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  1. flee

    WTB: beige leather front seats to fit a Mk IV Jetta

    Looking for front seats in decent condition. Our Mk IV has the beige leather interior.
  2. flee

    Turning in with a dead battery

    My 2012's battery failed last month and my buy back appointment is in 10 days. I'm using a nearly new Odyssey battery to get around but that goes in my 'fun' car. Do you think I can turn it in with the OEM battery which runs but won't start the car? Any ideas on a cheap new battery that will...
  3. flee

    Locking lugnut key lost. Now what?

    The 2002 Jetta is on the lift for new tires and no lug key! My daughter has no ideas where it went. Maybe the transmission shop lost it a year ago? Any ideas? TIA
  4. flee

    GTB1756 + PD130 + AWIC = short intake path.

    I hadn't planned to upgrade my turbo at this time, but when my stock VNT-15 started howling last December I knew the decision had been made for me. When I removed it 10 days ago it had lost part of an impeller blade and had damage on the rest. This turbo was still making the requested boost but...
  5. flee

    New battery, charges 14 V, alt lamp still lit.

    Like the title says, new OEM batt charges @ 14 v, still getting the alt warning lamp. Is there something I'm missing? Otherwise drives fine. Thanks in advance.
  6. flee

    First Annual RyanP Sailing GTG Friday June 29

    Well, hopefully Ryan is airborne by now. The sailing GTG will be Friday, June 29. I know the weekend would be better but we can do a sunset/moonlight sail for late arrivals, which is actually very fun. The place is Al Larson's Marina on Terminal Island. This is a small 'homey' marina in L.A...