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  1. PDJetta

    FS: 2000 Jetta TDI, $1,500/Best Offer (Northern Virginia/Wash, DC Area)

    SOLD: 2000 Jetta TDI, $1,500/Best Offer (Northern Virginia/Wash, DC Area) Car has just sold! 5-speed, 120,500 miles, runs well, clear title. Car is located near Ft. Belvoir, US Rt. 1, and I-95. After buying a new car recently, my 82-year old mother decided to part with her 2000 Jetta TDI...
  2. PDJetta

    FS: 2000 Jetta TDI, $1,500/Best Offer (Northern Virginia/Wash, DC Area)

    Posted in the Wrong Section. 5-speed, 120,500 miles, runs well, clear title. Car is located near Ft. Belvoir, US Rt. 1, and I-95. Sorry, posted in the wrong section. Post moved to the Cars for Sale Section. Nate
  3. PDJetta

    Filed My First Diesel Fuel Tax Claim

    A few months ago Virginia Governor McDonnell enacted a law that made Virginia the ONLY state without a gasoline tax (notice I did not say "first state" since no one else is dumb enough to do this). So people who do not own cars will now fund the road projects and maintenance (in addition to...
  4. PDJetta

    Part Number(s) for Inner CV Joints?

    I am having one heck of a time determining what the correct VW part number(s) is/are for new inner CV joints with boot kits for an '04 Jetta TDI with a BEW engine. Some places indicate that the left and right joints are different, some say they are the same. And some indicate they come with a...
  5. PDJetta

    Is it an "Intercooler", "Charge Air Cooler", or "Aftercooler"?

    Is it an "Intercooler", "Charge Air Cooler", or "Aftercooler"? I've heard all these terms used for the device that cools the intake air after it is compressed by the turbocharger (or supercharger) on an automobile. For the TDI and most other turbocharged automobiles, "after cooler" is the...
  6. PDJetta

    World's Fastest Diesel Car

    I was poking around Wikipedia and stumbled across this today: Interesting read. --Nate
  7. PDJetta

    Inner CV Joint Choices?

    For those of you that have had worn inner CV joints, how did you rectify the situation? My '04 for about 50,000 miles has had a vibration under a very light loading of the engine and a noticeable "clunk" from the left control arm area when giving a little blip of the throttle when making a left...
  8. PDJetta

    What is the Oldest Machine You've Been Transported By?

    This may be stretching the "General Automotive" category a little, but what is the oldest fuel consuming machine you've ridden in, on, or been transported by? For me, it was an 1875 Baldwin 4-4-0 wood burning locomotive with tender, 100% period perfect and mostly original. It has a kerosene lamp...
  9. PDJetta

    More Diesel Fuel Yield From a Barrel of Oil

    I came across this link today at my work, the American Petroleum Institute: This gives an indication of the technology available to increase diesel yield. The fuels market for diesel is expanding and the gasoline market is contracting...
  10. PDJetta

    Virginia Drivers Can Now Get Diesel Fuel Tax Refund

    Attention all you fellow Virginia TDI Drivers. Governor McDonnell got a law passed in Virginia that lowered the gasoline tax (making Virginia one of the cheapest states for gasoline) and increased the diesel fuel tax. The Virginia state tax rate on gasoline is 3.5% of the wholesale price and the...
  11. PDJetta

    Lubrication of Convertible Top Mechanism

    My friend asked me if he should periodically lubricate the moving parts on his car's convertible top mechanism. And if so, what should be used. I believe he said the owner's manual did not mention anything about lubricating it. It is a Toyota Solara. I have no idea. Do any of you know if there...
  12. PDJetta

    My Experience With the New Consumer Portable Fuel Containers

    Today was the first time I dispensed gasoline from one of these new gas cans designed (by law) to prevent evaporative emissions. I recently bought a 5-gallon one to add to the two non-sealed ones I've had for years. The can was full and I emptied its contents into the non-diesel we have in the...
  13. PDJetta

    It Appears I Have Updated My Bentley Manual Content

    I have a Bentley Manual license (CD version), bought about in 2006. I just switched computers. I deactivated the manual content on the old computer. But this time, when loading the Manual content on the new computer I did not use my CD. Reading Bentley's web site, for my license, I have no free...
  14. PDJetta

    1984 Nissa Sentra Diesel-Saw One Today

    I thought it was an '83 due to the chromed grill (dropped in '84), but the lady driving it said it was an '84. I heard the tell-tale indirect injection diesel clatter and at first look, thought it was an old Rabbit. The driver was in her late '40s and said she planned to keep it running. She...
  15. PDJetta

    Replaced a Honda Front Wheel Bearing: Just Like a VW

    Since I recently bought a Harbor Freight 12-ton bearing press, my neighbor brought over his friend's Honda front bearing housing and hub with failed wheel bearing and a new bearing to R & R. I've never replaced a front wheel bearing on front wheel drive car (read the VW procedure, though), so...
  16. PDJetta

    Got a New Job at the American Petroleum Institute

    I just accepted a job offer from the American Petroleum Institute (API). This is the trade association that looks out for the interests of all businesses that make up the oil industry. So, I'll probably be participating in the Fuels & Lubricants subforum more often. I've been...
  17. PDJetta

    Asinine '92 Dodge Diesel PU Charging System

    My neighbor, who enjoys working on cars, like me, was helping his friend repair a no charging condition on a 1992 Dodge diesel pickup truck with the 5.9 liter Cummins engine. My neighbor asked me to take a look since replacing the alternator did not solve the problem. Since I knew nothing...
  18. PDJetta

    BEW Smokey Cold Start Really Got Someone's Attention

    My PD white/grey smokes a lot for about 5 -7 seconds whenever it's started stone cold and the ambient temperature is under 40 degrees or so. It's raw, unburned fuel. It has done it from day one, brand new from the dealer. Above 40 degrees out, no smoke at all. The colder it gets, the worse the...
  19. PDJetta

    Boost Piping Blowing Apart on an ALH

    After removing and replacing the cylinder head on an ALH, the wire bail lock joint between the flexible rubber turbo outlet hose and the plastic boost pipe keeps blowing apart under boost. This is the joint between the rubber hose on the turbo to the squished plastic pipe inboard of the...
  20. PDJetta

    Who Said You Should Not Reuse Engine Mount Bolts?

    I've found the perfect use for them, mounting to my work bench my new 6-inch vice from Harbor Frieght, got it for $75. It weighs about 30 pounds: One of the nuts is a ball joint nut from my Jetta and I don't know what the other two went to. I think the ball joint to control arm bolts...