46 325i, need reputable source.

    Hi everyone, Driving a family members' e46 for a week or so in lieu of a rental. They won't let me pay them so I figured I'd do some nice things like detailing the car etc. One thing I'd like to do if I can find a reasonable parts price is replacing the motor on the driver's side (here it is on...
  19. kennethsime

    Advice on Keys, Down to Valet

    Hi everyone, did some searching but couldn't find much useful on the subject. Lost my fob (only had one, long story) so I'm down to my valet key. This is annoying for a number of reasons, as I'm sure most of you know. It seems like I can either order a new key and have it programmed by the...
  20. kennethsime

    2003 Jetta with ESP on 17" Rims and new Suspension

    Hi everyone, I have a 2003 Jetta equipped with the (optional at the time) Electronic Stability Program, or ESP. Recently I've stepped up to 17" rims and replaced the better part of the rubber in my suspension along with new, stiffer struts and shocks. The car sits a bit higher now (no lift...