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    Old TDI Seeks New Home - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I own an old 2 Door, Automatic, Flash Red, Golf 99.5, built in Germany. The car has seen better days, and it's time to move on to a newer vehicle. So before it goes to a junk yard, I'm looking for interested parties who might want to take it for a restoration project. Lets chat, and I can share...
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    Electrical Reset just before Ignition ??

    I started my car normally after a cold day in the parking lot, and a split second before the engine started I heard a click, my guages went blank, the Clock and Trip Meter reset themselves, then the car started normally. I turned it off for a minute after arriving home and restarted it with...
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    Crutchfeild Canada

    I just received a surprise Catalog in the mail today for Crutchfield Canada, apparently the U.S. Electronics Store now has a Canadian arm, shipping stuff out of Ontario. Just thought I would let everyone know. Cheers
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    Mobil 1 5W-50 (VW 505.0)

    So I was at Part Source today looking for oil, and I saw Mobil 1 5W-50, and I thought intersting what does the back say and surprisingly it had a "VW 505.0" certification. I just looked it up over at Mobil Australia
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    Auto Key Cutting

    Key Cutting Anyone know a good locksmith store in the Aurora Newmarket general area? I need to get a key cut for my Wife's Hyundai, and I'm thinking of buying a switcblade blank off of Ebay, but I want a shop that will cut it right the first time since I will only have the one blank.
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    Slipping Automatic Transmission Maybe ??

    Electrical Shifting Issue - Relay 109 ?? First off can an automatic slip? In the past few days with no apparent pattern, my car has gone from driving normally to what feels like neutral for a few seconds and then right back to normal, usually between 40 and 60km/h. I instantly take my foot off...
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    No Sunoco Gold Diesel In GTA - August 19th

    Last Saturday I noticed that a number of Gold Diesel Pumps were shut off around the GTA, I asked one station in Vaughn, but couldn't really figure out what he was trying to say, except that all the GTA stations were the same. So anyone know what was going on? I have to fill up again tonight and...
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    JCB Dieselmax Car Sets Diesel Engine Land Speed Record

    A car built by JCB has broken the Diesel Engine Land Speed Record after reaching 328.767mph (529km/h).
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    Jumping Automatic Transmission After Service

    Okay so I decided at 104000km I should have my transmision fluid & filter changed, and since this service I have had what feels like a gear jump happen twice shortly after starting the car cold at the first gear shift around 40km/h. The first time I felt a single jump, then this morning I felt a...
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    Identify This Stereo Connector

    I'm putiing in a new Car Stero and I have a connector left over, I'm replacing an older Blaupunkt Alaska with a new Pioneer. The Blaupunkt had a spot for this conector, my Pioneer doesdn't, everything is working but I'm curiouse as to what it controls. So take a look at the photo in the link and...
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    North Toronto Motors

    Is this North Toronto Motors still open, their Website is gone, and I can't find a Phone Number for them? I'm looking for some of the Blank Dash Buttons. Anyone have one or two they don't need?
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    Where Are Your Auxilary Audio Jacks ??

    Auxilary Audio Jack Install Question I'm installing a new Pioneer Receiver in the next few days, and thinking of running the Auxilary Mini Plug cable somewhere, but where? The Glove Box, Above the Deck, Below the Deck, Out of one of the button blanks? So if you have done something similar, let...
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    Jet Engine Powered VW Bug

    Just caught this link over at Slashdot, personally I think $250,000.00 could be better spent, but whatever, I guess if you really need a 1400Hp car this is the way to go :)
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    For Sale: JLAudio Stealth Box (10" Subwoofer)

    I have a lightly used JLAudio Stealth Box for sale. This is a 300 watt power handling, 10" sub-woofer in a down-firing sealed enclosure. It installs under the spare tire and takes up no space in the trunk. Retail for this is around $600.00, I'm selling mine for $350 in the Greater Toronto Area...
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    Canadian (Ontario) Oil Change Interval?

    Okay I know Oil Change Intervals are a tired old subject, but I had my oil changed today at my local garage that specialized in Deisels and TDI's (normally I do it myself topside but I got lazy and wanted to have it drained), after it was all topped up with Elf 5w-40 and I'm paying the bill they...
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    Oil Containers?

    This might be a dumb question but here goes ... My local VW Garage sells Elf Oil by the litre out of the drum, so I'm thinking of using my empty Mobil Delvac 1, 4 litre jugs to store the Elf Oil, does anyone see a big problem with this? Also does anyone have another suggestion for storeing 4...
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    Garage Part Charges ??

    Okay just a general question, but do most garages (non dealership) charge extra on top of their cost for a part. A garage recently told me that they generally add 20-30% to the price they pay for parts. This sounds criminal to me but perhaps it's normal practice. So a $50 part ends up costing...
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    Need Front CAT Section Of Exhaust - 99.5 TDI Golf

    Mine rusted out and the part new is going to cost me $700 + Labour. If anyone has a slightly used one near Toronto please let let me know ASAP. Also interested to hear from anyone who has doe the install themselves.
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    Sticky Speedo

    This morning on the way to work, my speedo wouldn't drop below 8km/hr even in park. I turned off the car and restarted it and the needle is back at zero, but it seems to jump a tinny bit between 10km/hr and zero. Just wanted to throw this out here to see if anyone has had similar experiences...
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    Premium Diesel Fuel Filter Change Interval

    Just wondering what everyone thinks about extending the change interval of the Fuel Filter when using Premium Diesel (Sunoco Gold) 99% of the time. I'm thinking that with better, cleaner diesel shouldn't the filter last longer, or are there other factors involved, all opinions are welcome.