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  1. oldpoopie

    Troubled 03 ALH wagon

    So a customer brought an alh to me for a timing belt/cam/lifter job...the car when cold also smokes and coughs and is throwing a cyl 2 misfire code intermittently. 1st thing I did was compression test Cyl 1 420 Cyl 2 385 Cyl 3 390 Cyl 4 410 Then swapped in a spare set of injectors.. no...
  2. oldpoopie

    Cali visit

    Hey all. Ill be in the bay area from july 2 to July 9. Holler if anybody needs anything!
  3. oldpoopie

    Odd EGR error code on a customers car

    A customer of mine has an ALH that is going into limp mode intermittently. The car has a tune and a egr delete/race pipe. The only code stored is: Saturday,16,April,2016,17:59:06:48359 VCDS Version: Release 15.7.4 (x64) Running on Windows 10 x64 Address 01...
  4. oldpoopie

    Odd noise has me puzzled

    This 98 beetle 290k miles i ressurected is making an odd noise. Engine and trans are from a 2003 beetle with about 130k. There is a persistent whine coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. Sound is almost that of a windshield wiper motor and changes pitch with road speed (not engine...
  5. oldpoopie

    Unusual timing belt failure

    I purchased a 98 beetle from a customer of mine last weekend. It had a failed timing belt (someone did the belt as a favor to the owner....) and the owner left the car sit with the head off for 6 months. The cylinder borse and block deck got all rusty. At any rate, i towed the car home and...
  6. oldpoopie

    Significant vibration

    A customers car, 2001 alh golf, has a significant vibration at idle. As rpms go up, it is less noticable. Customer purchased the car with 40k miles. It exhibited his vibration at time of purchase. Flash forward 200k miles, and it still vibrates, perhaps a touch worse. The car has an old upsolute...
  7. oldpoopie

    Is your power steering squeeling? It may be your alternator pulley.

    Saw a 2004 BEW today that had screeching power steering when turning the wheel at idle quickly. Visually I could see the pulley stop turning during the squeak. Figured out that the alternator pulley was bad, causing the tensioner to bounce. At every tensioner bounce, the belt would go slack...
  8. oldpoopie

    Ran both cars on the dyno

    Ran the golf and pickup on the dyno at the Cascade German/Boraparts annual gtg. The golf ran 273hp and 424tq. I don't have the printout yet but hope to get it soon. Pickup ran 228hp, but I was too excited to write down the torque!
  9. oldpoopie

    lift pump wiring question

    So I'm trying to wire a lift pump on my truck, and want to use the gasser fuel pump relay and wiring. The trigger is switched ground. Of the top of your heads, is there a switched ground wire coming from the ecu on a 121pin alh? Specifically one that goes to the fuse panel or instrument cluster.
  10. oldpoopie

    need some wiring help

    Because of my frankenstein wiring, I'm trying to run a mk3 cluster off a mk4 ecu in a mk1 car with a mk2 fuse block.... LOL I don't have any actual mk3 tdi wiring, so my cluster harness is from a gasser. Could someone give me the pinouts on the TDI cluster harnesses? from both T28...
  11. oldpoopie

    question about coolant routing

    Ok, on my ALH swap into my caddy, I'm trying to make my coolant hoses as tidy as possible. Currently my last hurdle is the routing of the lower feed from the overflow reservoir back down to the hard coolant pipe. Stock it goes to a long barb near the thermostat. With the reservoir on the drivers...
  12. oldpoopie

    question about oil filter flanges

    So I'm putting an ALH into my old mk1 caddy. Its all bolted in, but I'm having an issue with coolant line routing. The stock ALH oil filter flange is really in the way. If I could install a spin on oil filter like the 1.8T and 2.0, that would really make my life easier. Anyone know a mk4 style...
  13. oldpoopie

    Slave or master failed... :(

    Experienced something strange today with the clutch. Everything was operating fine. 10k miles on build. Everything, and i mean everything was brand new. I parked the car. When i got back in, (gear lever in reverse) I put the clutch to the floor, turned the ignition, and the car lurched...
  14. oldpoopie

    Cracked piston or?

    So im rebuilding my old alh motor to go into an old caddy. While cleaning up the pistons (ASV oversize from about 5 years ago), i found what are either machining irregularities, or cracks. They are visable on all 4 pistons in the valve relief areas. I cleaned up the piston tops with scotch...
  15. oldpoopie

    ALH rabbit truck swap

    A buddy is hooking me up with a pretty nice rabbit truck. Its already has been modified to run an O2J trans and clutch setup. All i had to get was a pass side motor mount. The engine is at the machine shop now, it will be an alh, 11mm pump, R520 or pp764 (not sure yet) 17/22 turbo. 02j...
  16. oldpoopie

    Gtb2260vk survey

    Hey im wondering, if you are running a gtb2260vk, could you run vag-com basic settings group 11 on a hot engine What mbar are you seeing at 0 map duty cycle and 100 map duty cycle?
  17. oldpoopie

    Water meth control thoughts

    Im refreshing my water meth setup (devils own) and a thought just popped into my head. Would it be possible to control the pump directly with the factory ECU, perhaps use the N18 egr output?
  18. oldpoopie

    Locktite argggghh!!!!!!

    Ok folks, its time for a little lesson. When applying locktite to a fastener, a little is better than a lot. Just a single drop will be plenty. below is a photo of the red-loctited harmonic balancer bolts I removed from a car today, and the blue-loctited bolts I replaced them with... Look...
  19. oldpoopie

    Glow plug question on my pd150-ish swap

    Ok, so my pd swap is done and running now for a bit. The one loose end ive got to tie up are the glow plugs. My car is an 01 2 wire glow plug system with the relay under the steering wheel. My question is, is it possible to make the stock relay function instead of wiring in the dumb relay from...