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  1. russman

    Gremins all of a sudden. HELP

    I have also had many new problems show up this year. Iv owned this car over 11 yeas very few problems but this summer so far I have the three beeps that go along with the abs sensor,and throwing the code related implausible signal. A week ago I had the immobilizer not let me start two cycles in...
  2. russman

    Who's Registered?

    1000 kms on the money 9 1/2 hours including 40 mins at the border fuel light came on just as I arrived. Let's get this party started
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  4. provent 200

    provent 200

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  6. provent


  7. russman

    Any issues hooking up ccv?

    I have good shots having a hard time figuring out how to post here not the most tec savvy
  8. russman

    Who's Registered?

    Hitting the road at 3:00 am should arrive just before you
  9. russman

    Any issues hooking up ccv?

    I just installed my provent yesterday I was noticing quite a bit of blow by and didn't want to gum up the the fresh head. Some pictures to share if I can figure out how to ? I plan on making a custom bracket to permanently mount to oil filter housing, just zip tied for now .
  10. russman

    Pressurizing new turbo and oil feed line Q

    In the past iv just held the braided oil inlet line up and slowly poured a little down with a turkey baster or similar works for me ! Cheers
  11. russman

    TDI Cylinder Heads

    Thanks Frank for the detailed description of the precise work that that you have mastered and will likely be able to work with you in the future as I have 3 of these vehicles .This one went to what I hope is also a master of the trade . Regards Russ.
  12. russman

    My car gets colder at an idle, and warmer while driving?

    Check out id, they have a product called winter fronts to address this normal problem tdi's face is low temps in winter . Or just try to block off the front as best as possible to see if that works. Personally I just use some 1/2 inch pipe insulation on my 2000 but put winter fronts on...
  13. russman

    Increasing blueish smoke, High oil consumption

    The oil is most likely coming from the turbo oil seals and accumulating in your ic piping and cooler but also loosing oil from valve cover by the looks of it and leaking by the egr valve and oil cooler . Got some wrenching to do bud . Wouldn't worry about the turbo right away hit every thing...
  14. russman

    2002 ALH overheating

    Possibly an air lock. Happened to me after engine swap, I asked the dealer and they put it on their flush machine at no charge . Good luck !
  15. russman

    How to replace your MkIV's front wheel bearings

    Just a note. I found it a little tough to bottom out a new bearing on one occasion due to rust at the base of the hub. Might not be a bad idea to clean it out with a little sand paper or scraper prior to pressing in new bearing.
  16. russman

    TDI Cylinder Heads

    Hey dude just not familiar with anything other than the great head work that many are boasting about ,would be glad to accept a quote from any one capable of such refined work !
  17. russman

    TDI Cylinder Heads

    Hey a quick question. If purchase a cam from kerma and provide you with a head that has no apparent damage can you rebuild for me on the higher of performance standards. My 02 with 500000 has oil smoke issues at startup and hot idle already changed turbo not much better if any. Thanks Russ
  18. russman

    Faulty N75 valve??

    Have you cleaned your intake manifold lately ?
  19. russman

    DLC520 Nozzles for Fuel economy

    Yes relatively inexpensive compared to the 17/26 and fmic planned for this year . Will just put the 520s on the beater.
  20. russman

    Sitting in a garage for a month.......question.

    I store my 02 every winter in cold storage every year for the past 5 years starts up np sitting for 5 months or so . giver